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Published: Friday, Feb. 7 2014 6:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

What about checking paying status before serving? What about kids bringing their own lunch? Is this policy for elementary school or does it include all grades, k-12? If kids take a free meal and throw away food, what will be the consequences? Should "
free" lunches be what kids will most likely eat? Milk, pizza, fruit slices(not every child will eat the whole fruit)? School budgets are going to take a hit.

West Jordan, Utah

So once again parents don't have to be responsible for their kids and/or paying their bills. This only enabled parents who think everything should be taken care of for them. Sorry.....not feeling it. I admit how the lunches were taken away from the kids was not common sense but this only enables parents who are already feeling entitled. Please start showing some responsibility parents and check and make sure your child's lunch is taken care of. No one should have to let you know that your account is low or out. Keep track of your balance.....what a novel idea!!!!! Those who think schools should run like a business.....something like this would never fly. Another proof that schools should run like schools and forget about this business mumbo jumbo.


@Orem Parent
Next time your bills go unpaid see how you like the collectors coming after your kids rather than being civil. I think you have the wrong perspective here.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

Dear Salt Lake City School District:

A simple plan:

"The lunch will be provided, but if funds are deficient, the money will come from __ fund. Parents have __ time to settle any amount/claim before participation in the school lunch program is disqualified."

Some simple suggestions:

* Place a keypad to check account balances at the front office (for student privacy)
* Put cashiering at the start of the line
* Require parents to sign a simple agreement upon enrollment (ie. in person)

It isn't a school's job to replace parental responsibility, whether it's food or financial planning. But if you're going to be involved, make sure the responsibility is clear throughout the entire process... otherwise you'll only run into problems again and get blamed for them again.

Mcallen, TX

How sad, when children see parents who can't care for them, and must be fed by other peoples tax money.

I remember when children would bring lunch boxes, and a thermos for lunch.

Nothing beats moms fruit, and sandwiches.

Now, if mom sent lunch, it must be inspected to see if it passes guild lines.


Mchenry, IL

Full meals for all! Good decision.

Mchenry, IL

The school isn't more likely going to get the money by using the kids as a messenger than the school taking legal action or getting the paperwork together so the kids are included in the free or reduced meal plan option. A kid can't make an adult do anything. You can not squeeze blood from a turnip either.

Full lunches for all is excellent. Ridiculous to deny one child a real meal for a piece of fruit.

Waianae, HI

I do not like Entitlements. That said it was a disgrace to do what they did to those kids.In this case I would rather pay for a few freeloaders then see kids go with out food. That this happened in Zion makes the problem even worse...This is rude and crude and unseemly any where. I am glad they are trying to get their act together.The two workers need to be fired, and if they say they where only following orders then the person giving the orders needs to be fired also,

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