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Published: Monday, Feb. 10 2014 11:20 a.m. MST

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Anti Discrimination laws force a person to do something that they don't want to do?

Just how does that work in a "free country"?

We have freedom of speech but nobody is required to listen to anyone else.
We have freedom of the press, but nobody is required to read what I write.

Rights do not impose obligations on anyone else.
Anti Discrimination laws force people to do things they may not want to do. This is entirely inconsistent with the very idea of rights.

Baker Boy
Westminster, CA

Wouldn't it be a positive step for the state of Utah to get out in front of the issue of equality and pass a law that would protect all gay people from discrimination in employment, housing, etc.? This is an issue of fairness and equality, which I thought was guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Come on, Utah, you can do it!

Provo, UT

Read the Bill.

Hear the Bill.

It is only right.

Salt Lake City, UT

"is the gay-community known for serving the poor and needy or some other agenda, maybe well known as for caring the elderly e.g. the catholic church is well known for"

Um... gay isn't a church or an organization. That's like asking if white people are known for serving the poor.

["LGBT community thanks Utah for being tolerant and thanks SLC for giving them a stage to protest". How about that.]

That would require Utah to actually be tolerant first.

@Ted H.
"He's pointing out that discrimination is allowed in situations where a woman may want to rent only to other women. "

The bill applies to apartment complexes, not people renting out a room in their house.

Phoenix, AZ

@Baccus0902: "No more hiding, no more secrecy.

Sorry, but I don't wanna hear your secrets.

"However, and I do wonder, how do I explain my travesty neighbor to my elementary age children?"

Tell them that these people are just celebrating Halloween all year round.

"...or the ones that like smoke pot?"

You might wanna not address that situation to the kids but to the police.

"...or the man-eater girls... or the gigolo guys?"

What are they?

"I do think business owners should be allowed to decide who lives in their house or who does not."

Some restaurants won't let you in with no shirt and wearing flip-flops.

"...desert's comment shows a severely limited view of what constitutes gay community, and seems to (incorrectly) assume that gay people exist separately from "everyone else" and are not religious."

The LGBT's seem to wanna be considered a separate community.

@the rock's tells of an employer resistant to "allowing" a trans woman use the women's room because she wasn't "female enough" -- according to the employer.

Just make all 'restroom' part unisex. Keep the sinks, mirrors, towel dispensers etc., separate. Problem solved.

Leesburg, VA

@ Desert:
you wrote: "Next on the news I wish to see in the head lines. "LGBT community thanks Utah for being tolerant and thanks SLC for giving them a stage to protest". How about that."

If you read the article, there were several "straight" people in the demonstration. To those people the LGBT community says Thank You!

However, there is a difference with what you expect. See, imagine Union soldiers entering into Alabama and forcing this white slave master to release his/her slaves. Would you expect the slave to say Thank you to the ex-master for his/her freedom?

The State of Utah has been and is a hostile State to LGBT people. Now, within Utah, there are some wonderful people who are able to see beyond the established bigotry and discrimination and they have taken a stand against those maladies. We have some examples in the article, we have some wonderful straight voices in some of the commenters in this forum. To all of them we say THANK YOU! The Government body of Utah doesn't deserve our gratitude..... yet! Change happens.

Saint George, UT

I don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle, however I have had several positive business relationships with them. We had four very good workers that I interfaced with in the workplace. I also rented a house to two male homosexuals that were the best renters I ever had. Most renters are pigs but these fellows were excellent. They all respected my rights, and didn't run around hugging, kissing and carrying signs professing their gay rights in my presence.

Sandy, UT


"The bill applies to apartment complexes, not people renting out a room in their house"

And what is a landlord is renting out several rooms individually, can he rent out to males and females in a single apt? Clearly he can. And what if a tenant in one of those rooms is a woman who wants to live with other women. Can the tenant get the landlord to promise in writing he will only rent to other women? Or would that be illegal? In other words, what protection does that women have to ensure she only is given other female roommates by the landlord?

Salt Lake City, UT

The 72% representation, as is a pattern for the LGBT community, is misleading. It feigns support for SB100 which is not true.

Buried in the middle of SB100 is the following:

517 (b) It is a discriminatory and prohibited employment practice to deny an employee
518 access to restrooms, shower facilities, or dressing facilities that are consistent with the
519 employee's gender identity

According to SB100 what is gender identity?
83 (k) "Gender identity" means an individual's internal sense of gender, without regard to
84 the individual's designated sex at birth. Evidence of gender identity may include an
85 individual's self-identification, as well as the individual's gender-related appearance,
86 mannerisms, and other gender-related characteristics.

What does this mean? It means that if I am a biological male who identifies as female, an employer must allow me to use the ladies' restroom, dressing area, and showers.

Where? Certainly any facility that receives public funds, such as the county recreational facility where you go swimming. Also, any incorporated business such as the gym where you go exercise or where you work.

I object to this provision in SB100 because I believe women have a right to privacy and to feel safe.

South Jordan, UT

Christopher B I will address your question about whether you have the right to rent a room to a specific gender if you do not feel comfortable renting to the other. The answer is that non-discrimination bills have a floor. This particular bill only applies to (on the housing side) people who own at least 4 rental units. So in your scenario, yes a woman would be allow to deny renting a room to a man.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Thank you for pointing out those details that I knew were buried. And like you say, its par for the course for this group to be misleading like that.

Anyone who simply says the magic words "I am a woman" is now allowed in womens locker rooms.

Sorry, will not support that!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Just make all 'restroom' part unisex. Keep the sinks, mirrors, towel dispensers etc., separate. Problem solved."

And yet I've never once heard that proposed in any sort of legislation that every restroom/locker room in every school and ever impacted building in the entire state be converted so there is no such thing as a womens locker room or men's locker room.

If you're really proposing changing every restroom/locker room everywhere in the state - ok perhaps that would work. But you're not really suggesting that be done are you?

midvale guy

This is 13 people involved in an unlawful act. Arrest them and move on. It is true that dissent is an american tradition, so is arrest and sentencing. I don't want to spend one more dollar of taxpayer money on this issue until the federal courts rule on the issue. Everybody that has a bill in front of the State legislature thinks their issue is the most important as well. That doesn't mean it is.

Somewhere, IL

for those that ask about a woman who wishes to rent out a room in their house only to other women, the following Utah code currently applies

-- It is a discriminatory housing practice to make a representation orally or in writing or make, print, circulate, publish, post, or cause to be made, printed, circulated, published, or posted any notice, statement, or advertisement, or to use any application form for the sale or rental of a dwelling, that directly or indirectly expresses any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, source of income, or disability, or expresses any intent to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.--

Kearns, UT

" In other words, what protection does that women have to ensure she only is given other female roommates by the landlord?"

That responsibility is on the woman. It would be her duty to find the proper number of women needed to fill the rooms in the apartment, and then they go in on the lease together. If or when one of the roommates moves, the rest then have the duty of either finding another woman to rent that vacancy, or they agree to increase the amount of rent each one of them pays. See how simple that is.

Potsdam, 00

The hostile environment in Utah spoken of needs some clarification.

The most stupid thing with the LGBT issue in Utah is, they have no clue how nice Mormons can be. It is just not known to them, or they would have found other means to ask for what they want. The church has some rulings in place, which are derived from Christ teachings.
The church is built on Christ and knowing what he taught is the key to have a better place in Utah. Not by submission but learning.

Instead...everyone is complaining about religious influence and church dominance.
If you know how a Mormon or better someone who follows Christ like Mormon did, is thinking and feeling about the value of each soul, you would soon arrive at the conclusion, that seeking equal rights could be achieved with a very different approach. I am not telling you , you have to find out.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B: "Anyone who simply says the magic words 'I am a woman' is now allowed in womens locker rooms."

No. Read the bill, specifically 34A-5-106, subsections 7(b) and 8(c). These are intended to prevent fraudulent claims of gender identity to access restrooms and locker rooms. They allow an employer to require documentation of gender identity, including medical records. Your scenario would not be allowed under the law. It takes more than saying some magic words to access female private spaces.

Leesburg, VA

@ Desert
You wrote: "The most stupid thing with the LGBT issue in Utah is, they have no clue how nice Mormons can be."
Don't you realize that most LGBT in Utah are Mormons or were raised in a LDS family?

I am an LDS and probably will be one until I die. May be I will be excommunicated, but still, I will consider myself a Mormon. I was raised as a Mormon, served a mission, served in the church, but I am a homosexual and I know how nice Mormons can be. I also know what blind faith and little knowledge can do, It is not a pretty picture.

Many Mormons are supporting SSM and Gay rights and to them we are grateful for their support. However, that doesn't change the behavior and hostility of the establishment.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Instead...everyone is complaining about religious influence and church dominance."

Utah voters banned even civil unions in Utah and the church got involved heavily in Prop 8, what else are people supposed to think?

Saint George, UT

I am going to keep watching this activity and make my selection accordantly at the ballot box.

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