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Published: Monday, Feb. 10 2014 8:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

It's biology, not bigotry.

Taylorsville, UT

I think that people and organizations that don't agree with same-sex marriage should work on securing their own rights rather than trying to control others on this point. -It appears to be inevitable that ssm will be an acceptable part of our society- but will those who disagree because of faith reasons be forced to accommodate? like bake cakes, take pictures and perform ceremonies against their conscience?

Eureka, UT

Since the church is talking about its definition of marriage and saying they are not showing bigotry, I guess now it depends on what my definition of bigotry is on whether I believe them or not.

Things I'll also consider in my decision is how the church came clean with its stand on blacks and the priesthood by saying it was a policy based on Brigham Young's belief about blacks and not a revelation from God.

I'll also consider how Utah came into the nation as a slave territory because Church leaders talked how slavery was ordained of God and supported in the Bible.

Of course having all the other organizations weighing in with the church might give the Church more credibility but there have always been other churches and organizations that have supported discrimination based on skin color or race.

So I look at bigotry not so much as what a group says it is or is not but by looking at if that group really wants to deny something to another group that they themselves enjoy.

Utopia, UT

"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract." Oliver Wendell Holmes

I love to read these comments but surely you know this is a waste of energies. Bigots are never hateful just like racists have no animus towards that not so pale they were born superior to. Comparing this situation to civil rights issues will go nowhere. I'm certain many of these "anti gay" folks would prefer blacks marry "their own" and sit at the back. "God's chosen" have little need for self reflection.

grounded and rooted
China, 00

It will be okay, Utah. Really. Breathe deep. Relax.

it's hard to respond to condescending and patronizing comments like this. We are not children, but intelligent adults with legitimate concerns.

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . the court concluded a classification that limits civil marriage to opposite-sex couples is simply not substantially related to the objective of promoting the optimal environment . . . ."

Yeah, of course it did. Its justices were appointed by politicians that expected exactly that ruling, along with hundreds of other reliably liberal, thumb-on-the-scale rulings, as the quid pro quo to secure their appointments in the first place.

That analysis is, not just flawed, sophomoric, and biased, but embarrassingly so.

In the old days, liberal activist judges knew how to couch their biased, legally unsupportable opinions in disingenuous, but wildly soaring, somewhat inspirational rhetoric. This current crop's only tools are transparent sophistry and snark.


Parker, AZ

It wasn't too long ago that the Mormons believed that the best setting for raising children was with one man and several women. Why do they try to cover that up? I actually don't understand why that was so bad, but the xians forced them to give it up.

Nelson D
Garland, UT

Religious belief, in the form of a majority vote, does not trump the Constitution. In this “free” land, you may believe and live as you wish, but you have no right to compel your neighbor, by force of law, to live as you do, nor to deny them to live differently. If religious entities choose to define marriage in a certain way, that is their business, but by what authority do they have the right to define marriage for those who are not of their faith? It is common knowledge that the majority of Utah's population is LDS (about 63%), and that Amendment 3 passed by a majority vote of 60%. It is pretty clear that religious belief, and the state’s majority faith, were determining factors in the passage of an unconstitutional law. Just because you may be powerful or able to rally others to your cause, does not make it right for you to push the little guy around. That's called being a bully. The Founding Fathers knew all about bullies, that's why we have the Constitution.

I don't think God likes bullies much.

elverson, PA

If you believe in the Bible and the word of God as interpreted by the holy prophets of time, then one believes that marriage is ordained by God between the two, man and woman and no other. It is that simply and that easy, no spin, no debate, only the true word of God. I don't understand how one can debate God's word or those of the Holy Prophets? It is not truth.


"The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Association of Evangelicals, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Lutheran Mission Synod say they bear no "ill will" toward same-sex couples." Riiightt....

Vince here
San Diego, CA

Traditional marriage is alive and well -

Whatever is not working in heterosexual marriages - it's not because of the gays.

For people who are afraid of same-sex marriage, don't worry, gays don't intend to marry you, unless you want that.

Erin, TN

Thank God we are waking up and refuse to be steam rolled by persons who want to destroy God's definition of Marriage.When a nation collapses it does so from the inside. The final symptoms of a fatal moral disease is an addiction to sexual perversion by a majority of the people who either practice such things or give praise to those who do so.There are millions of us from all faith traditions who utterly refuse to bow down and worship this false doctrine of so called ''gay marriage'' and will defend the integrity of Holy Scripture as it relates to such matters,and we will defend the Holiness of our God who has wisely given us both a warning if we are disobedient or a blessing if we speak the truth on this issue, and live like we should.

Paris, 00

If religions had been and were more concerned about insuring that women are treated proplerly in the first place, maybe they could have a say in the matter.

I, as a women, find homosexuals to be very nice and lovely people, far better than many heterosexuals i know who abuse women, cheat on them, even kill them and sadly enough in some cases with the help and support of their God, (as it has been since the beginning of time) while the men are given a privilege and double standard status.

So frankly, i think Utah and other religious people should use their efforts to ensure that men no longer abuse women in any way and are faithful and let the homosexuals live their lives since, to be true, they are no worse than what many men, religious or not do.

I know some lovely homosexuals. I know some horrible heterosexuals so some people are in no good position to lecture others on how to behave.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

I do not understand the state's reasoning. If they say it is all about the children, why do they allow gays to conceive (which many do, btw) or adopt. Both are perfectly legal in Utah. But, instead, they will not allow gays to marry - even if they are raising children!

Will someone explain to me how this protect any children at all?

It sounds to me like they are just protecting the status quo...and their right to have all the privileges of marriage for those that they deem "worthy" instead of treating all citizens as equal.

Am I wrong? Anyone?????

Tooele, UT

@ riverofsun:

You're letting yourself get confused too easily. The LDS church has always advocated marriage as being between men and women... people of opposite gender uniting together in holy matrimony.
It (the LDS church) has never accepted (nor is there evidence of God ever accepting) marriage being between people of the same gender. Please read Leviticus 20:13 and 18:22 in the Old Testament and Romans 1:26-27 in the New Testament. Where God stands on the issue is indisputable.

@ Tiago:

The Church isn't fighting against gay people, nor look at them as "the enemy". What they are fighting is changing the traditional definition of marriage, which has it's roots as a holy institution originating from God. And now a relatively small group of people are trying to change all of that. In so doing, they lessen the sanctity of marriage.

@ Turtles Run:

It is not a proven fact that gay people were born that way. And until it is, it's just another theory advocated by gay activists. Gays have indeed changed.

@ ValiesVoter:

The existence of God has been established. Maybe not to you. But to many of us, it truly has.

Ogden, UT

I think it is a slippery slope when religious people start to believe that they have a right and obligation to enforce what they believe to be God's laws and intents. Nearly every mass atrocity ever committed since the beginning of recorded time was done so by people who believed they were the emissaries of God on earth.

I've never actually understood how people who believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing entity, also believe he has to delegate law enforcement to mere mortals.

Boise, ID

I am no expert on scripture but I wanted to take the opportunity to clear up misconceptions presented by many who have posted scriptures on this thread. The Old Testament was the old law and was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. The new law removed much of the "letter of the law" and replaced it with "spirit of the law". No more counting steps and killing people but the new law was more strict in some ways. Not only is adultery wrong, even lusting after a woman is now wrong. The moral wrongs remain.

God loves everyone, He hates sin.


@jeclar2006 "Seems to be the appropriate word in the English language for LDS and 'other faiths'..."

Seems to be that, by your definition, there are plenty of bigoted comments on this board in support of LGBT as well. A more correct definition for you is " bigot: anyone who disagrees with my opinion".

I believe homosexual behavior to be a sin. You obviously do not. What makes your belief any more valid than my opinion? Who is forcing their beliefs on whom?

bleeding purple
Santa Ana, CA

Airnaut ... you give this definition ...
noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries.
bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

To all of you who say I am a bigot because I prefer marriage between a man and a woman ... doesn't this go both ways? How nice, we are all the same after all - a bunch of bigots! woo!

Paris, 00

Comment to lovely

Just because we are sick and tired of religions persecuting homosexuals and women, does not mean that we do not want that marriages between a man and a woman should be sacred, faithful and committed. I think any woman who loves her husband and wants a family wants this precisely but why persecuting homosexuals. Just because homosexuals exist does not prevent those who want to have a family to defend values of marriage, fidelity, committment, love and respect to exist.

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