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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 11:00 p.m. MST

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Kirkland, WA

Great news! FamilySearch made a trade - some of their records for access to My Heritage, Ancestry, and Find My Past. FamilySearch has crews copying records in 40 countries on any given day. Instead of duplicating what the three subscription sites had, they negotiated to give members access. On the website of My Heritage (records covering 60 countries), they state: "2.2 billion records coming from FamilySearch!" It's a win-win for everyone!

oakley, idaho

This is wonderful news! Making it world wide is such a blessing to those doing family history research. I have been limited to doing only US research due to lack of funds so am very excited. :D

Cupertino, CA

Family History Centers are free for everyone to use, not just
Church members. It says free to the "General public" but the headline is misleading, sounding exclusionary. Materials in the Family History Centers have always been free or almost free to members and the General public. It isn't uncommon to have more of the public using the family history centers than church members.

Sandy, UT

The church has granted access to it's data to these co's for years, it's about time that members can view it for less than an arm and a leg!

Lapu-Lapu, 00

This is such a great news. I'm so excited!

Sandy, UT


Never forget that Ancestry.Com built it's business on 100 years of record gathering and data, compiled by the LDS Church and it's members.
Whatever deal they agreed to, will be beneficial to both parties.

Tampa, FL

I hope this access comes soon! :D I'll be able to do my husband's family history work, at last! :D

Abingdon, VA

This is very good news.... now I hope that their will be a way to convert and link the data that we have done these other sites to Family Search.

love idaho
Pocatello, ID

Someone mentioned they wondered why this offer was just going to Church members. It is just a guess, but I would think it is because it is funds that members pay in, that could be helping to pay for it. I am excited over this wonderful opportunity.

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, TX

Super-excellent news!

Cordes Lakes, AZ

David ancestry.com is awesome. I'm just curious how soon eventually is. I have been doing my genealogy for over 20 years but have found doing research out of the United States is expensive. So yeah for being able to do research in other countries.

Hollywood, CA

I have been a loyal customer of Ancestry.com for years and have worked very hard on my tree. I have maintained a public tree in the spirit of sharing with other Ancestry.com members. I find this free access for some and not others is just awful. How dare they make ME pay for the Ancestry.com usage of others who do not contribute a penny. Ancestry.com already has free use of all my research for free, research I have sweat over and invested a lot of time and money in, in fact I pay them as well! Now Mormons get access to it without even paying! This is just so unfair. I certainly can not afford World Access!

Hollywood, CA

My Ancestry.com tree is now private and I will only share upon careful consideration of who I am dealing with. I really feel taken advantage of. The Ancestry.com experience is feeling more like a rip off than ever. So unfair. I did not know that I was signing up to a service of the Mormon Church when I joined Ancestry. They certainly do not advertise it that way. It is presented as a service for paying subscribers. Now that I know I am working directly with the Mormon church I had better consider a way of removing my 3000+ member tree completely and work with some other genealogy database. What a rotten development.

Missouri Coug
Greenwood, MO

Glad to hear the Church is finally working with Ancestry.com, I too, like most members, cannot afford to pay the high monthly fees for research, but I do recognize there are many sites which have lots of information we could use to verify the authenticity of our records.,..

Phoenix, AZ

I am so excited by this news! I can't wait! I am the family history researcher in my family and also do all the research for my husband's, ex-husband's and other friends' families. I have long wanted a World subscription to Ancestry but just couldn't afford it. I am incredibly excited to see where this new access will take me in my genealogy studies! This will be an amazing help and blessing!

Okc, OK

I feel your frustration and understand how it may feel unfair. One thing this article didn’t mention is how we are not really getting it for free, we are paying through our tithing funds. Those who are not members do not pay into this fund.
Members of the LDS faith have a different purpose for finding our ancestors who have passed on than do those not of our faith so I can understand why the Church has worked hard to make this more available to all it’s members, progressing forward with the purpose of our faith. You can still access it for free through the Family History centers all over the world. You don’t have to be a member to use those centers nor will they try to convert you there. May you be blessed in your search for your ancestors.

Kirkland, WA


Access will not include the family trees on Ancestry or other features Ancestry provides. It is records only, and some of those records originally came from FamilySearch.

love idaho
Pocatello, ID

I also can understand, some, who are not members of this Church, wondering why they aren't getting the same thing. I'm sure the Church has made an agreement with the companies that they are not giving it for "free" to everyone. The LDS Church is paying and/or has made some type of trade to receive this. The companies cannot just open their companies for free to everyone. They are businesses and it takes money to run them. The Church has met some type of compensation to make it possible to make the deal they have. However, making this free to anyone who wishes to go to a History Center is, also, very generous of the involved companies. I am very thrilled over this. What a wonderful opportunity for all of us. Thank you to the companies for their generosity and to the LDS Church for making this opportunity available.

Hamilton, MT

I already have a US subscription to Ancestry that will run out in April. How do I get the free world connection or is it just through the libraries. And why is it only for church members. Isn't that going to cause some static? I think it is great, I would love to be a part of this. Thank you.

Sacramento, CA

This would be a dream come true--I'm so broke, I can't even pay attention! I'm "addicted" to family tree-climbing, and to the extent I could, contributed all possible to Ancestry's records and photos, including finding family I connected with on Facebook, and through one cousin, other relatives online as well. I'm looking forward to doing all I can to shake the "nuts and dolts" as my Uncle Les put it, out of our trees! I've got like-minded friends who are all in, so keep us all abreast of the latest news!

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