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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2014 1:50 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

“If it was just about football I probably would have signed with Fresno, but I need more than football. I’ll really need it after football is done. I want to study communications and BYU has a better program for that than Fresno"

Interesting that he thinks for purely football reasons Fresno was a better choice.

Let me save byu fans a post by saying yes, he had an offer from Utah. And he picked byu. I can also give you an example of someone picking Virginia this year over Alabama.

Its just interesting that speaking purely football, he thinks Fresno would be better than powerhouse byu.

Doesn't he know about 1984? How could Fresno be better speaking purely football?

There certainly is nothing wrong with picking byu for the "calm" environment like he mentions. It just saya a lot that that is the reason he picked byu; and not for football.

He does seem like a very great player though. Good think byu has that "calm" he is looking for.

Because based purely on football, he would have chosen fresno

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

“If it was just about football I probably would have signed with Fresno"

I wonder if a recruit has ever said that after singing with any other powerhouse programs like Michigan, USC, UCLA, Alabama, Notre Dame.

Can you imagine a recruit saying "If it was just about football I would have picked Fresno but instead I decided to play at Notre Dame"

Somehow that doesn't jive with "byu is a football powerhouse" like byu fans always tell us

Cheyenne, WY

Have to admire the kid for looking out for his future.
Yes CB Fresno was his top choice for football it sounds like. Not the Pac-12 Utes.
BYU was the atmosphere and academics he wanted. Not the Utes.
It is funny that a Ute fan would comment on an article where the recruit turned them down to two mid-major programs.
One for better for football and one for better environment and academics.
Speaks for the reputation of the school and famous CB fan on the hill.


You made the right choice, Devon. BYU is a great place for football and a whole lot of other things. Best of luck on and off the field. Go Cougs!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Like I said, a kid picked Virginia over Alabama recently. What do you think that says about Alabama? You do remember how bad Virginia was right? They only had 1 win against a division 1 team the entire season. It was against byu.

I'm just asking why a kid would pick fresno over a powerhouse like byu for purely football reasons?

Can you see a kid saying the same about picking fresno over other powerhouses like Michigan or USC for football reasons?

Salt Lake City, UT

This guy sounds awesome! He's definitely saying all the right things and his "numbers" all look really good...now if he can just back all that up by producing on the field!

Sandy, UT

@Cheyenne - I know ChrisB gets under your skin. Your need to respond to every one of this comments is making you look more like him than it does different than him. Even most of us Ute fans don't like all that Chris says, but it is comical when he has a good point that byu fans can't seem to refute. BYU fans do claim byu is a big time football program and yet I highly doubt we will ever hear a player say they would have picked Fresno over Florida for football reason, or Fresno over Oregon for football reasons.

Fresno is not a big time football program, even if they had a good year this year. And yet Blackmon seems to think its a better football school than BYU. Is he wrong? Perhaps. And yet has a player ever said something similar about going to Florida over Fresno for non-football reasons, or Oregon over Fresno for non-football reasons?

All I see is silence from you on that question Smart. And that says a lot.

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB
Devon Blackmon is one of how many?
Uriah Leiataua over the Utes and Stanford.
Isaiah Nacua over the Utes and a few other Pac-12 schools
Fred Warner over USC
Sione Takitaki over 2 pac schools and Wisconsin
Matt Bushman over the Utes other Pac schools and an ACC school
Nick Kurtz over USC and LSU
Tico Fuga over the utes
Isaiah Kaufusi over the Utes
Tyler Cook over pac-12 schools and Miami
Kavika Fonua over the Utes
So I guess Alabama loses 6 a year to Virignia if that is your chosen analogy.

Cheyenne, WY

Fred Warner chose BYU over USC because of BYUs defense (look it up)

Syracuse, UT

It is clear to see that Mr. Blackmon is looking for a place where he can grow as a person, and not just as a football player. There is no other way to twist this, so those that try need to stop reaching. Just because he has other priorities such as a useful degree in his chosen field, a quieter place that matches his values, and place to stretch himself does not make him less of a football player. These young men chose schools for all kinds of reasons. I'm sure the kid who chose Virginia over Alabama had a reason that is just as valid - just like the Barton recruit for the U it could just be as simple as he has been a fan of the school for his whole life and always dreamed of playing there.

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

CB has all sorts of comments about picking BYU over Fresno State and parsing the kids words in a way to try to extract a meaning that fits his conclusions. Blackmon wanted BOTH a good football program and a good education. Which of those do the Utes offer? Sub .500 in football and basically they admit anyone to study on the hill who has a pulse. By the way, don't comment on power teams like Notre Dame….you have no idea what that is like to beat them at home and on the road. Cougs? Yeh, done that. Keep reading all the BYU articles.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

cb - your analysis of Mr. Blackmon is perfect for your agenda.

There's no doubt in my mind, if this kid had chosen the trotting utes you would describe him as the second coming for the little team up north with all his speed and athleticism. So what's it like being in the bottom tier of the conference in all sports??

Oh, and good job bringing up 1984. The year BYU was National Champions. Something utah football will never obtain.

Stop The Nonsense
El Paso, TX

Glad to have you, Devon! Hope you can have great success on and off the field!

Cheyenne, WY

@ Ken
I never argued his point and I have never said that BYU is a powerhouse program.
I find it hilarious and embarrassing that a fan of a different team would comment on an article the implies the implicit weaknesses of his own team.
As someone that was involved in college athletics it is hilarious.
Very few players go because of 1 thing. I did not choose my university because of the athletic prowess (even though I was part of multiple conference titles).
I chose it because of the academics and I received a degree that has created a great lifestyle.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT


"Fred Warner chose BYU over USC because of BYUs defense (look it up)"

Who said he didn't? It's clear you're dancing around a very simple point that Chris B and Ken are making: What other "big time program" can you see a recruit choosing over Fresno but then having that recruit say if football had been the priority that they would have gone with Fresno?

Ya, its just the opinion of one. And when have you seen the opinion of just one recruit thinking Fresno was a better option for football than a big time powerhouse program? Crickets, crickets(as to the point being made)

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Uriah Leiataua - NOT offered by Utah
Isaiah Nacua - one other Pac 12 offer besides Utah, not several
Tico Fuga - NOT offered by Utah

But don't let facts get in your way, just make up what you want

Sandy, UT


"So I guess Alabama loses 6 a year to Virignia if that is your chosen analogy."

Umm, no analogy has been made. Chris made a simple comment that a recruit picked Virginia over Alabama, so showing a recruit picked a school over another doesn't seem to prove much now does it? Really simple point he's making. No analogies needed. Where did you get confused?

Sandy, UT


Rivals doesn't seem to think Leiataua was offered by Utah.
Rivlas doesn't seem to think Fuga was offered by Utah
Scout doesn't seem to think Leiatua was offered by Utah
Scout doesn't seem to think Fuga was offered by Utah

A little honesty goes a long ways my friend.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Ken
The offers I have are from ESPN.
If they are wrong then I am wrong and I apologize.
The same with Tico Fuga
Lifelong Ute I used ESPN as a source. It may be wrong

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"BYU fans do claim BYU is a big time football program and yet I highly doubt we will ever hear a player say they would have picked Fresno over Florida for football reason, or Fresno over Oregon for football reasons".

Well - there are big time programs, and then there are big time programs.

cb - did you notice how Ken was smart enough to NOT put utah on the list of "big time" programs?? Did you notice?

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