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Published: Friday, Feb. 14 2014 4:25 p.m. MST

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Everett, 00


Truth be told,
God HAS blessed America with "enough and to spare",

The sinister evil problem is the wealth is NOT being reditributed by some of his children.
The opposite of redistribution is -- GREED.

BTW --
We've been warned about this happening in America --
this is the 0.01%, and they are the Gadianton Robbers,
this is Master Mahon economics 101.

Salt Lake City, UT

This illustrates what I try to tell people about the FANTASTICALLY top heavy distribution of wealth in the United States, which defies all common understanding. Marx predicted this and it heralds the end of capitalism. Bet on it!

Salt Lake City, UT

Look, if you all don't care about social justice, whatever. But at least look at the economic harm of increasing income inequality. The worst years for income inequality in this nation the past century the past century were 1928 and 2007. What happened immediately after those years? Great Depression. Great Recession. Coincidence? Consider that when wealth is increasingly concentrated at the top that means there's less for the poor and middle class to spend and well... businesses thrive much better when they have customers able to buy their goods and services and that the poor and middle class turn their money around to put back into the economy much faster than the wealthy do.

Forest Grove, OR

Some of the commentators here, in their attempt to justify the obscene and immoral distribution of nearly all wealth to the top 0.01%, illustrate well the following quote:

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” - John Kenneth Galbraith

Salt Lake City, UT

As noted by Winston Churchill, capitalism is the worst possible economic system, except for all others. Marx predicted the collapse of capitalism which is unlikely unless people are beaten into submission and give up their ambition which has happened to many in Russia. However, Marx was not smart enough to predict the collapse of Marxism, which has happened many times, i.e. USSR, China, Venezuela, Eastern Europe. Marxism only survives in North Korea and Cuba, which is not a great endorsement.

the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

This coveting accusations is ridiculous.

If I'm out of town and I order my kids a pizza does the one that answers the door own the pizza? They're fighting and taped off the house into sections and the strongest most forceful one claims to own the door. Are the hungry other children coveting when they expect some of the pizza?

Read the Bible, the .01% or the 1% don't own nor deserve 50% of God's Earthly creation. The only valid Biblical or doctrinal reason to gather more wealth than you need, is so you can give it away to others that can't gather for themselves. That is why it's hard for a rich man to get into heaven.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

"From each according to his ability,
to each according to his need."


We should all have, sufficent for our needs.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I'm glad that some are doing well. I am hoping that most of us can do better. I know this, that the harder we work, the more lucky we will be. Government remains our biggest problem.

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