Comments about ‘Marriage education programs can help low-income families but need bolstering, report says’

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Published: Sunday, Feb. 9 2014 10:00 p.m. MST

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This is something that actually does have an impact on families and children - why aren't we funding this better and encouraging more support in it?

Midwest City, USA, OK

I like the thought of "marriage education", particularly in a time where comparatively fewer children have the examples of loving father-mother relationships that form this essential natural education on the matter.

I do have great concern for who, exactly, administers this kind of thing and what their aim is, especially if it's some governmental source and not from, say, a church or other morally or socially reputable entity.

We should also be careful about confusing correlation with causation; without giving names, I know a couple that actually makes quite a bit of money, but still gets into financial trouble with a deeper, more fundamental unrestraint that also damages their relationship, independantly of monetary concerns. I also know a couple who is not financially privileged in the least, but they manage with what they can, and have a very strong relationship. Any financial scapegoating or thoughts of "redistribution" regarding this matter should be given due restraint.

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