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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 11 2014 8:50 p.m. MST

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nampa, ID

Not conflicted at all. The law was broken and the young women paid the ultimate price. It is correct that the man should have been fined; he broke the law as well. Extreme sports ALWAYS carry with them the possibility of death and these sports-junkies know that going into them. That's why the park has a restriction on them--to try and help to save lives. Very sorry for the loss of this young woman's life.

Orem, UT

CS Copper needs a little explaining to. If the wife hadn't died then there would still be a ticket issued, maybe two. It is a sad thing for sure that she died. What is more sad is this didn't have to happen. The public knowing tickets are issued might help deter future base jumping.

Anchorage, AK

DN Subscriber posted:
If both husband and wife had OBEYED the law, both would be alive today.

No, she'd still be dead. Regardless whether the place they jumped was illegal or not, her parachute failed to open. If they had obeyed the law, the failure would simply have happened somewhere else.

I agree the citation is proper, in order to discourage others from jumping in the park, against the park owners wishes (perhaps to avoid expense of legal complications).

If only we could hold Obama to the same.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree 100% that the citation had to be given. Will the Judge extend some mercy in the sentencing? I hope so.

If you break the law - expect to pay the penalty. The penalty to this particular law was not the loss of life, that was an unfortunate occurrence and this young man will probably think twice before breaking the law again. It's just too sad that it takes something like this to wake people up to the consequences of their actions.

Los Gatos, CA

I don't understand the need for the citation. Is it as a deterrent? Wouldn't the death of his wife be a deterrent? and if not, then a citation will not be. Is it a punishment? Wouldn't the death of his wife be more than enough punishment? I do not understand the motivation or thinking behind giving the surviving husband a $5000 fine, or 6 months in jail. It seems absurd in the extreme.

sandy, ut


Your comparison doesn't even make sense. A drunk driver who killed somebody else is the drunk drivers fault. A base jumper who suffers the ultimate loss - their own life - cannot be punished. The husband didn't cause her to die, it was an accident. This is ridiculous.

sandy, ut


The park has these rules to try and save lives? Funny. Angels landing hike has had several deaths over the years, yet it is still legal. But a few base jumpers can't base jump in the park? Get real. The parks only care about money, so they should just start charging base jumpers to do it, and I bet then they won't care how many die (just like angels landing)

You can't just pick and choose what dangerous activities are allowed and what ones aren't. I believe several have died in the narrows, and rock climbing in the park as well. All legal activities.

Gold Canyon, az

After the death of his wife to fine him would be cruel and unusual punishment.


I think the citation was appropriate, albeit optional as well described by Twardy above. No special treatment is required based on unfortunate events, and the citation certainly sends the message that violators are subject to a penalty under any conditions.

I also think it would be completely appropriate for a judge to determine that losing his wife was more than enough punishment to satisfy punitive requirements, and exacted a cruel and irreversible justice. To think the death of his newlywed wife was not enough punishment, not enough justice, and not enough deterrence is bitterly cold-hearted and cruel.

Genola, UT

A citation was issued because the law was violated. Why is that hard to understand? BASE jumpers are not deterred by the fear of death or fine, in fact, many are motivated by them. Citations are not issued to deter someone else from BASE jumping. They are issued to punish the lawbreaker.

Santaquin, UT

No, the law was in place and it didn't work. We have to be able to choose. If I don't want to wear my seatbelt, then I am knowingly taking a risk. It's my choice.

They knew the consequences. The law did not and will not change that. They knew full well that that was a risk and were willing to take it.

Cedar Hills, UT

If you push the envelope of danger far enough eventually you will have something bad happen - probably fatal as this tragedy was. There is a line that you shouldn't cross in the out doors and I would include base jumping as across the line. When you do something just for the 'rush' you probably ought to rethink what you are doing because it will probably not end well. This couple had their whole life and family in front of them and decided to jump off a cliff and compromise that life. As sad as this is it is equally foolish. Rock climbing is dangerous but at least there are safeties to protect you. Base jumping is more dangerous than normal parachuting from an air plane just because of the dangerously short distance as well as unpredictable winds etc... I think base jumping ought to be against the law especially in National Parks. What a waste of life. There are tons on outdoor things to do that bring excitement but are relatively safe to do including skiing, hiking, back packing, rafting, biking, etc...

Cedar Hills, UT


Angels Landing has a hand rail to hold on to. I climbed it last year and if you hold on to the rail there is little danger at all in the climb. You might get some fear of heights but that's it. Those who 'choose' to goof off up there are the ones who die. Base jumping is simply not safe no matter how you prepare. The fall distance is too short and combine that with unpredictable winds in a canyon you are asking for trouble. There simply isn't any safety to fall back on and and it is a foolish and dangerous activity just to get a 'rush'. It should be against the law in all National Parks.

bountiful, UT

now we know why base jumping is illegal.

Vancouver, BC

Drunk driving and this citation simply do not correlate! This man has paid many times the price for his mistake and no court is ever going to beat his self imposed penalty.

terra nova
Park City, UT

Someone dies and someone else makes the connection that the death occurred because a she broke the law. Does anyone understand that it happened because the chute didn't open?

Quit with the moralizing about the law. Give these poor people some peace.

sandy, ut


How many people do you think have done base jumps for years without incident? How many have base jumped illegally in zions national park and have been just fine? These were experienced base jumpers, they know what is safe and what isn't. Her chute didn't open, it is an accident.

Regarding angel's landing - I was there 2 years ago. It does have a handrail, as you mentioned, but there are several areas that all you have to do is make 1 mistake or 1 slip and you are dead. The people who died weren't all goofing around as you claim.

Just because you don't base jump doesn't mean nobody should be able to, that is odd reasoning.

Los Gatos, CA

If following the law is so important, maybe the officer should have cited the wife, who base jumped, also. To me it would make as much sense as citing the grieving surviving husband.

UT Brit
London, England

Lets hope when we stand at the judgement bar we dont have people surrounding us clamouring for the letter of the law to be followed.

Reading these comments and knowing the faith of the majority of the people writing would be amusing if it wasnt so tragic.

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