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Published: Thursday, Feb. 13 2014 4:05 p.m. MST

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Moab, UT

Wasn't it the Fed Govt. that forced Utah to outlaw polygamy in the first place?

Provo, UT

@Chris B

I am with you. As your (and everyone's) fellow american I condone, like, approve of, enjoy, endorse, applaud, encourage, support, and love this comment.

Marriage was a joke anyways, we may as well just open the race to everyone.

equal protection
Cedar, UT

The Bountiful Case [2011] court findings:

-Women in polygamous relationships are at an elevated risk of physical and psychological harm.

-Children in polygamous families face higher infant mortality, even controlling for economic status and other relevant variables.

-Early marriage for girls is common, frequently to significantly older men. The sex ratio imbalance inherent in polygamy means that young men are forced out of polygamous communities to sustain the ability of senior men to accumulate more wives.

-Polygamy has negative impacts on society flowing from the high fertility rates, large family size and poverty associated with the practice.

-Harms against women include: exploitation; commodification; social isolation; the inevitable favouritism of some women and deprecation of others within the household; discrimination; and, impoverishment.

-Harms against children include: the negative impacts on their development caused by discord, violence and exploitation in the marital home; competition between mothers and siblings for the limited attention of the father; diminishment of the democratic citizenship capabilities of children as a result of being raised by mothers deprived of their basic rights; impoverishment; and, violation of their fundamental dignity.

-Polygamy harms good citizenship; threats to political stability; and the undermining of human dignity and equality.

sandy, ut

Ultra Bob

Your comment is strange to me. You say the children are at risk... so then should we take away every child that has been born out of wedlock, where one parent disappears and won't have anything to do with them? Should we just turn those over to the state because it isn't an ideal situation in your mind? Right.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ultra Bob, your comment:

Non-traditional marriages of adults such as bigamy, polygamy, same sex, and any other such, may be OK for adults but not for children. Any children that become part of an abnormal marriage should immediately become wards of the state and removed from the influence of the non-traditional marriage.

Wow really? Can you imagine the damage to these children by ripping them out of their homes? Traditional marriages account for about 20% of households. Where would the State put all of these children? I have some friends that are in Polygamous marriages and their children are very well adjusted and educated. The Warren Jeff's cult has cast a bad light on the abuse of children. However, you have stereotyped as bad anything but a traditional marriage. It just isn't true.

How many children are you willing to take into your household? With your solution there would be thousands available!

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