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Published: Friday, Feb. 14 2014 7:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The labor force participation rate is the lowest its been in 30 years.

Hopey changey isn't working too well.

Mcallen, TX

Jobs not on the radar? Here is a statement from CNN news:

"Four of the states in the top five for job creation – North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Nebraska -- “are strongly Republican in party affiliation,” reported Gallup, while “all four states with a long track record at the bottom – Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York – are heavily Democratic.”

Hmm? How are those Democratic states of California, and Illinois doing?

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

Once upon a time, the labor force participation was under 50%. Remember those days when only one parent needed employment to support the whole family? And the other could stay home to mind the children and the household? Maybe that's what we should be aiming for again. Raising wages, especially at the bottom of the ladder could make that possible again for many families. I support the $15 minimum wage being pioneered in Seattle. Let's hope it catches on.

As for the current labor non-participation figures... A little perspective would be useful. Remember the "baby boom?" That's the huge cohort of Americans born in the years immediately following WWII. They're retiring now. I'm not sure we should be wringing our hands about people who can afford to retire, or stay home to mind the children, or 16 year-olds staying in school.

Further, many under-65s, otherwise able to retire, needed to keep working, just for employee health insurance. Obamacare unshackles them from medical emergency bankruptcy fears, a godsend.

Rather than promoting random political speculation, maybe you could interview some demographer who might explain the whys of the numbers?

let's roll


I agree adding some demographic information would be useful. Not sure it would make the numbers cited in the article more palatable.

The demographer would likely tell us that the household with two adults will soon be the exception rather than the rule. Hard to have one parent work and the other stay home when many children aren't born into a home with two parents and the majority will end up in a home with only one parent.

It would be interesting to know what percentage of US households have no working adult.

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