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Published: Monday, Feb. 10 2014 12:30 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"If you doubt it, look at the recruiting rankings on ESPN.com, Scout.com or Rivals.com for the past few years. Take note of which teams are consistently near the top, which are near the bottom and which are somewhere in between. Compare the recruiting rankings to the annual BCS standings and you will find undeniable evidence that recruiting rankings translate to on-field success at a high level.

The programs and fans that want/need to will point to the occasional exceptions and proclaim that recruiting rankings are worthless. Unfortunately for college football fans in the state of Utah, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests otherwise."

byu fans are not going to like this. I've been saying this for years and many of them still try to convince us that stars don't mean anything.

Layton, UT

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

There isn't a single Ute fan who wishes we were back in the MWC with lesser programs. We all love the Pac 12 and playing with the big boys. We'll gladly take some rough seasons no in exchange for improving the program and all the benefits that come from the Pac 12.

Utah's Pac 12 membership has led to more money, better athletes, better competition...

Its also led to fewer wins, but lets be honest, getting excited about beating nobodies like Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV, and the rest of the MWC just wasn't that exciting.

Once every several years we'll have a great season in the Pac 12, and that will be worth countless MWC years of playing nobodies.

And remember, all "fish" should try to be as big as they can, and a small fish in the Pac 12 is still bigger than a big fish in a small conference.

Need proof?

See the Pac 12's 14-1 record against the MWC(including byu) last year.


Every Pac 12 team beat EVERY mwc team.

So yes, the bottom of the Pac 12 is better than the "top" of the mwc

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ ChrisB. And I can assume you have one of those Pac-12 stickers on your car, home, parka that the author spoke about. It appears Utah fans are just happy being in the Pac12 regardless of their records. Perhaps when they figure out that it's about Utah and not the Pac12, perhaps their success rate will improve.

Germany, 00

I don't always read college football articles, but when I do I prefer objective ones. The football fans in my office will not be happy about this article but it is clearly the truth. This may be the best sports article I have read since I lived in Utah.

Cheyenne, WY

This is article is very true.
Sad to say but football in this state has probably been the best we will see.
In my opinion Utah will struggle to be bowl eligible every year like all the bottom quarter of the Pac.
BYU will go to a bowl every year and occasionally get a national ranking but will never be in the hunt for the four team playoff.
USU could realistically win the MWC consistently and be the most talked about program in Utah.

Lindon, UT

Chris B--Thanks for providing exhibit A for what the writer is talking about. So many of the tit-for-tat nonsense on these boards is nothing more than fans of mediocre teams trying to justify who is less mediocre than the other. Utah fans rave how happy they are to be in the PAC-- great! BYU fans rave about how much better being indy is than being in the MWC. Both are probably right but there's a whole lot of room for improvement and I agree that things will probably continue this way for some time. That doesn't mean any of us should or will give up on our respective teams. I'd settle for just more realistic recognition of the two positions and a bit more civil discourse between the fan bases. The arguing is really about very little difference in the end and it's not hard to make your case for supremacy by moving the ruler.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think also that we can look at many of those more "nationally relevant" teams and find another commonality: NCAA violations and investigations of a serious and or criminal nature. In college football, if one of your players is not under review by the NCAA for criminal behaviour or your recruiting office is not being investigated for some illegitimacy, then you are not a championship team. Sad but true. Maybe the cleanest team in this is Alabama......?

Salt Lake City, UT

"After the two victories, the Utes have an impressive ESPN BPI ranking of No. 38, nine spots higher than the Cougars, which would seem to put them within striking distance of the NCAA Tournament bubble."

Shhhhhhhh...don't tell byu fans about this. They are the best team in the state even though the Utes blew them off the court and have a far more challenging schedule.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"It appears Utah fans are just happy being in the Pac12 regardless of their records. Perhaps when they figure out that it's about Utah and not the Pac12, perhaps their success rate will improve."

Yes, WAZZUP, we are thrilled about being in the Pac-12. As Larry Scott was recently quoted in the Des News, there was no metric for wins when Utah joined the Pac-10 (12) and they will have their share of success. btw...in that interview, Scott also said that the University of Utah is an excellent fit culturally and academically in their elite conference. Yeah, we're proud of being in the Pac-12...it's a great crowd to run with.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lindon, UT

"I'd settle for just more realistic recognition of the two positions and a bit more civil discourse between the fan bases."

Interesting comment coming from you. Perhaps you could try hard to set the example for the tone of civility that you would like to see in discussions between fan bases. There's a worthy goal.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

so, what, if I can't be Alabama, I'm supposed to cry and go home?

And, Chris, don't look now, but he was talking about you, too.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

While it is true that recruiting top level talent is very important, it is also true that Utah's first and worst year in the PAC12, they also had the #24 recruiting class in the country. Therefore, while it is vital to have a top recruiting class, it is also imperative to have a top level Head coach. Unfortunately, I don't believe that Coach Whit is that Upper level coach that we need to be a contender in the PAC12. You need to have a winning program to attract top level players, unless you are Alabama, LSU or USC or Texas. They all have a history that gets them the top player. If the Utes want top players, they have to do it like Oregon and Stanford did. Win consistently over a several year period of time. That is the only hope our Utes have to get top level players and be a winning program in the PAC12.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

Gagon's article is mostly right on. But he misses in blindly accepting the ranking from Scout and Rivals. The team are ranked by total points and total point is a function of the rating of the players who signed LOI's and the number of players signing w/ a school. The best way to get a handle on the success of recruiting is to look at the average rating for the whole class. When you do this Utah moves from 69 to 55 in Scout's rankings and from 74 to 56 in Rivals rankings. Ranking by this method puts Utah's class ahead of TCU, Syracuse, Oregon State, Minn., Rutgers, Colorado, Boise St. etc. The 2014 class is an unusually small class. Although I understand Gagon's POV it's too limited and distorts the real strength or weakness of a class. Utah still has a way to go.

Sandy, UT


"Interesting comment coming from you. Perhaps you could try hard to set the example for the tone of civility that you would like to see in discussions between fan bases. There's a worthy goal."

Interesting suggestion coming from someone who could do the same. Nope, no holier than thou hypocrisy there. Ute "fans" are one of a kind.

Highland, UT

@no perspective

"the Utes....have a far more challenging schedule"

Uh.....as of today, February 10th 2014 BYU's has the 30th ranked SOS and utah has the 140th ranked SOS. That includes all games played this season through this date. Fail.


East Salt Lake City, Utah

Great article, it's spot on.

Forget the top 300 players, Utah needs to start landing the top 5 in-state players. Players like Shultz (Stanford) and Frison (Oklahoma).

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

Wow, Nate, seems like you have found the fountain of negativity. That's ok. I'm still going to enjoy college football in the state of Utah, no matter what you or the thermometer have to say about it. I will acknowledge that you accurately group the 3 major Utah programs in the same tier. There is no major separation between them. Even though Utah has won 4 straight, there has only been one blowout in the Holy War of late, and USU has been very competitive. So glad Anderson turned them around. I sat through 3 seasons (2007-10) in Logan watching the Aggies struggle.

Frisco, TX

For the record, Devon Blackmon was the 39th ranked player on the ESPNU Top 150 out of high school. I guess the author doesn't count JC transfers.

Park City, UT

Yes, just to clarify, in ESPN's Top 300, does that include JC Transfers like Kurtz and Blackmon? Just dropping a few names of a couple of players that could easily be Top 200 guys,not to mention Leslie, a 3 year WR starter at UTEP with 15 TD's to his credit. Both the Cougs and the Utes will be okay. And, with Wells at State, they should be okay too.

Sandy, UT

I think the article is unfortunately accurate. Hopefully though all the fans will continue to cheer for their respective schools, keep watching and attending the games, and always believe the future can get better!!! Meanwhile, maybe somebody can figure out how to fix the problems!!!

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