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Published: Monday, Feb. 10 2014 11:20 a.m. MST

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Logan, UT

"The problem is that if you say that you can't discriminate based on sexual orientation, what about pedafiles, ex-cons, drug addicts, young adults, crazy people, and so forth? Will you discriminate against them in any way?"


Are you equating gay people to pedafiles, ex-cons, drug addicts, crazy people? and you still wonder why Utah needs a non-discrimination law to assure gay people being treated equally?

If they need evidence of discrimination or animus they are dealing with daily, look no further than your post.

Austin, TX

I am GENERALLY a support of LGBT rights. But in doing things like this they do themselves more harm than good. They demand rights but refuse to give rights. The gentleman having an APPOINTMENT with the Govenor was denied his right to attend that meeting because these protesters deemed their rights to override his. What gives them that privilege? what makes them and their cause superior to his? can we say NOTHING. they had NO right to prevent him from his meeting.

if you want to protest, do so. but in protesting don'e interfere with the rights of others to conduct their own business. all it does is hurt your cause in the eyes of those who may be sympathetic to you. I applaud the protest. I agree you have that right. but you do NOT have the right to abridge my comings and goings so arrest them and give them jail time.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "USU-Logan" so what you are saying is that it is ok to discriminate, as long as it is only against the less desireables.

My post only pointed out how they experience discrimination. The question is why do you want to discriminate against them?

Provo, UT

Every time I see that guys name I instantly think brokeback mountain. Thanks H-wood.

The quest for more equal has not yet come to an end. It's been rather magical but I don't see gandalf anywhere.

Boy Scout
South Jordan, UT

As Far as I am concerned, the Federal Constitution will prevail, and the state will (and should) be able to marry (or civil-unionize)(made up word) everyone equally. This way everyone gets equality in the law
The Churches can marry whoever they want. This way the church can grant "salvation" or blessings to those that deserve it based off of their religions standards. Marriage in the church can be legally binding in the state, but does not give any extra benefits.
If any of you have a problem with this, let me know, and I will watch for comments, and try to explain what I mean, or you might convince me to change my mind. (Probably not, but who knows)

Boy Scout
South Jordan, UT

Oh and as far as this matter goes, It sounds like they were warned, and told what they would be charged of, so they deserved it, just like any other group would deserve to be arrested whether minority, majority, popular, unpopular, etc...

Provo, UT

Utah's leadership and government just doesn't want people of the LGBT community to have any rights period. Republicans in Utah are clear that the only rights that they want gays to have are the rights to live and breath and maybe eat food, but to heck with anything else regarding housing, employment, hospital care, etc. Utah hates people who are gay. That's all there is to it. If you are gay in Utah, you have no future here. Nothing anyone does or says will ever change that absolute and eternal fact about the nature of Utah and the religious stranglehold the residents are under. Unless you are straight, then you might as well get your handcarts together and sojourn to a place where you can actually be treated as a human being. I hear there's plenty of wide open spaces in Northern Canada that are uninhabited.

West Richland, WA

@BYU_Convert: "Utah hates people who are gay. That's all there is to it."

Concur that it is sometimes difficult to read a few of these emotional posts directed at fellow citizens. An unfortunate common theme among the detractors is that, clearly, celestial indoctrination is a significant component behind the animus, anyone denying this is simply being intellectually dishonest.

Those promoting dogma-driven laws clearly misunderstand the intent behind the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Regardless, SCOTUS actually settled this entire issue last summer with the Windsor decision.

This is why a whole raft of states have recently thrown out their marriage discrimination laws, including Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia and Louisiana. It is why Nevada has decided to no longer defend the indefensible.

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