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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 10:15 p.m. MST

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Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

My take-away is that the tide is turning. The ESPN exposure is helping, Indy football can work. It works because BYU can make its schedule as hard or soft as it wants. So if they can ramp it up over the next 5 - 10 years as they continue to get better (high stars) players they can continue to have winning seasons and go to bowl games. Winning records helps recruiting, so it is an upward spiral. Utah doesn't have that luxury. Every year they will face a tough schedule and struggle to get to .500 and a bowl game, and that does not help recruiting, so a downward spiral.

Sandy, UT

Rankings according to Scout..

If you strictly look at the "Star" averages, and drop the "Number of Recruits" factor, which is irrelevant anyway, then BYU's recruiting class would rank #49, not #62.
While Utah would rank at #56 not #68.

Either way, BYU had a better recruiting class than did Utah.

What is more pressing for BYU are the recruits from 2011 and 2012, i.e. returned missionaries.

Provo, UT

I love football here in provo but I hate the hype. Lets not get too excited anticipating the next 50-10

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Chris. Why the focus on BYU? Aren't you in the big time now? Oops. Worst recruiting class in the PAC! No more bowling for u!

west jordan , UT

Since BYU is and indy and people keep saying being indy makes it harder to recuit I think BYU did well. Sure Utah has the PAC 12 to recuit and it does pay off to some point, but BYU has ESPN and that seems to be paying off just as well has PAC 12 does, but here is the thing, BYU is winning and players want to go to a team that wins. Right now Utah is not winning and it is effecting its recuiting. BYU is winning, could use some more wins against great teams, but bottom line it is winning and winning on a national TV station.

Final though Utah, a PAC 12 school, should worry because this is the first years since joining the PAC 12 that BYU and indy school either beat or match Utah in recuiting.

Draper, UT

What a lot of people miss is that BYU doesn't recruit by 'stars'. BYU players have to not only be willing, but have a DESIRE, to live to BYU standards. BYU's list is based first on who wants to live the standards, and then the athletic talent. It is a different metric. I think it's really a compliment to say BYU's class is rated similar to Utah (a member of the vaunted PAC 12) given BYU's true recruiting pool is a fraction of Utah's (i.e. Utah can go after any recruit, while BYU only recruits the tiny fraction of D1 quality players willing to live LDS church standards).


Neither stars nor Rivals measures the heart nor desire. Let's give em all a chance to show us the number of stars in their attitudes.

Santa Monica, CA

Both of these grades are way off. C minuses would be generous, elites get real. BYU got the warner kid and that is nice. Utah picked up a big and highly rated lineman and that is also nice. Beyond that? Let's wait and see. But truth is truth and my Utes had arguably the second worst recruiting class in the Pac 12. That is not good, especially from a coach who calls recruiting the lifeblood of a program. Both BYU and utah we're beat out by the likes of Marshall and western michigan for talent. Good luck to the new guys and I hope they make believers out of everyone, but to call these classes a- and c+ or whatever, is like tying a nice ribbon on a box of Whitman chocolates and calling them Sees.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Blaming the honor code for recruiting?

I thought byu was a national powerhouse and that tons of kids want to go to byu?

Sure, some wont want to go there, but BECAUSE of the honor code many WANT to go there, so why doesn't byu do better in recruiting because of the honor code?

Saying limited recruiting pool doesn't answer the question because due to the Mormon affiliation byu's recruiting pool is expanded to the Mormons across the nation.

What specifically about the honor code hurts recruiting? Doesn't that help recruiting? Don't many kids WANT the byu experience and honor code in their lives? Doesn't that benefit recruiting and not hurt it?

I would live to know why you use the honor code as an excuse for worse recruiting than you would have otherwise. But please be specific

Mcallen, TX

This can't be!

How can a MWC, and Independent team, have a higher graded recruiting class than a PAC 12?

Unless it's the utes?

Didn't Weber also have a "C"?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Smelling the roses...Eventually Utah will do that but not by weakening each year in a league that they should be getting better in. I am not expecting the Utes to win their division. It'll happen once in awhile when both USC and Arizona State have bad years and Utah has an easier road of it avoiding Stanford and Oregon. But the weakening of recruiting and the lack of bowls are seriously weighing down the program.

BYU on the other hand does not need to recruit specifically against other programs. They just need to recruit for their needs like they did this year. The A- was deserved because the most pressing needs were adequately addressed. Those three receivers they picked up are huge after Cody graduating.

Cheyenne, WY

I think BYU and Utah both addressed big needs.
I think what BYU fans are excited about is the beat USC 3-1 (losing Mama), Utah 7-1, and other power conference teams for a lot of their recruits. A definite change in BYU's recruiting philosophy and refreshing. Even BYU's late pickup (Gulley) was getting calls from Georgia.
I applaud both schools the U for breaking into the south and recruiting elite speed (DJ Law is 4.3 type of guy hopefully he qualifies), and BYU for changing philosophies and recruiting in a wider area and against the power conferences.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Good recruiting classes for all three big programs in the state, but not good enough to keep Utah and BYU competitive with most of their opponents."

What? Obviously, you haven't seen byu's 2014 schedule. byu's "competition" is going to make this class and the current players look like absolute superstars and the coaches look like football gurus. The receiver who signed on with byu for one year employed a brilliant strategy to dumb down his competition for his last year of football will have numbers off the charts (if byu's qb decides that he isn't the only one on the team and actually throws the ball) and be a top prospect for the NFL. Brilliant!

Cheyenne, WY

@ MyPerspective
You do realize that he was at UTEP right. BYU is a major step up.
Do you also know coming out of High School he turned down the Pac-12?

Tom in MS
Madison, MS

Well, Brandon, I guess you are showing you really do bleed blue (I've guessed it all along). You are really giving the Utes a "C" when their speed just went to warp level 10 speed? Did anyone, particularly Brandon, even look at the video clips to see how fast these guys really are? Personally I'm excited to see an Eric Weddle type hitter that's a little bigger and has blazing speed. And let's not forget the drama with DJ Law. I work with a couple of Ole Miss fans, and they were laughing at me when I said that DJ Law was going to be a Ute. Ole Miss's fan site said that he had sent his LOI in to Ole Miss, and that the Utes were down the list of other programs (including four or five other SEC programs)that were beat out. Whitt was right when he said we don't know half of the drama involved with recruiting. I believe you rate BYU too high, and the Utes too low.

Sandy, UT

Rankings according to Scout..

If you strictly look at the "Star" averages, and drop the "Number of Recruits" factor, which is irrelevant anyway, then BYU's recruiting class would rank #49, not #62.
While Utah would rank at #56 not #68.

Either way, BYU had a better recruiting class than did Utah.

What is more pressing for BYU are the recruits from 2011 and 2012, i.e. returned missionaries.

Woods Cross, UT

Have to agree with most of the comments posted here, but passing thru the obvious recruiting challenges that exist for the various Utah programs, I'm curious now what will the teams and coaching staff do to develop the young men who have joined their ranks.

Star Lotulelei was a 3-star in Scout, Taysom Hill a 3-star, as was Chuckie Keeton. Each seems to have blossomed in their respective systems.

The ball is now in the coachs' court(s).

In Utah's case, it will be particularly interesting to see what the various new coaching assignments can produce with (1) the personnel returning from either last year's team or (2) from their missions, plus (3) the results of yesterday's activities.

And we know that every team in the PAC improves significantly every year. Quite a challenge.

Salt Lake City, UT

Area 52
Tooele, UT

"Man, if BYU was in the PAC12 or another Super Conference, it wouldn’t even be close, BYU would destroy Utah in the recruiting battle and that is a fact."

LOL...getting a bit carried away aren't you? It's easy to call something a "fact" that can never be proven but it makes the author look silly. Further, byu isn't in the Pac-12 because they have proven they don't belong there and have done nothing to earn their place among the elite.

I love the pipeline that Utah is establishing in SEC country. However, what concerns most Utah fans is that similarities in recruiting with other in state programs is not going to cut it in the Pac-12. UCLA, USC, and the other programs in the Pac-12 South (and Pac-12 North) just raised the level of competition a notch. Utah bringing in a recruiting class that is equivalent to byu's class is no complement. That's exactly the point that Gourney is making with the relative grades for the same level of talent.

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB
Have you ever been around college athletes? Like friends with them, being one, talking to one?
Well from experience at the College athletic level 10 guys out of the 12 on my team would never consider BYU as an option because of the honor code.
Most of them drank, partied late, and were explicitly active in their romantic lives.
A lot college athletes want that, that is part of the experience.
So coming from someone with experience with college athletics, it is a huge hamper.
It is amazing to see such in cognizance in you remarks, absolutely baffling the image you portray of yourself.

Sandy, UT

@Chris B.

You lost us all at Hello!

As for your Utes.

-Last in Pac-12 Athletic budgets.
-Last in Pac-12 recruiting.
-Last in Pac-12 teams with National Games on a "Major" Network.
-10th in Pac-12 Academic Rankings.
-11th in Pac-12 Attendance.

Two straight losing seasons...No players in the College Hall of Fame or National Award winners.

We tried to warn you to remove your Masks of False Bravado!

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