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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2014 8:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The UHSAA should at least move them up to 3A, despite their enrollment. The only team to beat them in the state of Utah in 2 years has been Judge last year, who was 3A then. That simple move would alleviate some of this and they would find 3A much more competitive than 2A. With the talent they have it is a bit of joke to have them in 2A, I would agree. But, sometimes teams come around for a year or two that are just clearly better than anyone else. Look at Lone Peak last year and Bountiful this year. That does happen.

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

Private schools have way too much of an advantage in getting good athletes. What parent, especially those with limited means, wouldn't jump at the chance to send his/her kid to JD, Judge, or even Wasatch Academy free of charge?

And I like these schools. Much respect for their academic programs, even sports programs. But they have tools to recruit athletes that public schools don't have.

Here's a possible solution: 4a or 5a for football, soccer and basketball.

Gunnison, UT

Interesting to say the least! If you know the history of Wasatch Academy, for decades they have never been able to compete in boys basketball, and then all of the sudden they start to win state championships? Something doesn't feel right with this one. I think the UHSAA needs to step back and really look at the situation.Call it what you will, but it is not right!

a bball fan
Kamas, UT

This is a UHSAA problem. What do the kids from Wasatch Academy care if they win a state championship? They are on to bigger and better things, like college ball. Seems extremely unfair for them to compete against kids who have grown up playing ball and working their tails off, only to be dominated by 5 players headed to Division 1 basketball. Poor planning by UHSAA and how sportsmanlike is it to put a team together like this from several countries. Ridiculous.

Layton, UT

This is obvious to everyone and has created a nasty environment dragging all other private schools into the fire.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

Sounds very similar to what the utes tried a few years ago when they tried to beat BYU.

Rural sport fan

In Wasatch Academy's favor, they already have asked to be moved up in the state classification. The problem is, this has been an issue in 1A for two decades, and the UHSAA has ignored it or glossed over it despite the fact that everyone, including the private schools, knew it wasn't fair.

Just to be clear, not very private school plays the game this way, some are very good about not recruiting for sports, and they have up years and down years like the rest of us.

Many kids have been where South Sevier and the rest of 2A is now. The state may eventually fix the problem, but the kids right now are getting the shaft. It's sad when a group of kids has worked for years to reach a goal, and some private school brings in a new group of kids and changes the entire game.

Some states put private schools in their own category, or make them automatically part of a larger school classification, to equalize things. Not Utah.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Coach parson is a class act start to finish. I've watched him from his high school days to Snow to SUU and never seen anything but class. However, having his kids hold the ball to obtain their goals only shows how miscalculated his team goals were. Competing is about personal improvement. One is trying to become the best one can be. A truly great opponent only provides a great opportunity to challenge yourself at a level a weaker opponent cannot. To hold the ball and quit in the game sends exactly the opposite message. Wasatch Academy will certainly win the 2A state championship, but I will admire more those kids on the opposing teams who play all out, trying to take their game to levels even they didn't realize they could obtain. Those are the kids that truly know what it means to compete.

Cedar City, UT

South Sevier shouldn't be the ones complaining when Hunt was there they were recruiting players from Wayne high school and North Sevier High school

Gunnison, UT

My other question to the UHSAA is this: If Wasatch Academy does not recruit "athletes" how do you explain the success they have had in the last three years from players all over the world? Just by chance?

Enterprise, UT

So if "success perpetuates success" as coach Geno Morgon states; what kind of team will Wasatch Academy have down the road? It seems to me that their reputation has jumped a mile after this years accomplishments. And; when you can use kids from around the world, you have a small advantage over other schools than can only use kids from twenty square miles. Only a small advantage though, right?

small town bball fan
manti, UT

Wasatch Academy should step up on their own and drop out of the 2a tournament. It's a state tournament not an international tournament. Maybe they could play the 2a all-star team later on, or challenge Lone Peak. They should just be in no region and play an independent schedule. That way they don't steal a championship, and it would be a fun game to play them.

Mtn Tracker
Ephraim, UT

Not trying to add fuel to the fire but, Geno Morgan doesn't even live here. He comes for four months to coach his team. The rest of his time is probably spent traveling around recruiting kids to come and play (on an Academic Scholarship of course). Wasatch academy is not a little unknown boarding school in Mt Pleasant like people from Utah know it. Celebrities and Diplomats etc have been sending their kids there for years. I don't know exactly what they charge but it's in the 10's of thousands per year. This whole blow up in sports was bound to happen. And if the fight is with the UHSAA and their lax bylaws then who's to say JD and Judge don't do it either. We all know the answer to that!

Herriman, UT

I agree with South Sevier and their stall tactics. We don't have a shot clock in the UHSAA. They can do what they want. Wasatch could have come out and played but chose not to. The 2A schools should be upset but Wasatch has abided by the rules. This will have to be visited by the UHSAA in the offseason.

Rural sport fan

Small town BBall fan:

I did a little research, turns out you nailed it, Wasatch actually did ask to be independent, the problem is the state associations all have agreements to NOT play teams that are not in the state system, and Utah has no way to let them be independent, but remain part of UHSAA.

They also can't drop out of the tourney, due to UHSAA rules.

So again, it's the UHSAA that simply cannot solve the problem despite 20+ years of complaints and suggestions from coaches.

Eventually, the state needs to figure this out. Kids are having their dreams crushed by the UHSAA and it's glacially slow attempts to do anything constructive.


Terrible message sent by South Sevier. You know what would have been a better message? Win the game! South Sevier was only down 17, most teams at that point have been down 40 to Wasatch Academy. I have a hard time when South Sevier of all schools complains and does something as childish as this. They, after all, have been a dominant program, with multiple titles, and have had seasons where other teams could not play within 20 points of them.

When you play a team like Wasatch Academy, who has incredible talent, you have two choices. Rise to their level and beat them, or attempt to rise to their level and fall short. But quitting? Complaining to the state that 2A basketball needs to have less talent? That is ridiculous and an embarrassment to small town basketball across America. This coming from South Sevier? A school with 430 students. I've seen school's with 25 students in 1A compete much harder, and win. Again, an embarrassment for small towns everywhere.

Gunnison, UT

The fact remains that private schools DO NOT play by the same rules as the other schools. Call it what you want, but they have to recruit to get kids. Call them student athletes if you want, but they are there to play basketball. If they didn't have their athletic programs, my assumption is that all those kids are not at Wasatch Academy right now. My challenge to the UHSAA would be to prove otherwise. I seriously doubt that they can.

Layton, UT

The rules are the same for public and private. Public can have International students beyond one year by the paying of tuition just as they do at private. WA may or may not be getting tuition from the bb players but I know the other private schools must have that tuition to pay the bills. This is why their teams have not dominated.

Provo, UT

I don't agree with quitting 3/4 of the way through the game. You send a completely wrong message about what high school athletics is all about. Yes they most likely would have lost anyway but those players could have been shown how to step up their game in small, calculated ways against very good competition that would have made them better players in the long run. Strength is built in adversity if you rise to the challenge, and you don't have to win in order come out of it better than you were before.

That being said, there is a major issue with private schools in high school athletics. Public school athletic teams choose from a pool of kids inside their school boundaries. Private school athletic teams choose from a pool of kids that's basically as large as you want to make it. You get someone that knows what they're doing to run the athletics department at a private school, the possibilities are endless on the potential you can reach. Which is what private schools should be doing. We should encourage private schools to compete with one another for status but in their own division.

IRS Agent

Sounds like sour grapes to me. Parson's son was on the South Sevier team that got beat out of the state tournament last year. He was expecting his son to sweep three straight state championships in high school to add to his trophy case and get more attention from college recruiters. That didn't happen and his son is now playing at SUU. This is his way of protesting.

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