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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 10:15 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

I agree with Gurney.
byu deserves an A for recruiting on the same level Utah.
Utah deserves a less than average grade for recruiting on the same level as byu.

On a different scale I would give the byu program and fans an F for their ecstatic celebration of mediocrity and the Utah program should get an F for ranking at the bottom of the PAC 12 in recruiting.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

I wish I could track the various recruiting services like some on this message board, but I have a job.

West Point , UT

" Further, byu isn't in the Pac-12 because they have proven they don't belong there and have done nothing to earn their place among the elite."

You realize you could say the exact same thing about Utah, right? The difference is Utah is actually in the PAC12 and is actually showing they don't belong and actually have done nothing to earn their place in that conference. With BYU you're just speculating, with Utah it is verifiable and proven fact. Being in the PAC12 doesn't change the fact that Utah is a MWC caliber football program.

salt lake city, utah

What "star" recruit was Austin Collie? 3 stars

For Utah, Eric Weddle, perhaps their best defensive player ever, was a two star recruit.

Jake Heaps was 5 star and could not outperform 2 star Riley Nelson.

Bobby Wagner, RObert Turbin and Chuckie Keeton were 2-star recruits.

Chris Cooley and Kevin Curtis were not even two star recruits.

That is all I have to say about the reliability and foreseeability of the Scout and Rivals' "star" systems.

It seems the athletic threshold is 2 stars, after that, stars mean nothing.

Holladay, UT

Chris B. Please Read This!!!
Chris you make it a point to criticize everything BYU, everybody knows you have no credibility in your perspective. Let me point out some recruiting insight to you that you seem to be missing. Since you are so enamored with stars and the pac12, but lets touch on stars.

You look at rivals (I say rivals because you get the best rating there, versus scout) Your beloved utes are ranked 11th in your conference in recruiting, and 6th in the south division. How is that helping your cause to even win the pac south? You are quick to point out the mediocrity of BYU but we are out recruiting you according to scout.

You need to put down the animosity towards BYU and focus on your own team. Please come down to earth and recognize your beloved utah utes are nothing but a feeder fish to your superior cohorts in the pac12. USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, completely dominated you over recruiting this year. Oh wait so did Colorado. Sorry mr. pac12. Maybe another pac12 sticker in your rear view mirror will make you feel better.

Davis, UT

Congrats Cougs! So glad we don't have a game with the TUN to ruin our season this year ;)! ChrisB, ErnstTBass, MildredinFilmore have a great season.

Area 52
Tooele, UT


Looks like the only pair of glasses you use are the Rose Colored Ones LOL. You should definitely get a different pair. So you tell me, what has Utah done to deserve to be in the PAC12? We all know if BYU wasn’t a religious school and if their basketball team could play on Sunday they would’ve been invited to join the PAC12. Those two reasons are why they did not get invited (The PAC12 will never admit though).

If you tell me Utah deserves to be in the PAC12 because of their two big wins (Sugar Bowl win and Fiesta Bowl win) over BYU that is totally ridiculous. Because what has Colorado done as of late and if I’m not mistaken Washington St. and Arizona have really done nothing to bolster the PAC12 as well.

BYU is a national brand, has a bigger fan base, better facilities (I’m sure you will argue this because Utah is upgrading theirs), a bigger stadium. Oh, and one other thing, a National Championship! So, I really don’t know what Utah has over BYU.

Go Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Chris b...hang your hat on the fact that some of BYU recruits will not cut it academically and will fall to the Utes like Star.....see you in the funny papers

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


What you fail to realize though is that many kids, mostly lds, choose byu BECAUSE of the honor code as the uniqueness of byu. Yes, many kids won't want to go to byu because of the uniqueness, but many lds kids go because of it, which means byu gets kids they otherwise would not have. You lose some because of uniqueness but gain others because of it.

So you still fail to explain how that hurts recruiting on a net basis. Yes, there are more non lds kids in the nation but byu also gets a much higher percentage of the Mormon recruits than most colleges get.

And if by can be qb university or linebacker university, doesn't that HELP recruititing and not hurt it?

Want to try again?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


How did jamaal Williams think byu was division II?

Did he not know about the national brand?

I've never heard a recruit think any other national brand school was division II

Holladay, UT

I still think its funny how the ute fan base thinks just because they got a couple kids from SEC country that all of the sudden they have opened this teleportation device the size of the grand canyon from florida to salt lake city. "Look out everyone, players in the southeast are tripping over themselves to get to salt lake city". Let's get real you found ONE yes ONE player that is a 3 star recruit from florida, oh by the way, he can't decide where he wants to go. Stevens Henager College just reported that they just received a letter of intent from a Mr. Law in florida.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"It seems the athletic threshold is 2 stars, after that, stars mean nothing"

Its funny that you seem to think that, yet Nick Saban, Les Miles, and Urban Meyer(among others) all seem to be going after and getting a lot more of the 4 and 5 stars than most schools and their teams are usually among the best.

Probably purely coaching though. I'll bet they could put together a team of 1 star nobodies and do just as well.


Eagle Mountain, UT

@ Chris B

Enough with Jamaal thinking BYU wasn't a division 1 school. He chose BYU over Utah! Thats right the uties offered him a scholarship and he chose to go to the "DIV 2" school instead. What does that say about the utes?

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB
you do realize 2-3% of the US population is LDS right?
That is not a huge advantage in recruiting.

Salt Lake City, UT


Cougsndawgs...Utah's complete and utter domination of byu and ownership of Provo is all evidence needed to show where byu would be in the Pac-12 if it were worthy to stand with the elite. Yes, Utah is struggling as is TCU in their elite conference. Both programs are perfect examples that BCS conferences are far more competitive than the mid-majors. You bring nothing to table by stating the obvious.

North Salt Lake, UT

Ty Detmer was recruited as a 3 star QB out of Texas. He wasn't the biggest, strongest or fastest which is what the star rating is based on. What he did have is serious qb smarts and a system that allowed him to showcase the amazing talents he did posess. In the process he and his teammates made the mighty, 4-5 star laden, number 1 rated and defending national champion Miami Hurricanes look rather pedestrian in a victory for the ages and sent Detmer on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy.

Chris B would probably say that's a one time lucky shot. Maybe, but BYU football history is loaded with similar (if not as spectacular) games that rocked the college football world because they devised a scheme that allowed their 2-3 star athletes to compete on the same level as the big boys. Boise State did the same thing. Yeah stars matter some but not as much as CB would have you believe.

Salt Lake City, UT

Area 52..."We all know if BYU wasn’t a religious school and if their basketball team could play on Sunday they would’ve been invited to join the PAC12."

We all know that? Really? Apparently that message didn't make it to the Presidents and Chancellors of the Pac-10. Was byu even asked about the the Sunday play that you claim was solely responsible for keeping them out of the Pac-12? No. Therefore, there is no reasonable way to make that assertion. Unfortunately for byu and its fans, byu has spent decades building sports programs. Sports, sports, and more sports. Over that same period of time, The University of Utah focused on a robust academic portfolio and research. There is far more than Sunday play keeping byu off the Pac-12 radar. Entitlement is alive and well in Provo. You don't just simply will yourself into a conference like the Pac-12.

Congratulations to byu for finally putting together a recruiting class equivalent to Utah. However, given the struggles Utah has had and it's total domination of byu in every respect, in what world do you think that would make byu even remotely competitive in an elite conference?

West Valley, UT

The biggest thing to take away from all this is that USU is taking recruits from bigger teams than them. With Ute's and BYU leaving MWC really has helped USU. That conference is good luck for Utah teams when they are in it. But when you leave it gives you a curse.

Layton, UT

byu has an advantage in recruiting their target base. If it was the national brand that it and it's fans incessantly proclaim, it shouldn't lose any targeted LDS athletes to other schools.

Salt Lake City, UT

Area 52

"BYU is a national brand, has a bigger fan base, better facilities (I’m sure you will argue this because Utah is upgrading theirs), a bigger stadium. Oh, and one other thing, a National Championship! So, I really don’t know what Utah has over BYU."

Good grief, you have yourself worked up. Yes, byu has intangibles (I doubt facilities is an advantage any longer - tough to accept, I know) but I'll point out to you again...you can't pick and choose the intangibles for an invitation to an elite conference. The conference determines what they are looking for and the bar was simply too high for byu which was never considered.

Regarding your assertion of fan bases, I will remind you that the Pac-12 struck a land mark TV deal with Utah in the mix. Therefore, the point you are attempting to make (whatever it is) is moot.

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