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Published: Thursday, Feb. 6 2014 9:55 p.m. MST

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

A win is a win, looking forward to the Zags visit to Provo. Should be a good game!

Orem, UT

Another nice win for the Cougars! Saturday is a big game. Let's keep that winning streak alive! Great job by the ROC last night as well. I loved the "OFF THE COURT" chant every time the opposing coach stepped 3 feet onto the floor. The atmosphere at the Marriott center is great and only getting better, just like the team.

Keep this up and we'll be seeing the team in the Big Dance in March!

Frisco, TX

For those who didn't watch, the game was not as close as the final score indicates. Cougs were up by over 20 before SC closed the gap against the 2nd teamers in the final 5 minutes.

Tyler's consistency is amazing. He is almost always double teamed and still finds a way to score. He is one the purest shooters I have ever seen.

I'm very impressed with how Worthington has played the last two games.

Overton, NV

I didn't get to see the second half, but it was pretty clear in the first that Santa Clara was no match for the Cougars. I'm sure they were on cruise control for much of the second.

It is interesting that SC's coach could get away with being 3 feet into the area of play, yet BYU got a bench warning because Coach Pope had the nerve to talk to Winder during a break in the action; when the Cougars were going to be shooting free throws clear over on the other end of the floor, no less. Ridiculous.

I don't expect referees to be perfect. I'd just like them to be consistent. For once.

Phoenix, AZ

"When was the last time byu beat a team which was ranked at the time they played?"

I like this comment. When Utah beat Stanford, Utah couldn't give BYU the credit for beating Texas "when they were ranked at the time of playing" because they didn't finish the season ranked. However, now that it's basketball, and Utah got their "Stanford type" win against UCLA, and UCLA fell out of the rankings, now it's all about BYU hasn't beat a team at the time they were ranked. Never mind that BYU beat Texas who is currently ranked 15/18.

I'm getting very dizzy.

Gilbert, AZ

Good win for BYU last night to keep BYU tied for 2nd in the WCC heading into a showdown with San Francisco for soul possession of 2nd place.

PAC man

Utah is winless (0-1) versus ranked teams and winless (0-6) away from the HC this season.

River Falls, WI

Opinions about RPI, SOS, quality wins and quality losses are all subjective. That being said, I value ESPN’s Joe Lunardi’s opinion over Chris B (or any other anti-BYU troll). Lunardi’s Feb 6 bracketology shows that if the NCAA tournament was today BYU would be in as a 12 seed.

Here’s a break-down of their meaningful wins and losses. BYU has beat: #5 seed Texas (road), #9 seed Stanford (road), and St. Mary’s (who was a #12 seed last week). They lost close ones to #4 seed Iowa State (road), #1 seed Wichita State (road), #7 seed Mass (road), #7 Gonzaga (road), and Oregon (road, first four out). So they are 2/6 against tourney bound teams with every single loss being a road game. They’ve beat some solid teams and narrowly lost on the road to top teams. The pieces are there, if the Cougs can get a little momentum they could make some noise in a few weeks.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Doesn't matter about the past. What matters now win out the wcc torney or MAYBE be able to get in the ncaa if byu play in the final of wcc. What I saw last night was a rec game. Those zebras are bunch of jokers. This wcc is a joke as well. Byu is finding ways to win right now but must continue the rest of the rec league.

Provo, UT

This was a great game. I am very impressed with the overall improvement of the team regarding consistency. Previously streaky players are stepping up, with ever-improving confidence, every game. The team chemistry is gelling. It is fun to see Mika back. It is rare to have a freshman with his physical presence. He creates real frustrations for opposing centers. Coach Rose has done a wonderful job this year in making the adjustments necessary for the team to make great overall improvement. The free throw shooting has been an example of that steady improvement. BYU is a fun brand of basketball to watch.

Thanks to those who stay on-topic! The new D-News editorial guidelines require that. BYU deserves to have a dialogue about the game when the article is about the game. Utah deserves the same courtesy with articles written about Utah’s games.


Why does every article about BYU turn into a Utah vs. BYU argument? It is annoying.

I feel sorry for Carlino because it appears to me that he is working his way out of the rotation due to his poor play. I watched the game and thought his performance was much worse than Winder and Bartley.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


Who cares whether UCLA was ranked a month ago? All that matters is that the Bruins aren't ranked NOW!

Utah fans twist irrelevant "facts" to help themselves feel better about their conference bottom dwelling team.

Four more road losses, a home loss or two, and an early exit from the PAC tourney are all you've got to look forward to.

Slap another PAC 12 sticker on something if it helps you feel better.

Hyrum, UT


It took only the 2nd comment to this strictly BYU article for you to bring Utah into an off-topic dialog and start the back and forth bantering again.

How about we try to stay on topic by having all comments on BYU articles be only about BYU and all comments on Utah articles be only about Utah.

Otherwise, an argument ALWAYS pursues and nothing positive happens... ever!

Salt Lake City, UT

Gilbert, AZ

Nice try. UCLA was ranked when Utah beat them.

Mesa, AZ

Nobody knows the answer to my question up above?

I'm seriously in total suspense right now! I'll admit and give credit where credit's due, as beating Santa Clara is a resume-builder, indeed....Yet, I respectfully request somebody significantly more knowledgeable on the topic than I am to mercifully give to me its answer!

OK, here we go again--

"When was the last time byu beat a team which was ranked at the time they played?"

Of course, since this article is solely about byu basketball, naturally my question is equally about byu basketball only....Also, it requires no additional stats to be researched/presented, either.

Thanks in advance!

Mesa, AZ


"It took only the 2nd comment to this strictly BYU article for you to bring Utah into an off-topic dialog and start the back and forth bantering again."

Not true....I spoke merely of byu basketball, the subject of this article, and nothing otherwise, whatsoever!


Mesa, AZ yes you spoke only of BYU basketball but your comments had nothing to do with the game that was played you always put negativity about BYU in your comments ,so unless you have something positive to say it might just be better for you to say nothing.Your comments were off topic

Salt Lake City, UT

Strangely, this article is about exactly what the headline stated - Tyler Haws and BYU vs. Santa Clara. Perhaps in Mesa, AZ it was interpreted as a question about BYU basketball history, which could have been answered with a little research. Nice game, Cougars.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


Nobody cares about the answer to your contrived question; the only thing that's important now is BYU has beaten a ranked team THIS YEAR and Utah hasn't.

As far as Santa Clara being a resume builder for BYU... #213 Santa Clara is certainly more of a resume builder for BYU than 9 of Utah's 13 Div 1 wins were for the Utes:

#323 UC Davis, #226 Grand Canyon, #346 Lamar, #313 Savannah State, #298 Ball State, #279 Idaho State, and #280 Texas State

Keep trying; you're just making the Utes look even more desperate for some sort of relevance after killing their chances for an NCAA berth before the season even began.

Tooele, UT


Assuming your interest is somehow now genuine in BYU basketball (apparently very few can remember when it last was), the last time they beat a ranked team was February 2, 2012 when they beat Gonzaga, and by double digits.

They played only 1 ranked team last season, so not much opportunity.

They lost to ranked Iowa State by only 2 points this season, after being ahead most of that game. A heart-breaker.

The lost to ranked UMass on the road by single digits this season in another very competitive game.

Soon after,they lost to ranked Oregon (at Oregon) in overtime. Another hear-breaker.

Obviously, they've been consistently very competitive against ranked teams this season, but haven't yet figured out how to finish them off at the end of those games. Very close, but still not quite.

And now in return, please tell us when was the last time the Ute men's b-ball team beat a ranked team. Thanks in advance.

Salt Lake City, UT

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT

Evidently your friend talkinsports from Gilbert, AZ cares since he is the one who brought it up. I was just trying to correct his uninformed comment.

Perhaps a re-reading of talkinsports post would be helpful.

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