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Published: Monday, Feb. 10 2014 8:00 p.m. MST

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UT Brit
London, England


"Let the proponents of redefinition iterate things we have done as human beings for thousands of years that aren't the right thing to do."

Pre-arranged marriage has been practiced for thousands of years and continues. Slavery has been practiced for thousands of years and continues. Its the culture to molest young boys in parts of Afghanistan and its been going on for centuries. I could carry on and on and on and I will if you wish.
"Its been done for thousands of years" is one of the worst reasonings I have heard.

I do not care if people want to have a same sex marriage, it has no impact at all on my marriage or my family. Stopping same sex couples from having legal rights with their partner and children seems cruel, even going by Utahs standards.

Saint Louis, MO

As Ronnie Reagan would say, "there we go again". The "state system" is a big problem for efforts to create a national religion based on "liberal views". Cokie Roberts of ABC stated yesterday on NPR that the reasoning behind the decision by Eric Holder to offer federal acceptance of gay marriage in every state is a political one. She stated that gay marriage is very acceptable in the young. Mr. Holder wants the young to vote in the mid term election. He sees this as a cause that may rally the voting bloc. Since the young are easily brainwashed, that is the reason for efforts to control the education system and to reform it based on federal standards. "Education" is a "state function" under the U.S. Constitution. These efforts are all aimed at creating a perfect society and negating the "opiate of the people".

Twin Sister

I so appreciate those who have come together to support and defend traditional marriage--for their expertise, intellect, wisdom, and common sense. They have put into words my feelings exactly concerning this highly volatile subject.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Excellent point, Wilf 55. How quickly Mormons forget the downright hateful comments that were made by Tea Partiers about Mitt Romney's religion, before he became the Republican candidate. They didn't vote for him because they liked him, let alone because they respected his right to choose his own religion; they voted for him because he wasn't a Democrat.

west jordan , UT

Love Everyone,

Wish it could be so, but I am being told by pro gay marriage people I am a bigit for my personal beliefs.

Everett, 00

noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries.
bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.


I don't know --
Seems like it fits the definition precisely.

As for "it's been that way for Centuries"...

So was Human Sacrifice,
and Stonings,

That arguement doesn't hold up to current scutiny.

Dan Taylor
Keyser, WV

I don't see how this situation is so hard for the gay and Lesbian people to understand when it comes to raising children. It is a well known fact that children learn from their parents. They not only learn the about life, but they learn mannerisms and thought processes as well. When a father clears his throat many times his little boy will clear his. When a mother puts on lipstick her young daughter will want to do that as well. This is a well known fact of life. With that in mind, I have always heard gay people say such things like, "If I could be straight I would, but it's the way I am", or "I wish I didn't feel this way but I do". Growing up in a gay lifestyle only sends the message to a child that that behavior is right, or ok and then if ever thinking about relationships when they get older, they will obviously lean in that direction. Now, if that were right, in a few short decades the human race would become extinct because we all know that Gay people can't contribute to life on earth.


It's quite interesting that both the LDS Church's brief and the State of Utah's brief assert that a primary purpose for limiting marriage to heterosexuals is to ensure that children are raised by their biological parents. Unfortuantely, the actions of both the Church and the State show that they do not really believe this. Both organizations would deny marriage rights to a gay family where the children are biologically related to one of the parents (a quite common scenario). And yet, both organizations would grant marriage rights to an adoptive heterosexual family where the children are not biologically related to either parent (also a very common scenario).

The actions of the Church and State, rather than their words, conclusively show that their marriage policies are not designed to ensure children are raised by biological parents. Instead, the policies are designed to ensure that children are raised by two different genders. Whatever the merits of requiring two different genders, THAT is the issue for the court, not biological relationships.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

For such a non-issue as bigotry, the churches opposed to SSM are sure expending a tremendous amount of energy to reassure everyone.

Constitution Is King
Brigham, UT

I find it amusing that these people who want to ban same sex marriage are okay with existing gay couples living together OUT of wedlock (they're not trying to ban that), and they're okay with existing gay couples raising children out of wedlock (they're not trying to ban that, either). Marriage of parents (straight or gay) provides security for children. The folks opposed to allowing existing same-sex parents of children to marry, are directly harming those children.

Fresno, CA

As Mama always said, hate the bigotry but love the bigot.

The Skeptical Chymist

Bigotry by any other name would stink as foully.

Springville, UT

Like it or not, the argument is inherent bigotry. The only way to resolve this is to separate the civil and religious functions. All should be treated equally under the law, and for religious beliefs and practices, the churches may decide for themselves. Note also that even if the State of Utah prevails in the short-term, this issue will never go away. It would be best to accept equal protection under the law and move on. That way, religious groups will have no need to beat their chests, and gay/lesbian couples won't feel a need to protest or otherwise draw attention to their actions (like a gay marriage ceremony at the Grammys - I don't tune in for that purpose). It's time to normalize.

blue springs, MO

why do people from the community whom believe that being gay is correct always scream 'biogotry and unfair' ? they only see what they want to see. just like other groups whom scream racism. look, they know they are not in the right with their choices so the guilt makes me respond in unkind ways.

Dan Taylor
Keyser, WV

No court case will ever fix the fact that Gay people have no way of producing children. 5 million gay people on their own planet will all be extinct and gone within 110 years give or take a few. It would be a barin waste land. My point here is the entire gay lesbian way of thinking is contrary to life itself. It doesn't work plain and simple. It cannot progress the good in society because it can't progress society. It must have straight people to help it to even exist at all.

Dan Taylor
Keyser, WV

It's like asking someone to except you putting leaves in the gas tank of the ambulance that you're in instead of gas. It's telling you it is just the way the leaves were made and that they can't help it. Furthermore, the leaves should have those rights even though it won't (at this time) make the ambulance get you to the hopsital in time to save your life. The leaves feels that you should except it in your gas tank because it's the only way to be fair to the leaves and yes there are those that believe trees have spirits, so we must look out for thier rights as well. Right?

Wilf 55

The most advanced democratic countries in the world have already legalized same-sex marriage or are in the process of legalizing it -- because mature democracies support tolerance and equality. At the other end, fanatic Islamic and dictatorial African nations that persecute and incarcerate gays and lesbians and abhor same-sex marriage -- because tolerance for people who are "different" is not part of their mind-set. Isn't that difference between two kinds of countries telling enough?

West Richland, WA

The religiosity in Utah is truly showing desperation by claiming they are not engaging in bigotry.

What they are doing - defending Amendment 3 - is the *very* definition of bigotry.

Those that demand the state continue to engage in legal discrimination against a minority population of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens had best start preparing themselves for the inevitable.

Your ability to deny your fellow citizens their civil rights is ending.

Take a look at your next door neighbor, Nevada. They are doing it correctly, and your AG should take a lesson from the Nevada AG. "After thoughtful review and analysis, the state has determined that its arguments grounded upon equal protection and due process are no longer sustainable," Nevada AG Masto said in a statement.

Guess what? The animus-laden arguments that Utah has wasted $2,000,000.00 to pay these out-of-state lawyers to draw up are the *exact*, *same* animus-laden arguments that have already been thrown out of court.

There can be no hope of Utah continuing its state-sponsored discrimination.

It will be okay, Utah. Really. Breathe deep. Relax.

Sank You, Doctor
Salt Lake City, UT

I know it: "Don't believe me? Go ask your bishop if you're loved. You may be surprised how powerful you'll feel it."


My bishop actually told me not to come to church anymore. I made everyone feel uncomfortable and he could see what the effect of not having even one person talk to me was doing to me. That was in 1985. Maybe things are different today?

When I called him one night, he told me to quit calling him. It was ruining his life. Just accept my excommunication and go on with my life.

I have.


This article hurts the gay community...More people standing behind the definition of marriage....you can see by so many likes on comments against it.

Tis is a good one @kjb1 says this "The fact that they're talking like this means that they're grasping at straws. They're going to lose and deep down, they know it."

Really...do you really think the other side knows deep down that they are going to lose?? Why even try, if its "deep down".

Here is the bottom line with all respect and dignity....Lets talk about tradition, and how it always was... Beliefs define values of a society, and values determine the law in a society. Why is that so hard to understand. So many people value marriage between one man and one wife.

As soon as the majority wants the law changed, to allow gay marriage, most of this fight against it will be gone...plain and simple.

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