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Published: Friday, Feb. 7 2014 10:10 p.m. MST

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Osawatomie, KS

I have to comment----I just have to: A. It's about DARN time--and I am glad they're doing this; B. Why only 5? C. Why only 1 outside of UT and 4 outside of US? As MORE members now live outside of the US than in, should not their board numbers represent this? D. I cannot wait until they not only equally represent the true population make-up of the church, but the socieoeconomic make-up of the church. Okay--thank you--I had to get that out!!! P.S. In this day and age there is no reason why the women's boards cannot have members from all over the world and country!!! Meetings can now easily be held over the internet, satellites, etc.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Does this mean the feminists will protest these meetings and ask that men and young boys be allowed to attend?

Just saying....

With joking aside, this is great news. The women of the church do a tremendous job moving the gospel forward. Often carrying a heavier work load than the men of the church. They are great leaders of the church and serve mankind through their charity and kindness.

Westbank, BC

Totally agree formerUT!

IMO I think there are way too many Leaders from Utah/US that serve around the world. Actually I think it's an insult. There are great leaders in other countries who should be serving instead of Americans from Utah/US. When I see so many Americans serve internationally I think they are being rewarded some how by the hierarchy of the church - it's not necessary. Canada doesn't need American Mission Presidents - Canadian ones could do just as good a job if not better. There got that off my chest!!

Albuquerque, NM

I'm glad they have been able to take advantage of the teleconferencing technology a little bit more.

Potsdam, 00

...It's about DARN time...They are great leaders of the church and serve mankind through their charity and kindness...There got that off my chest...

This is a marvelous work and a wonder. This small exitement here on a local level will soon be replaced by more joy abroad, and when will it be called the Enoch-Movement ?

Great job, can't wait to see this church expand until no end in sight.
We are so lucky to live at this time of history.

orem, UT


Why would you assume Utahans/Americans were being "rewarded" by being sent away from their kids and grand kids to serve in other areas of the world? You clearly do not understand the sacrifice these members make when they leave everything familiar to them because they were asked to. Most would much prefer to stay home and I doubt they feel "rewarded".

We have close relatives as well as good friends who have left their home and lived abroad to serve the church. Every time they go they miss their family and miss their home. The closing up of their life here to serve elsewhere is enormous work. We've seen them leave and return a number of times now.

Yes, it's wonderful that these opportunities to serve will be more for local members. It's a good thing. But, your lack of understanding about the sacrifices made and your resentment is very short sighted.

West Jordan, UT

Such good news. I feel grateful for continued revelation and the inclusion of even more inspired voices throughout the globe.


Well liahona of Westbank, BC. Where are all these Canadians you are talking about? Perhaps they are serving in other parts of the world.

I did not know the hierarchy was in the business of rewarding people with leadership callings. Last time I checked, people are extended callings thru, prayer, inspiration and other considerations. Mission Presidents are needed everywhere. Does not matter what country they are from. They go where the Lord sends them.

At one time that indeed was the case about the number of people serving from Utah. That's where the strength of the church is/was. A fair number called from Utah now are also transplants from other states.

Where did the current Prophet serve as Mission President? Home of the Maple Leafs. Was he rewarded or called to serve?

Glendale, AZ

Glad some people are getting things off of their chest. I think one just has to remember Who really is running the church and that all things are on His time table and He knows when we are ready to implement it. At least that's good to remember before one starts harboring complaints.


Grumble, grumble, grumble. It is always too late, too little or too much for some people. This organizational change is designed to bless the lives of the women in the Church. It will do that and more. I'm very confident that we all will be recipients of this change. The Church is gifted with some great sisters who have spiritual understanding, wisdom, and are capable leaders and teachers. With the direction the world is heading we need more of what they have to offer.

Far East USA, SC

Based on all the snipping, Im confused.

Don't LDS believe that who and where one goes on a mission or becomes a mission president is determine by guidance from above?

Harwich, MA

I'm wondering what this is really all about. It "seems" to be much more of a political and image ploy rather than any sincere effort to make any difference. If the Church wants to make a difference then equality is the standard to follow. And please don't quote any "revelations" too back up an argument. No such revelations have ever happened. Women in the Church deserve equality and an equal footing with the men. If men had to do what women do they'd be grousing all day every day and eventually give up. Just saying.

Taylorsville, UT

It is great to include women from all over the world in these councils. This is a worldwide church filled with women of different cultures. We need their input. Ladies in the Wasatch Front--do not worry. We all make sacrifices everywhere and the humility and spirit of these wonderful women from afar will enrich us all.

Wasatch Front, UT

Do we need 8 year olds going to another meeting? I hope sometime we can start cutting out some meetings. We spend WAY too much time sitting in meetings talking at each other, and not enough time serving and enjoying family, friends, neighbors and the widower next door. It seems that in most of our family time where we may have an opportunity to spend some time together, that someone in the family has a meeting, fireside, choir practice or activity that has been called by someone (an organization, ward, stake, or general/church level). When you schedule a family member, you schedule the whole family.

We need to have fewer meetings, not keep inviting more people to more meetings. As a husband/father, it was bad enough to have my spouse gone to another meeting. Now the time I had with a daughter/granddaughter is also gone. Church is NOT about meetings. It is about LIVING the gospel. Outside of sacrament meeting, it would take an INCREDIBLY PRODUCTIVE and efficient meeting to be worth the time spent. More often than not, these meetings and activities fall short on value added, and the time could have been better spent.

Sandy, UT

I believe in free speech, but I don’t know if complaining should be in the same category.
It is unbelievable, no matter what someone do there will always those that will through rocks.
People, the leadership of the church made some changes that seems to be important at this time and that’s the way they want to deploy. Can we look forward to this new directive and watch the first meeting before making some non-sense comments?

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

While I wish these changes had been done a long time ago, I also understand why they are only recent. As it is, we have a young woman general president who spent almost all of her adult life outside of Utah.

Here in Michigan at one point we had a Canadian mission president.

Of our 5 temple president, 4 have been called from Michigan.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Actually, if I have one complaint, it is that New York City is not really a place that gives people perspective on the issues we face here in the mid-west. The mid-west is a very different world. That said, the calling of leaders is not about representation of local interests but calling people who have the leadership to direct programs.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I am sick and tired of Africa being spoken of along with Japan and Peru. Africa is a continent. They should say what country the people are from, be it South Africa, Ghana or Nigeria. To just say "Africa" is an insult to the many nations involved.

Sandy, UT

I often find that when The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints announces new policies and practices, I am invariably pleasantly surprised and say to myself, I never would have guessed. But they make such good sense when you think about them. It is another testimony of the gospel. When they announced the new age requirements for missionaries, same thing. The three-hour meeting block is another example out of many.

Aren't you being cynical? I kind of agree with you when you say, "If men had to do what women do they'd be grousing all day every day and eventually give up." However, I do not know why women don't have the priesthood, but I have faith we will know some day. But I certainly wouldn't try to dictate to the Lord nor His servants. And I'm perfectly confident the Lord will not acquiesce to political correctness.

All I know is that women have a wonderful roll in bring souls to earth and in nurturing those souls. Otherwise, I don't know.


I hope this union of women will unite in loving their husbands. Maybe it's just "the times", or my personal experience, but I don't seem to recall a woman offer that useful and kind counsel. I suppose we must expect to be affected by the philosophies of men and women in our churches to some extent and feminism has taken its toll most everywhere. I appreciate my wife who is largely of another persuasion.

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