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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 11 2014 3:20 p.m. MST

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Bluffdale, UT

they got to hurray so voters dont see how wrong this is for the state. make money fast. before people see how it will profit a few and cost the whole state for years without end. it will go well over a billion dollars no matter what the paid for cosultants say. just transport is a huge amount of money the further away they move from salt lake and the hospital here at the u, and the court system. no bussiness tax base will make up for the cost.

san antonio, TX

Follow the money. Which of the legislators in favor or their family members will profit?

Spanish Fork, UT

They are trying so hard to push this through before people really start to see what the real costs will be to the taxpayers. Their projects for what it will be to build a new prison, the value of the land the prison currently sits on and what they claim will be tax revenue from new use of the land in Draper are all best case scenarios.

The cost of a new prison will be much higher than they project, they won't get the hoped for price for the land and due to tax breaks/incentives won't bring in the tax money the Legislature claims will come into the State.

The entire thing is a scam to the citizens of Utah so a select few can get richer.

Kearns, UT

They claim, according to news reports, that it will cost over $100 million to renovate the prison. The supposed cost of the new prision, according to reports, is $471 million. A no brainer to keep the prison in place and renovate. Of course, those costs are most likely very much low-balled.

Keep the prison where it is. Re-build the older buildings, and tell the developers that are salivating over the land to take a flying leap.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Flashback.

This is a fast shuffle of the first order. The costs in court appearances, medical care and services will be higher, and they will continue as long as the prison located where ever it is finally built. There will be costs to staff to move to be closer to their work. UTA doesn't go there, so forget "green" solutions to transportation issues.

There is money to be made and I do think that many on Capitol Hill are thinking their own or their friend's wallet over the citizenry on this one.

We own the land, we have the space, just build whatever new structure on the open land and raze the old one after you move the prisoners. Oh, then you move the fences.

No one is waiting in the wings to rush in and build Silicon Valley II at Point of the Mountain. We are not that attractive to that kind of business folks.

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