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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 11:00 p.m. MST

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David Tevita Maka Stone
Cedar City, UT

The doors to heaven are being opened wider for family history. I'm excited about using ancestry.com. I have heard they are an awesome program that will help me further in my family research. David L. Stone

Buena Vista, VA

So, perhaps many DN readers like me are curious how much (if any) the Church had to pay these companies.

Taylorsville, UT

This is such wonderful news!

ny's amy jo
Rochester, NY

I am so excited about this. I have wanted a membership to Ancestry.com but it is far out of my reach financially. This is exciting and I can't wait for it to start.

Westbank, BC

Ancestry is great, but sure wish one of the genealogical programs/companies would go into South Africa and extract records. Currently SA records are a mess and piled in boxes.

Springville, UT

I kind of have to agree with RG. This is good, but why the deal for just Church members?

Doug Zumbrun
marion, IN

@RG, I read an article earlier that told about how Family Search is giving Ancestry.com access to the records in the Granite Mountain. I imagine this is the repayment.

Bountiful, Utah

This is great so when will we know that we can request a refund on the remainder of our Ancestry.com subscription? Ha!

South Jordan, UT

@RG because if the Church is paying them for access, it's our tithing funds that paid for it. To my knowledge non-members don't usually pay tithing. ;)

Vancouver, WA

For the past few years I've been finding my census and vital records through Ancestry and adding the info to my AQ database, then re-entering info into FamilySearch, a 3-step process, but I had to find obituaries on my own after family members died. I recently started adding those obits and histories and other sources to my family trees in Ancestry with the intention of adding them to Family Search Family Tree later on. I still have difficulties using Family Tree but hope some improvements will make it easier for me to have correct and complete records. If these record sources ever merge it would save a great deal of work on my part but every improvement is appreciated.


I really don't care why we're getting access for free. It doesn't matter what deal was struck, if the Leadership of the Church feels this is important, I support it fully. I have full confidence that they take their stewardship of the Lord's funds extremely serious. Hastening the Work isn't just for the living, it's obvious to me that those on the other side of the veil want their work done too!


Wow! This is really huge!! Tell ALL you know about this. Really, fantastic. World edition of Ancestry is pricey, and to get it for FREE as a member of the Church! Wow, I am just thrilled. We are on the brink of something big here, the records are going to be opening up at an accelerated pace! I feel like I am witnessing a miracle - a vision of the Old Testament days or something. Just Awesome! Thank you for negotiating this for family researchers - thank you so much.

Quoting Joseph Smith: The greatest responsibility in this world that God has laid upon us is to seek after our dead.

Do you believe this quote? I do! Taste the sweetness that accompanies researching one's ancestors and submitting their names for ordinances in the Temple. There is no greater feeling than this (Spirit of Elijah is real).

Murray, UT

Now if we can get the newpapers or some other entity to publish free obituaries. They have become so expensive that ususally only very short versions of an individual's life is printed. Yet an obituary is a very important historical record and needs to be preserved for future generations.


I do not know why my comments are being denied... Here is my 3rd attempt to express my JOY at this negotiation going through... It is a huge day for all who love their ancestors and want to find their records. Very Good Day! Thanks to all who were involved in this process of negotiations. Truly amazing.

NotInMiami, FL

Re: Esquire

Support comes from both access to church materials (for the 3 companies) and from tithing (or other similar funding). Anyone who is not a member can go into a church family history center and get access for free so it's not just for church members. People are welcome to join the church if they want access from home.

Russell Spencer
Boise, ID

I spent a summer during college working for Ancestry-.-com (comments apparently can't contain URLs, even when the URL is in fact the companies name...). It is an exceptional resource. For anyone interested in family history, what an amazing blessing!

Lindon, UT

To Esquire: You need to realize that when you belong to an organization, you receive certain perks. Being an LDS member, this is just one of many of the perks I have by being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Everyone has that same opportunity. I'm not saying that one should join the Church so as to receive a free subscription to these sites, nevertheless, it is one of the perks members have.


When? The article didn't say how soon this will be available. How will we get the information on how to access the sites.

Springville, UT

Is one of the perks supporting a private enterprise? Is this a club or association, or something else?

Dumfries, SC

Wonderful News. I am lucky enough to serve as a Consultant at my ward Family Histroy Centre. 2013 was a fantastic one for my research. Having heard from an unknown american member (non lds) of my grandmother's line in April who had all her family on Ancestry.com I have spent many many hours in the centre transferring her data onto paper and then many hours putting it onto Familytree I now have a few years temple work to do Unless a church member pops up to do it ( I am the only one in my extended family) My great great grandfather chenged the spelling of the surname so I did not know of the existence of his 4 siblings that emigrated to America in 1850/60s Information the she had has solved 3 problems I have been researching for 24 years. I cannot afford a subscription and need the world one for my Irish ancestry

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