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Published: Friday, Feb. 7 2014 10:10 p.m. MST

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Enoch, Ut

I am from Australia originally and reading a comment saying perhaps the church is rewarding Mission Presidents etc., by sending them to foreign missions is interesting to say the least. First, my son had an Australian Mission President. Another missionary in Hong Kong that we sent out also had an Australian as a Mission President. If you read the Church News where it lists new Mission Presidents and their wives they come from various parts of the globe. Also, normally a person needs to submit papers to go on a mission be it a single or a married couple. So calls are coming from that. As far as being rewarded, having served a mission myself, as well as working with many mission couples, it is hard work. The reward comes from teaching the Gospel and being able to help others glean an understanding of our Savior, which is indeed a blessing. But it is not a travelogue we go on. It is dedication to hard work, and if any are turning a mission into a vacation, I am yet to see it. Yes there are dedicated leaders world wide, but I choose to follow the inspiration of the General Authorities.

Blackshear, GA

I'm so saddened and disappointed that many who have posted comments on this article view callings to serve such an unwelcome sacrifice and chore.
"Unto whom much is given, much is expected", and who among LDS populations have been given more than present-day Utah Mormons? I think the early pioneers who sacrificed so much to come the Utah would be disappointed in any posterity of theirs who would hold such dire views of service to the Lord in His Kingdom.
Utahans and other long-term membership families have so much more to offer because of their long-term accumulated knowledge and experience of how the work of the Lord is done, spiritually and ecclesiastically. Most other regions where the Church is in it's infancy, childhood, or teenage years stand to benefit greatly from that great storehouse of preparation.
Also, where else would you find more retired members with the time and means to travel to the far corners of the world to build the kingdom. What is asked of us today is a mere pittance compared to those of early Church members.
How sad, indeed.

In the Valley, UT


Rewarded? My wife and I were recently asked to leave our family in Utah for three years and serve in a foreign country. I will earn no income for those three years, thus delaying my retirement by at least that long once we return.

We have three children who could very well get married during our absence. I will not be able to attend any of their weddings should that happen. Our grandchildren will know us only as their "Skype Grandparents."

We are going to a place where my wife does not speak the language and the culture is very different from what we are used to.

We have to figure out what to do with our home, how to settle my business affairs, how to deal with taxes and a host of other difficult decisions.

The area to which we have been called has had nothing but natives of that country as mission presidents. I will be the first US Citizen/Utahn to serve there.

We feel greatly blessed and are willing to serve where called; however, this feels like anything but a "reward."


I, for one, am GLAD to see these changes. I hope they will include more than just talks and speeches. I hope there will be activities that will be uniting for mothers and daughters. I hope they will encourage the young women to recognize the treasure they have in their mothers and the mothers to recognize the treasure they have in their daughters. Our Heavenly Father knows when it's time to implement new things. He promised the Prophet Joseph Smith that there would be new knowledge about our Heavenly Father that has not been known since the world was made. See Doctrine and Covenants 121: 26 - 33. This leaped off the page at me recently. Everything is right on track and the Lord's timing is ALWAYS perfect. I am rejoicing for the new changes.

Rae M.
Bountiful , UT

I doubt anyone knows of revelations on this subject, except President Monson. But I don't how it can be said there weren't any, unless the claim is made by he who usually receives them. As I think about it, this is a growing church, it's Jesus', and He loves us and knows our needs. I doubt any change happens without the approval of the prophet. And in my mind, that necessitates inspiration, which could also be called revelation.
I thought most children spent too much time playing video games. What meetings do they have, I wonder.

Potsdam, 00

There is no "Non-Sense" comment,as above mentioned !

Each one of them is contributing to understand the whole of Womenhood in church and to comprehend some of the interests and spiritual strive of each person.
Not everone knows or believes what Mormons do.
We are in difficult times, and understanding the role of a mother and the time consuming efforts in church are very important issues. I think most of it has to be decided on a each case situation. Some children need more care and time, some families enjoy being out there in church meetings, it all depends.

And Leadership ? Well don't you think whatever inspirations they may receive brings in changes because of desires of each group in church ?
But even then it may not be perceived as such, but the opinions of people inside the church and outside of it matter a lot!

This is where missionary work is going on, and the personal progress on the basis of conversion and tesitmony. Everybody needs to tell something.

(The Word of Wisdom started out to be because of complaining)
(We need to listen to others as well, hope DN does not refuse this)

Potsdam, 00

These blessings that come with serving in church callings needs some explantion to those not of the Faith.

Before anyone is considered for such high callings, as mentioned e.g. outside the States onto a foreign mission, they will have seen tests in their lives and received testimonies of many kinds and have learned free agency to be used within their means of faith.

Blessings to serve are not because we seek them, but blessings come to support us when times are demanding. But in my opionion we are not going to serve to be blessed, but we love the work of the Lord and his children, and we want to be a blessing to them.

Blessings also refer much to spiritual progress and sanctifications for next life, not so much in respect to earthly sorrows and the peace of the world.

D&C 121 ...We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.
Hence many are called, but few are chosen.

Harwich, MA

@ Globemaster....you're wasting your time. Family is the focal part of our lives.

@Here....I am more than happy to dictate policy to the brethren. Somebody has to get it right.

Rae M.
Bountiful , UT

To correct myself: I don't know how many, but I think too many adults and children are pulled away from church activity, into video games. I recently heard of a divorce due to one spouse playing video games instead of taking care of responsibilities.
I've seen in my life, that the more choices the adversary offers to children, the more good choices that the Church leaders offer.

if my overseas mission was to be some kind of a reward, I wanted less. I decided to go because I somehow believed I would go to Wyoming or Nevada. When I was called to travel 7,500 miles away,I was happy to go. But the reward came in a roundabout way: I learned how fortunate I am to have enough money for a toothbrush, to have water faucets with sanitary water, good doctors, good roads, and local and national governments interested in making these available.
And from what I've heard, 70% of the people in the world have unsanitary drinking water, for instance. I think everyone could benefit from a similar reward.

Sugar City, ID

In reading some of these remarks, it is interesting how many people who weren't involved in the meetings where these kinds of decisions are made seem to know so much. A lot of thought, discussion and prayer by good men and women who are sincerely concerned and very well informed about the women in the church, have made a policy change and it appears to be a move in the right direction. I support it. Why grouse about it? Unless you are among those who grouse about everything the church does. Some people will never be satisfied.

Sandy, UT

I hope we can start hearing more stories about how single, never married sisters in third-world countries deal with first-world problems...like singles wards.

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