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Published: Saturday, Feb. 15 2014 7:10 p.m. MST

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Wilf 55

How credible can the pope be on marriage, heading a church that forbids its clergy to marry?

Up North, WI

Speaking as a Catholic-the Holy Father is truly preaching what Christ himself taught, as passed on by God the Father. The holy bonds of matrimony should be celebrated and honored.

Dietrich, ID

I don't get celibacy. Cause of reformation. How can a priest counsel a married couple when he can't get married. They do a lot of good but Celibacy is a mistake some founders made some time ago.

Mchenry, IL

Clergy is married. Nuns are the bride or Christ. Male clergy above deacons are married to the church. It's funny host he average Joe who is married has all sorts of ideas how priests and nuns should live. Deacons can be married at the time of their ordination.

It is a church of married people, singles, and religious. I think a church that requires marriage more limiting.

The founders didn't institute celibacy. The people did to stop church property from being left to heirs and to relatives from running monasteries.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

No surprise that the Pope would deliver a greeting card on Valentine's Day.

But like all greeting cards, his is long on sentiment and short on logistics. (Don't get me wrong. As Margo Channing says in "All About Eve," "I adore cheap sentiment." So do I, cheap and expensive both. I just don't plot my life on it.)

First, the Pope "encourages" people to get married. Then he cautions us not to take part in our "throw-away society" by divorcing.

Logistically, he should strongly *discourage* people from getting married. This would weed out all those who are "in love with love"--prime candidates for an eventual divorce. And it would leave only those who love each other so deeply that marriage, despite the Pope's discouragement, is the only state that can accurately reflect their love. They'd be prime candidates for never "throwing each other away."

This would include same-sex partners as well. But that, of course, brings forth another of the Pope's greeting cards: a sympathy one.

I think I'll skip the greeting cards except for my Margo Channing moods. I'd rather have real love, and one which lasts.

Gilbert, AZ

Marriage isn't sacred like it used to be and society isn't protecting marriage like it used to do. Thus, young people don't have the scaffolding they used to have to enter the institution of marriage.
Hopefully Utah can change the tide and stand as a beacon to protect and cherish marriage.


With all due respect you can hardly miss an element of humor in a celibate advising on marriage, as well as the fact that he was speaking to an audience, presumably, who were largely Italian, and quoting American statistics. The USA was recently cited as the nation (out of 34) with the highest divorce rate where, where there is apparently most dissatisfaction with marriage, at around one half of married people not being happy with their situation.

The Italian place in this league table of 34 nations is 32nd which certainly suggests some prospect of more contentment, or at least acceptance relating to the married state. The American divorce rate was about fifteen times that of Italy, although I would like to know how easy or difficult divorce is in Italy.

Anway the venerable gentleman voted personally against marriage in his own life, and is not a partaker personally of its various challenges.

Houston, TX

"Some of the benefits of marriage that the pope spoke of were documented in a study by the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project in March of 2013."

@Gildas - The author cited the study, not the Pope.

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