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Published: Thursday, Feb. 13 2014 10:00 p.m. MST

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Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

Byu is losing to pacific in the second half

Dancing for byu?

Lol. I think not.

Sandy, UT

When byu joined the wcc their fans were convinced byu would be right there with Gonzaga every year for the conference title. It's clear the wcc is Gonzaga and then everyone else. And even Gonzaga isn't even ranked. 0 ranked teams in the whole conference.

Yes we know your rpi says you are a good team.

The scoreboard just doesn't agree. Pacific?! Too funny!

Sandy, UT

The wcc just called

They want their invite back. I hear uvu is looking like a better option

orem, UT

I think the trend line for byu basketball since joining the wcc should alarm cougar fans. If this is how this season is going to conclude it is time to let coach rose move on. This is starting to remind me of the last couple of years of coach Reid's tenure. I suspect you will see some players de-commit this off season.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Interesting, I thought only the Utes lost on the road...

I would take 1-5 on the road in Pac 12 conference play vs 2-5 in WCC conference play any day of the week!

There is absolutely no question who is the best team in the state this year.

Arlington, VA

Riddle me this, Ken: when was the last time your team went dancing? "LOL."

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Scoreboard proves nothing. It's only one game, BYU still has a better RPI.

Washington, DC

Really frustrating. Why doesn't Rose use the press throughout the game? We generally get a few steals off it, and the WCC seems to be much better at shooting 3s than handling the ball.

Also, need to use Collinsworth as a 4 more, go man on D, and lose the zone. It certainly works better than letting the other team bomb away, even if we are letting them get easy buckets inside.

We are slipping, despite having an elite scorer in Haws. With a weapon like Haws we should be able to put together enough other pieces to be playing much better than we are. Wonder if Rose's cancer is taking more of a toll on him than we know.

Iowa City, IA

Do you really think this means there will be less Dick Harmon articles about BYU's latest ranking (be sure to choose the RPI that has BYU rated the highest here) and how despite 10 losses they are still a 'bubble team'? I think not.

But I still think they'll make a decent NIT team.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

This team is dreadful. Watching Halford defend the perimeter is like watching a Chinese fire drill. Wake me up when Bartley and Winder start playing, until then we can all witness the steady decline of BYU basketball.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

From the rest of the Ute fans on this board; please show some class. Being a fan is about cheering FOR your team, not against another.

Idaho Falls, ID

Someone please explain to me why Halford is starting and Carlino on the bench?

BYU's rebounding didn't show up this game and Pacific absolutely shot out of their minds the second half.
BYU's bigs in constant foul trouble really took away BYU'S strength in rebounding. Also it really hurt that the bigs were not producing offensively.

BYU has shown they are capable of losing to anybody and very few wins have come easily.

Taylorsville, UT

"With an 89-82 loss to Pacific at the Spanos Center, BYU saw its four-game losing streak snapped while it dropped its third straight road game."

Shouldn't that read four-game winning streak snapped.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Here was my post of 2/10 for the balance of the season for the Coug's in the "wee" conference:
And my updates to the right of my original post:

PAC=win. (Yikes)...
STM=loss. Loss
Gonzaga=loss. Loss
Portland=toss up. Win
SD=loss. Loss

2 & 3. 1-4...NIT
3 & 2

there is my prediction

Lincoln City, OR

@ken... Interesting that you bring up UVU... Looks to me like they and Weber State will be the only Utah teams dancing come March Madness...

BTW, congratulations on the 2nd conference road win in 3 years... That win should be one big feather in your caps... It's a victory that should be on all your highlight films for recruiting this year... No one can say that the utes didn't win a road game this year (albeit it was against the last place team in the big bad pac12) but none the less a win... 1-9 on the road in regular season??? Not bad, I mean it's a 10% winning percentage and that's nothing to sneeze at... Not when you can chuckle.

Oh, one more thing... Pacific has a higher RPI than USC by about a mile and in fact are only a couple spots behind Utah...

Richmond, VA

Again, I didn't see the game anywhere here which sucks! Why was the women's game on BYUtv and not the men?

Btw, the first 3 posts are precisely why I hate it when they loose. It also sounded like their free throw woes continued to be an albatross strangling them! So what's up with that? Don't those kids care enough to devote some meaningful time to fix that part of their game? It's so disheartening! It's now looking more and more dismal that an NCAA invite is possible! And the sad part is that the harder part of this road trip is still ahead!

C'mon Cougs! Buckle up to right the ship and turn things around! May fortune smiles on you from here on!

Nibley, UT

Loss to Pacific...ouch!

Teaching Moment
Ogden, UT

Sorry about the loss Ed

Go Cougars!

Fort Benning, GA

I'm not sure what is going on this year with the team, but every game in the WCC should be a locked in W for BYU except the Gonzaga games. Something isn't right...

O-town, UT

Not long ago when USU was in the Big West and running 25 plus wins and entering the top 25 towards the end of the season, but losing to Pacific in Big West Tournament, I heard several fans (many of them BYU) saying that one loss to even one of these Big West teams meant that the team was not good enough for an at-large bid. Now USU is the MWC playing San Diego State, New Mexico, and UNLV, and BYU is lobbying for an at-large bid with losses to Portland, Loyola Maramount, Pepperdine, and Pacific. Interesting how times have changed.

I think the whole independence move threw the BYU basketball program under the bus, and I really don't think it accomplished that much for BYU football. USU was on television just as much as BYU was last year and ended up being ranked higher. BYU's future schedules are about half MWC teams any way.

I think BYU could get hot at tournament time and make a run, they have the talent to for sure, but unless Joe Lunardi gets a payoff, I don't see an at-large bid. Good luck to BYU in the WCC Tournament.

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