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Published: Sunday, Feb. 9 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Redding, CA

An excellent editorial about this problem that seems to some to be complex and difficult. Simple to me, make a path for immigration and citizenship for our neighbors and friends from south of the border that is quick and possible, unlike the present maze and delay-prone "policy". This change has been needed for decades. The GOP needs to get up out of their soft seats in their country clubs and make actual progress on immigration reform, progress that will lead to a Utah Compact - like range of solutions well before the fall elections. This can only be good for the country. Delay past the election will cause me to change my voter registration, I'll no longer be able to honestly join with Repubs. I'm for increased opportunity for our friends, Bienvenidos!

Burley, ID

Finish building the fence first and then let's talk about what to do with those who are here illegally.

Fool me once ... (Reagan era amnesty and the promise to build a fence.) ... shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Burley, ID

Comprehensive Immigration Reform doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" approach. It can and should rightfully be done piecemeal, (fence first) as we carefully consider the changes that need to made.

Let's get it right this time.

Salt Lake City, UT

"...there is no realistic way to guarantee against all unauthorized entry..."

That's why interior enforcement is essential -- the very thing legalization would
negate. After all, legalization is nothing less than an official refusal to enforce the

"...there must be some avenue to attain legal status..."

Absolutely false. They can return with their families, or be arrested.

"We should welcome them."

No, we shouldn't. It would be grossly unfair to millions who actually respect this nation's laws.

"...easing and simplification of rules governing work visas for highly skilled professionals who fill our nation's employment needs."

What this really is about is cheap foreign labor for greedy American businessmen. America has plenty of qualified STEM's who need the job.

"...children brought illegally..."

The "through no fault of their own" argument is a scam. Children are illegally trafficked into this country and Americans are falsely guilted into not sending them home with the parents who brought them here (notice nothing is ever mentioned about the parents?). The result is the effective dissolution of U.S. immigration law. This is why the pro-amnesty propaganda effort is focused mainly on deportation and on Dreamers.

Cache, UT

How about we enforce our existing border laws? How about we ask for identification before giving free housing, food, drivers licenses, health care and voting opportunities to ILLEGAL aliens? Enough of the PC garbage. If I don't pay my taxes for a year, I will be thrown in jail. Yet, they can come to this country and get spoon fed all the privileges without fear of being thrown out.

Yes, let's have immigration reform. Let's send them all back to their country and streamline the immigration process so that people can come here LEGALLY.

Chattanooga, TN

Deportations and enforcement are what is needed now.

Sandy, UT

What about the moral hazard? I have a friend who owns a house in the area. His wife is here on a student visa and lives with his son. However, he is not allowed to work here despite being highly trained in his industry. So he works in Japan and tries to come visit his family every couple of months. My wife is an immigrant and we have numerous educated friends from here home country who would like to emigrate, but cannot get a visa.

Why would we reward people who break the law to come here? There are millions of people waiting in line to emigrate to the U.S. Why not reward the people who are willing to abide by our laws, rather than those who are willing to break them.


Our policy for the last twenty eight years has been amnesty. It's a failed policy.

On the other hand, the 1986 and 1996 reforms included border security, interior enforcement, e-verify, more judges, and a visa entry-exit system. All were passed as laws, all were ignored. It's time for enforcement, and not just at the border.

It's time to stop supplying business with cheap labor, over 20 million under employed American workers is a National shame, it's time to focus on them.

salt lake city, UT

After reading the previous postings and seeing the internal debate within the GOP, two things become evident.
1) Nothing is likely to be done this year in Congress because the GOP leadership can't get a coalition within it's ranks
2) The GOP will continue to lose national elections because their policies alienate so many within our country.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Arresting and deporting these productive and law-abiding individuals is neither feasible nor desirable."

That is not true. If they are given to understand that they are in fact subject the law and that if caught, the penalty would be meaningful and they would be deported -- whereas now they basically are promised immunity at the law, which is why they are here in such vast numbers -- most would then self-deport. Thus it is not necessary to deport all of them, nor need it be done overnight.

And a policy of deportation is desirable. This is a nation of laws. Immigration law means nothing unless backed up by a willingness to deport. Where there is no law, there is anarchy and eventually a loss of liberty and the nation itself.

And it is specious to say they are "law-abiding" when by both by definition and in practice, they are not in fact law-abiding.

"...malice toward none..."

Disrespect of the sovereignty and laws and customs of this nation is an affront to its citizens.

"Immigration reform is a matter of compassion."

Disrespect for immigration law is a matter of NON-compassion toward the American victim of illegal immigration.

Provo, UT

Compassion? Love is sending people down the path of righteousness; rewarding illegal/dishonest behavior is not love.

America has the most liberal immigration in the world. We give out over a million green cards each year, and 3.2 million work visas. That's more than the rest of the world combined. With millions of Americans out of work right now, our emphasis needs to be on them.

Before 1976 we gave our half of what we give out now. This is the greatest wave of migration our country has ever seem. And that's not including those here illegally.

Murray, UT

Amnesty for the child is amnesty for the parents, and the business owner that employed them illegally.

Mapleton, UT

What earlier opened the way for negotiations on immigration reform was a softening of the Republican position on legality. They conceded that they would consider a way for qualified undocumented immigrants to attain legal status although under no circumstances citizenship.

What they assume (and probably rightly so) is that citizenship and voting rights for the undocumented would not be to their advantage. Rather, their solution for millions of American residents is irrevocable taxation without representation, something you would think ought to trouble the tea party minded.

Definitely what we don’t need is a political focus on childish in-your-face insults to the President and the refusal of negotiations until next year after elections when Republicans hope to be in a better position to get their way.

South Jordan, UT

Yes, we've already done amnesty before, and here we are again with the PC crowd trying make everyone feel guilty for wanting people to respect the law. What is different about it this time? How much do we hear about immigrants from Canada spilling over the border? Why do we read so much about the southern border being invaded? I think instead of pushing ourselves on the middle east, we need to concentrate our assistance to helping Mexico and other countries south of the border to take back their nations from the drug dealers, organized crime and corrupt police. We can help them reach their potential as nations and a people to become great countries of goodness and prosperity! Mexico can be a place where more people want to live and visit for vacations, a place that creates a growing economy through honesty and an economy based in capitalism, and not law-breaking! So let's start here with respect for the law. That includes our own President and Attorney-General. Start with securing our country inside and out. Let's get serious about protecting the sovereignty of our country.

Holladay, UT

The solution to immigration related problems as well as terrorists related problems is enforcement of the laws currently on the books.

A power substation was recently terrorized in California and since we don't know who is in our great country, and who is not, how can we locate and prosecute those responsible and how can we prevent future terrorist events?

Templeton CA, CA

We do not need "Immigration reform " What we need is for the laws ALREADY on the books to be enforced, period.Failing to enforce the laws causes the breakdown of society. Allowing low educated government dependent people into our country only exacerbates the situation.


Remember the recent rage over the "illegal" who was granted a license to practice law in California? That was actually the state responding to Federal incompetence.

His family came into the country when he was a toddler. Everybody got a green card (legal presence) but him. How did that happen?

It became a problem for him-- and when he was old enough as a high school senior, he applied for himself. And continued on with life. That was 20ish years ago -- and his application is still "in process". Why?

The system is broken, and definitely needs to be fixed. There is no excuse for any bureaucratic process to be so convoluted and slow..

Springville, UT

The editorial is spot on in that there in no need to wait. It can get done now, but for political gamesmanship. The American people want it, business wants it, the President wants it, the Senate will take care of their side of it. The sticking point? The Republicans in the House. Including Utah's own delegation. So why is this newspaper so enamored with the GOP?

Murray, UT

Immigration activists fought for change to our laws in 1965. Before that, we allowed immediate families. Now the law allows extended families and millions of people are sponsoring their entire extended families. There is only so many green cards to go around. If you want to stop the wait, fight for change to the law and let's return to the immidiate family only sponsorship.

In 1986 1 million became 3 million, there is no question that it will not be amnesty for 11.5 million but 18-30 million receiving amnesty. Next time it will be even more. It has to stop somewhere, and it's better to stop it now, than let it get worse.

The idea is to give amnesty to those who have not committed any crimes except coming here illegally. However, id theft, social security fraud, perjury (i-9) and working illegally in the country are all felonies. We are being sold a deceptive argument for amnesty. Will they be required to reimburse those who's identities have been stolen? Will business have to pay for the depressed wages their illegal hiring has caused. Illegal immigration leaves a multitude of damage and victims in it's wake.

Big George
Humble, TX

I believe immigrants bring needed vitality to our country and I appreciate the desire of many people around the world to come to the USA to make a better life for them and their children.

I have lived overseas and have many friends who have begged me to help them come to America. They have applied for visas. When they were denied, they stayed home. It is grossly unfair to them to reward those who are here in violation of the law. If you think otherwise, please tell me what I should tell my friends. That they should sneak into the country and wait for the next amnesty? What about their children? Is it fair to treat the children of those who didn't play by the rules better than the children of those who did?

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