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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2014 1:50 p.m. MST

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Cheyenne, WY

"Let me save byu fans a post by saying yes, he had an offer from Utah. And he picked byu. I can also give you an example of someone picking Virginia this year over Alabama."
He is clearly comparing the two. Unless your reading comprehension does not include implication.
247 and ESPN both indicate that Tico Fuga and Uriah received offers. They may be wrong if they are I did not want to be dishonest and will admit my mistake.

Cheyenne, WY

@ LIfelong Ute
Isaish Nacua stated in an interview with desnews that he has 3 pac-12 offers.
But don't let what the athlete said get in your way.

Mission Viejo, CA

Anyone interested in postgraduate studies or a good range of job opportunities after graduation would more likely choose Virginia over Alabama. That is certainly true of BYU over Fresno. And no offense to either Alabama or Fresno.

Just Sayin'.

Enterprise, UT

Commenters are assuming too much by his statement: “If it was just about football I probably would have signed with Fresno, but I need more than football. I’ll really need it after football is done. I want to study communications and BYU has a better program for that than Fresno"

It seems that everyone assumes that Blackmon is saying that Fresno has a better football team than BYU. I don't think he is saying that at all. Blackmon's statement could be referring to a number of football factors. Perhaps he would rather not compete with Apo, Kurtz, Matthews, Leslie, etc. Maybe he doesn't like how Hill seems to be a run first QB. Maybe he prefers Fresno's offensive schemes.

Whatever the case, he chose BYU and BYU fans are glad to have him.

And, by the way, who says BYU is a national powerhouse? I'm a BYU fan, and I'm not that delusional. Neither are other Y fans that I know.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B, Ken & Lifelong Ute,

"Interesting that he thinks for purely football reasons Fresno was a better choice."

I agree that is interesting. Could it be that since BYU signed Leslie and Kurtz he felt that the competition for starting WR at Fresno this year would be easier therefore Fresno would be a better choice based purely on football.

Hmm... I guess you never thought about it that way because that wouldn't fit certain people's narrative about all BYU fans or anyone who would go there for athletics.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Sounds like a great guy who has his head on straight. Now, if Taysom can work on his accuracy over the offseason this team will be very exciting to watch. Love the WR's we picked up.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

To the Ute fans who are trying to make something of him considering Fresno.. Do you not realize that there are many good athletes who consider smaller schools over more well known programs? Sometimes they just might like particular coaches, maybe the style of play, etc... I don't know what your points are when you bring this up. If anything it only makes the Utah program look worse that he completely rejected the Utes and chose BYU. Just because you are in a big boy conference does not make you a big boy team. I guess there is only up when you are at the bottom right?

Marysville, WA

Many posters here (and one in particular) are putting words into Ken's mouth. There were probably scores of reasons why "if it were just about football" he would have chosen FSU; things such as Fresno is close to home, Fresno had a specific need for his skills that would have guaranteed him lots of playing time, he had a great relationship with one of more of the Fresno coaches, etc. We'll never know unless he feels to elaborate.

Some Ute fans' deep psychological needs to come on and post on articles that have nothing to do with their team or school leads them to some really comical logical cul-de-sacs.

Mcallen, TX

BYU will continue having the most wins of all Utah Division 1 teams, for the past four decades.

That's football, and basketball.

Every excuse is irrelevant. Period.

Orem, UT

Welcome, Devon. You seem like a good young man who has his head on straight. You would probably succeed wherever you chose to go. We're glad you chose BYU!

Hope we get a chance to play the Utes while you're here. They don't want to play us...they want to rest on their recent wins and not risk losing to us.

Frisco, TX

@cb - Surprisingly I agree with some of what you said about Blackmon's reason for choosing BYU over Fresno. I'd be interested in your spin as to why he chose BYU over Utah, and as far as I can tell, he never even considered Utah. Was it because of their football program, their academics, or their environment? Whatever it is, U may want to get it fixed. I think U lost more non-LDS athletes to BYU this year than any other year I've seen.

I don't know where U heard that BYU fans put our football program in the same powerhouse category as Alabama. I've never heard or read a single BYU football say we are in the same category.

I really liked Brian Kelly's comment on NLI day, when he said choosing a college is a forty year decision, not a four year decision. And I applaud an athlete who choses a college based on the totality of the school, not just the football program.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I've never said byu fans have said they're in the same class as Alabama. I've simply said byu fans have said that byu is a big time powerhouse football program. And yes, many byu fans have claimed that byu is a big time program. I have mentioned Alabama to prove different points before, including that a recruit recently picked Virginia over Alabama to show that just because a recruit picks a certain school over another is hardly indicative of which school is better

You're interested in my "spin" as to why he picked byu over Utah?

No spin needed.

He himself mentions he wants a very calm environment to be able to focus on academics and football.

Nothing wrong with that. I've simply pointed out what he said as interesting as I can't see a recruit saying that about ANY big time program(not just the level of Alabama) as far as thinking for football reasons Fresno would be better.

Can you think of any big time program in the nation he'd say was less desirable for football reasons than Fresno?

Not rhetorical - I'm sincerely curious a reply to my question.

Stockton, CA

Devon made it pretty clear at the end of the article that his choice was fueled largely by his own understanding of his own propensity to get involved in too many distractions where they exist. If football were his only interest, Fresno State would have possibly been adequate. This young man, through some hard knocks, has gained some insight on what's really important, and has made a very thoughtful and adult choice for his remaining college football career and for his life beyond that. He's obviously matured from the experience he's had, and is now weighing a much bigger picture than "purely football". He's not that shallow.

Orange County, CA


Utah offered all three you claim they didn't offer according to ESPN. Is ESPN not a reliable source for us to rely upon?

River Falls, WI

I'm surprised that any Ute fans would want to comment in any way about Blackmon's statement that he'd pick Fresno over BYU for football reasons. First, he did pick BYU over Utah so who is to say he doesn't feel the same way regarding their program (that Fresno is better). Second, Fresno State finished last season ranked #20 in the country. That's pretty good... it was better than USC, Texas, Miami, Notre Dame, Washington, BYU, and Utah (to name a few). Rankings matter and I agree last season from a purely football standpoint Fresno State was better than BYU. I'll also say that under that same criteria BYU consistently outperforms Utah. Whatever Blackmons reasons, he did sign with BYU and we're glad to have him. Go Cougs!



I think BYU will benefit from these new recruits. Sounds like they had some good steals.

Have you been watching basketball lately? I'd say the Utes are right in the thick of things within the Pac-12 Conference standings....BYU basketball/football is by far nothing to brag about

Springville, UT

@Chris B - "Can you think of any big time program in the nation he'd say was less desirable for football reasons than Fresno?"

No. Why? Because he didn't say it. It would be a presumptuous of me to assume other programs he might fit into that category without him talking about it. In fact I don't know anything about this kid except for what these articles put out on him. Why would I care what he thinks of other programs? By your analysis of this article you seem to believe that after reading it, I should now bow my head in disapproval because of a comment a football recruit said in an interview...an interview in which he discussed his admiration of a school that I too, admire.

Oh wait, just in case my careful analysis of his words did not bring shame upon my admiration for BYU, I always have you to put me in my place.

Sandy, UT

79 Ute -

"Utah offered all three you claim they didn't offer according to ESPN. Is ESPN not a reliable source for us to rely upon?"

Where have I said there were 3 guys not offered by Utah that others claimed were? Once we can establish the difference between 2 and 3 we can further the conversation. First things first.

Sandy, UT


I do see both of those guys were offered by ESPN. However, I don't see either of them being offered by 247, as you claim they are.

Want to take back that part of your claim?

Sandy, UT

@besmart, My last post was not clear. I don't see either Fuga or Uriah offered by Utah per 247. I think it was clear what I was saying, but in case not, hopefully this is.

Still claiming 247 says Utah offered them? Or want to take that back?

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