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Utah police, addiction experts fear shift in attitudes

Published: Saturday, Feb. 8 2014 5:35 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, Utah

For years the standard parental reasoning has been "Don't use marijuana, it's illegal." There has been no other discussion about it. If the only reason you don't do something is because it is illegal, then there is no reason not to do it if it becomes legal.

I have no problem with marajuana for medical purposes, but if you are going to tell people not to use it recreationally, you need a better reason then because it is illegal.

@ NeilT: Taking drugs to get high is recreational drug use - taking drugs to treat a medical condition would be non-recreational use. Many drugs that are legal for medical purposes are used for illegal recreational purposes as well. Marajuana has been proven to have a high efficacy for treatment of many medical conditions, including treating the side effects of cancer treatment drugs.

Grant, WA

@Caset See
" Just ask the relatives of the 70,000 people in Mexico who have been killed due to the Cartel wars if taking drugs is harmless. 50% of the drugs travel from Mexico to the US is Marijuana"
The federal government created the deadly cartels,if adults were free to grow their own the marijuana cartels would not exist.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


You're right. Many legal medicinal drugs are illegal for any other use, but we're all smart enough to know that 99% of teenagers who want it aren't asking for help with seizures or physical pain.

If pharmaceutical companies want to make an oil, great. I could care less. But the majority if arguments I heard in school were coming from students who already chose to break the law. The more illegal-drug-users that get degrees and get considered "reputable"... the more there is nothing "reputable" about this issue anymore.

It isn't good for us physically.
It isn't good for us mentally.
It isn't good for us socially.
It isn't a basic human right, it's an option (a self-destructive one).

So the fact that it's as important as it is to everyone is truly remarkable. If people want to turn America's laws upside down, they ought to move. Peace can't exist by shoving everyone out of your way. Peace can if you simply go elsewhere and live with people who share your values.

If you want Marijuana, Colorado REALLY isn't that far to move.

Salt Lake City, UT

After reading many articles from this "newspaper" along with the typical closed minded Utah County rational apparently I should not be so surprised any longer regarding the simple lack of knowledge and intelligence from most readers regarding a plethora of topics. Now I understand this is quite difficult for the masses to believe here in Utah but there are many individuals that are not Mormon or even religious. Yes. I'm aware hard to believe one would be so free thinking in today's society. Therefore religion (of any kind) has absolutely no relevance with marijuana use! If so I believe the passage in The Bible reads, "I give you all the seed bearing plants & herbs to use". Simple basic research shows that marijuana does not in any way effect one's intelligence or productivity in society. After all it did not hinder me from earning two Ivy League Degrees. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Riverdale, UT

I have been working since i was 14, I can also write scripts in C# and Javascript, I own my own home, Never been fired from a job, And have completed high school.

I do not drink alcohol, i have not done cocaine, meth, heroine, etc.

I am also a regular smoker of marijuana, had to quit multiple times for pre-employment screening with no side-effects.

now tell me again why marijuana is so bad?

sensible advocate
slc, UT

"But the percentage of 10th-graders who admitted using marijuana at least once in the past 30 days surpassed those who drank alcohol." "alcohol use remained flat"
Alcohol has been legally regulated so people see it in society and there has been an honest discussion around it. Scientists have found Marijuana is not good for the developing brain. It is neuroprotective for elderly people and increases neuro-pathways. We have achieved non-increasing alcohol use by letting the science speak.

The article mentions in increase but what are the actual numbers? What percentage of kids are actually using marijuana? I was told by an employee that East and Judge have a reputation as a bunch of rich kids that use drugs. Did the author talk to any students from the west side or other parts of Utah about the environment in their schools?

It is also not clear how many of those students who use pot in high school then go on to college or professional careers and ultimately to be productive members of society.

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