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Utah police, addiction experts fear shift in attitudes

Published: Saturday, Feb. 8 2014 5:35 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

I find the acceptance of pot frightening. Even some politicians are claiming it's "safer than alcohol." Well, some people drink alcohol with their meals or have one drink and stop. Not everyone who drinks drinks to get drunk. Pot smokers smoke dope to get high. And, no, I don't believe it's harmless. Unfortunately, many Americans have come to believe getting doped up is a right. Hopefully, one day, people will realize mood altering drugs are dangerous and unhealthy.

Tampa, FL

In my opinion, people should be less harsh toward the use of marijuana - which, may I add, has many medical benefits for cancer patients, people suffering with epilepsy/related problems, and people with severe depression, anxiety, and other mental/emotional disorders.

The war on drugs should never have started with marijuana. It should have started with cocaine, methamphetamine, and other hard drugs. Putting people in jail for how they use a plant that comes from the earth is absolutely ludicrous.

Provo, UT

Why is it that society (ie.Colorado) has such an uneducated attitude toward adding another abusive substance to the present ills of society? No rationalization can ignore the fact that legalized marijuana use will make it permissible and desirable for use by thousands who now avoid it's use because it is illegal. The past fifty years have proven that marijuana use can lead to the upgraded use of cocaine, heroin and other destructive substances. Aditional evidence exists regarding the destructive health complications resulting from the use of marijuana.

Ivins, UT

Who would one look to for advice? Pot heads? Who would you look to for employment, a pot head.
Who would one look to for leadershipo, a pot head? This is why some ofour present generation of young adults are finding it so difficult to get ahead....they follow the wrong stars.


Alcohol (United States) is a factor in the following:

* 73% of all felonies * 73% of child beating cases * 41% of rape cases * 80% of wife battering cases * 72% of stabbings * 83% of homicides.

According to the Australian National Drug Research Institute (2003): "The research into the global burden of disease attributable to drugs found, that in 2000, tobacco use was responsible for 4.9 million deaths worldwide, equating to 71 percent of all drug-related deaths. Around 1.8 million deaths were attributable to the use of alcohol (26 percent of all drug-related deaths), and illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine and amphetamines) caused approximately 223,000 deaths (only 3 percent of all drug-related deaths)." Marijuana doesn't get a mention.

According to DrugRehabs.Org, national (USA) mortality figures for 2009 were: tobacco 435,000; poor diet and physical inactivity 365,000; alcohol 85,000; microbial agents 75,000; toxic agents 55,000; motor vehicle crashes 26,347; adverse reactions to prescription drugs 32,000; suicide 30,622; incidents involving firearms 29,000; homicide 20,308; sexual behaviors 20,000; all illicit drug use, direct and indirect 17,000; and marijuana 0.

Hayden, ID

People who think pot is harmless remind me of the old adage, "All people see the world, not as it really is but as they really are."

Provo, UT

In general, teens are not stupid. When adults use scare tactics, and they go too far in demonizing "sin" and those who participate in it, smart teens catch on to the deception. They see the studies and arguments about the affects of marijuana on health, and they figure if adults and religious leaders are over reacting to this, then they are probably over reacting to alcohol, tobacco, premarital sex, pornography, gambling, cursing, and all the other "sins".

The lesson to be learned here is to cease the hyper-inflated, overzealous fear mongering and use of scare tactics. Fear has never been a good motivator of behavior. Parents and Church leaders should never - and I mean never - employ fear tactics in a misguided attempt to get youth to follow "the Commandments" or teachings of the Church. And it should go without saying that parents and Church leaders should never inflate, embellish, or misrepresent the consequences or harms of "sinful" behavior.

Youth should always be given the facts and the truth. If we don't know, we should admit that, not pass on wives' tales, myths, and false information.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Alcohol is not safe and no one should drink any alcohol. It is carcinogenic causes cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and a host of problems and DUI's cause many deaths. Marijuana is a drug whose dangerous side effects must be made known to children and teens and adults. It results in a lowered Intelligence quotient in teens, results in reduced brain blood flow and is the most common cause of stroke in teens and young adults. it produces schizophrenic changes in the brain and psychotic behavior. You take marijuana your are a dumbo. IT isn't cool.

Casey See

Just ask the relatives of the 70,000 people in Mexico who have been killed due to the Cartel wars if taking drugs is harmless. 50% of the drugs travel from Mexico to the US is Marijuana.

If we are going to allow marijuana to be sold legally, the same laws should say that the producers and sellers of the drug also be held liable for all medical conditions caused by marijuana. Then lets see if they think it is still worth selling. We should do the same with alcohol and tobacco products. No need to tax them, just require anyone who develops a medical condition related to the use of those products to have their medical treatments paid for by tobacco and spirit manufacturers and distributors.


If not everyone drinks to get drunk doesn't it go to say not everyone smokes dope to get as high as they can?
Teens should believe Marijuana is more safe then they have been led to believe because they have been fed lies.
Marijuana is still listed as a schedule 3 drug, as dangerous as Heroin. Sometimes is just best to let the truth come out. ITS NOT as dangerous as any schedule 3 drug. So until the truth is told people will just believe the people spouting drug propaganda less and less. Sorry you are scared of it, perhaps you won't be if you educate yourself on the subject.


This is a stilted and misleading article. Utah youths pattern of drug use is identical to the national increase. What you didn't mention is that while pot use is up, adolescent alcohol & tobacco use is down ! And while adolescent pot use may decrease IQ a few points later in life (or may not), it won't kill them, like addictive and toxic alcohol and tobacco will. Ideally they should use no intoxicants, but if they must, pot is by far safer than booze, which by the way is the #1 date-rape drug in America. Give the whole story, Pat, or don't write at all !

Houston, TX

I have never used marijuana, but I observed the lives of many high school friends who did. It changed their personalities and their way of thinking, and these changes were permanent. A day later, I could detect the difference after the first use.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug. It diminished ambition, reduced initiative, and retarded emotional maturity. My friends quickly discarded inhibitions, and engaged in increasingly risky behavior.

None of them died from marijuana use, but two died from the risky behavior.

Sandy, UT

Like everything else in this world we all believe what works best for us. Anyone who says alcohol is safer than marijuana knows nothing about it. Those who haven't ever tried either have to rely on whatever information they get. The problem with people is moderation. We can eat, sleep and work out too much also. Common sense and will power would keep any substance from becoming a burden to the user. Moderation in all things people not some things.

Big Bear Lake, CA

@Elcapitan Who would one look to for medical advice, a politician?

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

This is truly a foolish issue. Being a student I hear it argued by young people all the time, like it's some personal issue with no social consequence. If only these people knew the people I know. Marijuana changes you, and not in good ways.


Dr. Howard Samuels, a Psychotherapist and expert in rehab treatment and addiction, gave the following statements:

"[Regarding Marijuana]... psychoactive substances produce emotionally crippled adults."

"This isn't supposition; I have been working in the field of addiction for almost 20 years. This is my expert opinion. And it's an opinion born of the thousands of addicts I've come into contact with, and helped- down through the decades."

"Is that the society we're passionate about becoming? A "loaded" society?"


Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan, a school Headmaster, said the following:

"The chemical effect of marijuana is to take away ambition. The social effect is to provide an escape from challenges and responsibilities with a like-minded group of teenagers who are doing the same thing. Using marijuana creates losers. At a time when we’re concerned about our lack of academic achievement relative to other countries, legalizing marijuana will be disastrous."

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Flower Mound, TX.

do you also want all food producers held liable for people that have no self Control and eat themselves into Diabetes. People need to be responsible for them selves and what they do to their bodies. Someone drinks to much and ruins their liver that is sad but their right. Someone drinks to much and gets in a Car well that is different they are now putting my rights at risk. Do I think marijuana is good for you? No in most cases but I can say the same about many drugs I take. If taken and used correctly they are a blessing to us. The same can be said of food. eaten in moderation great eating in ridiculous quantities it will kill you.

Clearfield, UT

Can someone please explain the concept of recreational drug use. I cannot fathom what they are talking about. Either you use drugs or you don't. Getting high on marijuana is not my idea of recreation.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Why so many advocates for a Nanny State. The tea party started this freedom from government control movement. Now they can roll the tea and smoke it in Colorado.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Like many have already said. When We lie to kids and tell them that Marijuana is worse than alcohol and tobacco we lose their trust when they figure out for themselves that that is not the case. The Statistics don't lie. We need to be rational and logical about this and stop with the tired lies of the war on drugs. A war in which we have spent over a trillion dollars on. Where else could that money have gone? It disturbs me to think about all the people's lives we have ruined because they were smoking a little Marijuana and got caught. Not to mention the tax dollars we spend to keep them locked up.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

For everyone that is so frightened of marijuana. Nobody has ever overdosed on Marijuana it is so much safer than alcohol, tobacco, and other "legal" drugs.

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