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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2014 1:50 p.m. MST

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Cheyenne, WY

@ Ken
I was wrong with Tico Fuga I guess I clicked on the wrong recruit, so I will admit he is not shown as offered on 247 sports.
On Uriah, 247 lists the top 5 schools (it varies per recruit) but in the right corner of that area it says "show all interests" if you click that it will increase the amount seen and it shows Utah as offering.
This is from a news article concerning Fuga "Teancum Fuga committed to sign a letter of intent with BYU Monday evening after being officially offered by coaches. Teancum is a 6-foot-2, 320 pound defensive tackle prospect who held offers from Utah, Boise State and Utah State and rising interest from several Pac-12 programs at the time of his commitment."
Also before the recruiting trip he was interviewed and said the Utes had offered.

Sandy, UT


Fair enough. I see that 247 shows him after clicking on that link. Scout and Rivals say no, but ESPN and 247 say yes for Uriah. Only ESPN is yes for Fuga and no from rivals, scout, and 247

Cheyenne, WY

I really don't think it is a big deal who got who.
I want both BYU and Utah to win. In fact I was a big Utah fan until certain fans (similar to CB) turned me off to them. And after game day experiences involving Utah fans and a terrible behavior.
I know most of them are great people, but from what I have seen from some I just don't attend Utah athletic events very often anymore. (Now that I have moved from Utah I don't attend either school)

Sandy, UT

You don't think its a big deal of who got who?

Except that you try and list it in nearly every response Chris B makes about who got who. Like I said, you end up looking more like him than different than him when you're as obsessed in replying to him as he is commenting on byu articles.

And I used to be a byu fan as well, until I saw some of the game day experiences in Provo.

let's roll

I suspect he'd consider Fresno a better football fit than most schools. When recruits look at schools they are evaluating scheme and playing time more than anything.

He's a wide receiver. Look at their Fresno State scheme and how many pass attempts they had last year. He'd get plenty of playing time and catches there.

Compare that to the likes of Alabama (run first, plus they like big blocking WRs)and Florida State (good scheme, but he'd sit on the bench) and logic would dictate that he'd evaluate Fresno as a better pick from a football standpoint than those programs as well.

Omaha, NE

@ BeSmart. I am calling your bluff on CB and the like fans changing your opinion about Utah. You just don't change your alligence because of some ignorant fans. If that were the case, would you not change your opinion about BYU as well. The ignorant fans stand on both sides of the field. For me, I will cheer for BYU basketball as I love Coach Rose and he runs a good program. As for BYU football, I will cheer for that sport as soon as BYU stops turning a blind eye to the hypocrisy of a small percentage of the student athletes in the program.


The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

CB is rambling...again. It was hard to follow his comments with having to take a break.
Clearly he is insanely jealous of everything BYU to be the first one to comment on every BYU article. U lost out on a recruit they wanted that has speed in bunches. Get over it. He most likely just wanted to play on national TV and be in a winning program as well as get a quality education. BYU offered both and u did not.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Be Smart,
I too used to be a huge Utah fan until one day at RES I saw a U fan throw a cup of beer on a BYU QB. Used to work for the U and had football season tickets a number of years ago. Couple that with the hatred of a few U fans has totally turned me off to anything U.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Chris B
"I'm just asking why a kid would pick fresno over a powerhouse like byu for purely football reasons?"

You are sadly too predictable and easy to refute...

Following any logic, it's no stretch to conclude that Blackmon would have picked Fresno over Utah "for purely football reasons."

Also, I've never seen any BYU fan posting here claim that they are a "powerhouse" program.

BYU Fan in DC
Washington, DC

I am surprise by all the Ute comments on this article. This was a 4-star recruit that chose BYU and you are trying to knock a comment about Fresno State? Really? Get a life Ute fans.

I am just as big a BYU fan as you are Ute fans, but the difference between us is I dont even waste my time reading articles about Utah Football. You must have too much time on your hands.

Anaheim, CA

Funny that the U fans think they have a great, irrefutable point that he said he'd pick Fresno over BYU for purely football reasons and that that's somehow a dig at BYU (which is...um...the school he *did* still choose). Then they said "would a recruit say that about FSU vs. Alabama?"

So let's just be clear. You're comparing BYU with bigger football schools like Alabama (otherwise, why draw the parallel, because it would be irrelevant), and purposely *not* including the U in that conversation (who lost the same recruit).

And even though it's a straw man, people realize there is a difference between "big time program" that has a strong global following, plays on ESPN, wins, and goes to bowl games and "BIG time program" that does all that and also wins power conferences and plays in the BCS each year. BYU is one of those. The U is neither.

Anaheim, CA

Also, it may be hard to understand outside of Utah, but ABSOLUTELY the reason I don't like some aspects of the U is SQUARELY because of their fans and my experience with them.

I'm from SoCal, always liked Utah, Provo, SLC, BYU, the U, etc., and didn't quite understand the rivalry, except for, well, they're next to each other so they want to win. Fine.

Then I went to BYU and experienced it for myself. I still don't care much about the rivalry (I don't get too excited when BYU beats the U, nor too upset when they lose--I'm much more frustrated when BYU gives away winnable games), but I absolutely understand the disdain for U fans. A small section of them are some of the worst fans anywhere (and I've lived everywhere), as evidenced by their odd fixation on BYU articles posted on this website. And for the guy who tried to equate fan behavior at RES with LES...nice try, but no way.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Wookie.
I did change my allegiance I always cheered for the U. Then I went to a rivalry game and after seeing intoxication and a simple assault on a young female cougar fan I changed.
I think the majority of U fans are great. Several of my closest friends are U fans and I have U alumni in my family, but I choose not to cheer for them due to past experiences.
If any school I cheered for had the same disdain and action I would cease to be a big fan of that team as well.

North Salt Lake, UT

Bottom line..BYU once again won a recruiting battle head to head with the mighty PAC12 Utes who will never be mistaken for big time.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

For being fans of a super PAC12 team a few Ute fans seem obsessed with all things BYU. I think of them as closet cougars.. they can't stop themselves from reading every BYU article. Most cougar fans don't waste their time reading about the team in SLC.

BYU in Tucson
Tucson, AZ

Hope this recruit works out. When he takes the field in front of 65,000 fans on national TV he will see that BYU is bigger football than Fresno State. If he was looking to play the best competition he would of chosen a Pac12 school. BYU's team has been under performing lately but its still as big of a program as most of the Pac schools. The Arizona schools, Colorado, WSU, Cal, Oregon St. and Utah. None of these schools programs are bigger than BYU's. The money, stadiums, campuses, TV exposure. BYU's program is at least 25th in the country even if the team is playing around 31st in the country lately.

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