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Published: Thursday, Feb. 13 2014 11:20 a.m. MST

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River Falls, WI

This is a great regional matchup. Looking forward to it... Go Cougs!

South Jordan, UT

As usual, the first game is away from LES.

River Falls, WI

"This football series with Brigham Young University renews one of our oldest and most interesting rivalries,” Arizona State Vice President for University Athletics Ray Anderson said in a press release.

Interesting that ASU athletics feel that BYU is a rival even though we haven't played them in over a decade, while some trolls up on the hill claim to have moved on and no longer consider BYU rivals even though we've played the Utes every year for nearly a century. Maybe it's because ASU isn't in the prestigious PAC1... oh wait, that's not it.

Chris A
Salt Lake , UT

Looking forward to two cougar wins! (and lots of U fans trolling this post haha)

Richmond, VA

Great news! But still too far away ahead to be too excited about. Besides, it can't be too palatable for Chris B and others like him who don't think a mid major like BYU deserves a home-and-home with any member of the powerful and prestigious PAC 12! Anyhow, someone wake me up when 2020 arrives! Such a long wait!

Sandy, UT

@Wer - I noticed the same. It seems like in every single one of these home and homes, byu always plays away the first game. Clearly ASU had more power in this negotiation.

A home and home with ASU a big deal? Just routine for us.

Park City, UT

Looking desperate to be in the Pac-12.

Sandy, UT

Why does byu never have the first game at LES in these home and home negotiations? Byu fans will dismiss it as no big deal, but its a clear sign of who has the power each and every time byu negotiates with a power conference team. And its not byu.

Where is Hadley?
Salt Lake, UT


Your excitement over a home and home with a power conference team says a lot!

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Hmmm? This has me really puzzled. Chris, were is the two for one? I thought we shouldn't be able to schedule any one for ones with the power five conferences. Or where is the second home game for ASU at University of Phoenix stadium? I guess some universities see enough value in us to schedule one and ones. I will be at both U of A games and the ASU game when they play in AZ.

Sandy , UT

Looks like ASU just scheduled two easy wins

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

The number of Utes who need to follow and comment on every coaching, recruiting, and scheduling announcement from Provo is a direct correlation to the fortunes of Utah football. Pessimism for their program demands they find any excuse for schadenfreude in BYU's.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

@Wer and Ken,

What is the big deal over where the first game is played? As long as the games take place I could care less about who has the home game first. Besides, with the first game in Tempe that is better for me :)


I guess you overlooked the bigsamoan saying it is too far away to be too excited about.

All you trolls need to chill.

River Falls, WI

Re: Mesa Coug

Haven't you been paying attention? Utah is better than BYU because they are in the PAC12. ASU is also in the PAC12 which explains why the first game is in AZ. Having the first game as a home game is the same thing as a 2 for 1. Now do you understand?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@Mesa - I've never said byu could never get a home and home with any power conference team. But congrats, we have those year after year with teams like Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and yes ASU. You must be so proud you have a small small taste of what life in the Prestigious Pac 12 is like!

If byu fans are bragging this much about a home and home with ASU, just further justification for how Utah fans feel and talk about our Pac 12 membership!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


The only big deal of where the first game is played is its a telling sign of which program is higher and which program is lower on the power scale. Sure, you may not care a lot, but it is interesting every time byu comes out with an announcement about a new arrangement, the first game always is away.

All of these other teams seem to care, so I believe there truly are reasons. If there weren't, byu would get the first game at home half the time right? If it didn't matter, why doesn't byu get some at home first?

You're the one who says its no big deal - so why are none of the first games at byu?

Highland, UT


"As usual, the first game is away from LES."

Huh? What does that matter? You guys are really struggling to find something to make an issue out of if that is the best thing you can come up with. You have to look at the schedule as a whole to know why one is at home or on the road in any particular year.

In 2020 BYU already has Virginia and Arizona at home. This gives them ASU and Stanford on the road. That's a good balance.

In 2021 they'll have ASU at home and USC on the road, once again a good balance.

Really you, and ken, are coming across looking very desperate.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations, byu!

"This football series with Brigham Young University renews one of our oldest and most interesting rivalries...”


"...it fulfills a need for us to schedule home/home series with institutions that are located in the Western portion of the United States.”

Oh, now I understand they needed a series with any Western institution. byu filled the need before Utah St could get there.

Holmoe's quest to be a de facto member of the Pac-12 continues unabated.

Tell me again when is this series will be played?

Rexburg, ID

Gotta love the Trolls' spin

Chris B posted ad nauseum about BYU can only get 2 for 1's. That got blown out of the water. His attempt to misdirect the topic fails big time.

Ken's attempt to minimize the 1 for 1 with ASU is silly; it is a 1 for 1, got it?

Crow, When is the last time the Utes beat ASU? Playing Utah for most PAC schools is an automatic win. Judging from recent history, there is a good chance that BYU will get a win over ASU before Utah will.

Great 1 and 1 for BYU. Glad to have the old and interesting rivalry back! Good job Tom

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Great recruiting game for 7th graders! Again a good September home game; however, I guess the November game schedule will be similar to the past years of independence.

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