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Published: Thursday, Feb. 6 2014 10:30 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Huh....utes recruits are like their o.c's can't decide where they're going next year...

Eagle Mountain, UT

uhhhh maybe this is why academically he won't be eligible. You can only play for one team buddy.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I read an article that said his family did not want him to come to the U and wanted him very badly to go to Ole Miss. Some believed that his family may have faxed in the commitment letter to Ole Miss to try and force him to go there.

Just rumors, but if that really did happen, what terrible support from his family members!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Whatever happened though, it's great to have him at the U!

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

@UteNation - if his family behind his back faxed a NLI in, thats certainly another story. Will be curious to hear if thats what really happened, although I dont know that him simply saying that would prove that, as he clearly has some issues. But with all his struggles I'd say he fits in very well at the U. Good to know he's figured out the cute little U sign. He just needs a stack of Pac 12 stickers and he'll be set.

Are there really people who dont qualify academically at Utah?

West Point , UT

It sounds like he won't qualify academically anyway, and that was part of the confusion in his signing with a junior college. What a weird situation. If his family went behind his back that is just despicable. One thing is for certain, he looks like a great player...3 star for scout and rivals, 4 star on ESPN.



Yeah from what I've read this may be a non issue as he will likely end up at a JC. Too bad, he sounds like a solid player.

Magna, UT

Sports Are Great- Yes, there really are people who don't qualify at the U. The same ones who don't qualify at BYU and every other D-1 institution in the NCAA. I know you think your schools standards are higher, but it just depends how bad they want the athlete. BYU's standards are flexible. Shocker.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Sports Are Great

"Good to know he's figured out the cute little U sign. He just needs a stack of Pac 12 stickers and he'll be set"

I didn't know you were big into stickers? I bet you have quite a nice sticker collection yourself. Do you have stickers of a stick figure family on the back of your mini van?

Law will look good in Red. I hope all this gets sorted out and he play at the U. He'll be great addition to our team.

Las Vegas, NV

Utah coaches will work hard to help him get him qualified, he just has to do the work. Look what they did with Pita Taumoepenu. We'll see how badly he wants to play this year by the effort he puts in to getting qualified.

Glad to see Coach Freeze do the right thing and release him from the alleged OM LOI. It doesn't sound like he was too interested in helping Hill get qualified.

Hill wants to be a Ute, that's where his heart is. He will do great on the hill!

Go Utes!!

Miami, FL

For anyone who thinks that U sign is for Utah, everyone in Florida knows it is for "THE U" which is the University of Miami Hurricanes. They've been doing it since the 80's when they won all those National Championships (80-90's), before Utah learned how to say "bowl game". Good luck Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to this young man as he pursues his dreams at the University of Utah. Major props to Ole Miss for recognizing and taking the appropriate action.

Welcome to the University of Utah, Mr. Law!

Mesa, AZ


Reality is we were doing the same, identical thing back in the 1800s, nearly 1/2 Century before U of M even came into existence.

Speaking of bowl games, congrats on making one in '13 after missing out in '11/''12....At least Miami plays against a SOS more comparable to ours and not one a coward would choose, one w/built-in Ws/weeks-off/breathers, one which ultimately provides the easier, softer route toward virtually guaranteed bowl-eligibility, thus enabling the perpetuation of a fraudulent image of reality when one's W/L record is viewed by people such as East Coast voters, for instance....It's never about reality, but rather about a specific image, cloaked in deceit, to be carefully portrayed in order to fool the unsuspecting!

Yet, as a byu fan, U already knew all of this, didn't U?

St George, Utah


Not sure you should be making comments about reality and then go on and distort reality in the same comment.

Miami #56 SOS BYU #38 SOS

Was BYU's schedule as tough as Utah's? No. But saying it is a cowards schedule is just plain delusional. BYU had a top 25 schedule most of the season, and ended ranked ahead of teams like Florida St., Alabama, Michigan St. to name a few. So you destroyed all credibility of your own statement.

Give credit where it is due. BYU has done a phenomenal job scheduling good competition since going independent. Any patsies on the schedule is not by choice, but by necessity to fill a slot. And if you take the time to do some research, the schedules only get better for BYU with teams like Nebraska, USC, Stanford, Michigan, West Virginia, and Notre Dame on the bill.

Mesa, AZ


I pointed to multiple years for Miami, yet you merely reference this last year's SOS rankings only.

In '12--

byu #63
Miami #43
U #41


byu #90
Miami #61
U #49


byu #55
Miami #16
U #50


byu #62
Miami #44
U #35

I'll explain the cowardice in byu's scheduling differently/comparatively.

They avoid like the plague scheduling toughest games back-to-back and, instead, deliberately schedule bye-weeks/breathers....The very thing they run away from is routine w/any power conference schedule....It's the week-in/week-out grind of a schedule which continues to elude byu fan in order to see why our SOS ranked 35 spots ahead of theirs....In fact, every single PAC-12 school's SOS ranking finished higher than byu's.

As a real/legitimate competitor, I inherently seek-out the greatest challenge possible in life, along w/its inherent greatest potential reward....This mentality of the byu ad is foreign/utterly mind-boggling to me, as I wasn't raised w/in such an environment.

Imagine for byu in '13, instead--


Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

Do you really believe D.J. Law will play at the U? Unlikely, he is JC bound. If you subtract D.J. from this class what does that do to this year's recruiting rank? Maybe the Y should try this strategy to pump up the numbers.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

What a fiasco. This makes the Jake Heaps presser look tame. Good luck with this guy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

"Good to know he's figured out the cute little U sign. He just needs a stack of Pac 12 stickers and he'll be set."

I've noticed that you are really annoyed by the Pac-12 logo and ease with which Utah athletes can flash the "U" sign. The "U" sign is flashed by every Utah gymnast during every floor exercise. Football and basketball players spontaneously flash the "U" at appropriate times. Very fun to watch and to be a part of. You have no idea what you are missing. Your complaints lead me to believe you feel left out. Here's a suggestion...

Get the music video "YMCA" by the Village People. They will show you how to make a "Y" so you can stop obsessing over that which you currently do not have. The Village People are the key to easing your frustrations.

Now, with respect to the logo...you are on your own, there. You bought into what Holmoe was selling and you will have to deal with result.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Give the kid a break. It's a tough choice whether to play for a bad team in the PAC-12 or a bad team in the SEC.

St George, Utah


So when Alabama schedules BYE weeks before playing Texas A&M and LSU that is cowardice?

Some would argue that is strategy.

And as far as the week in and week out grind "eluding" BYU fans, any objective or intelligent party would recognize the difficulties of scheduling tough competition in Independence, especially in October and November. BYU has been extremely aggressive in going after game contracts with the elites of College football. A coward does not schedule games with Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Stanford, Nebraska, and USC. Take off you blinders my friend.

Also keep in mind that elite programs schedule their out of conference games 4-6 years in advance. BYU's SOS will continue to improve each season as an Independent. You can mark that down.

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