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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 10:15 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Comparing all teams in the West, here is how the conferences stack up with local teams displayed:

1. Pac 12
2. pac 12
3. Pac 12
4. pac 12
5. Pac 12
6. Pac 12
7. Pac 12
8. Pac 12
9. Pac 12
10. Pac 12
11. Pac 12
12. Indy byu
13. Pac 12 Utah
14. Mwc
15. Mwc
16. Mwc
17. Mwc
18. Mwc
19. Mwc
20. Mwc
21. mwc
22. mwc
23. Mwc
24. Mwc
25. Mwc
26. Mwc Utah state
Yes this is only one recruiting service(rivals). If someone wants to re-do this list from other recruiting service that's certainly fine, I have no objection to comparing a few sites.

When you see this list its no surprise to know the Pac 12 went 14-1 against the mwc and quasi mwc byu last year.

Very very strong correlation between higher stars and wins over teams with lower stars

This also shows what recruits think of the bottom of the Pac 12 vs the top of the WAC - better recruits still prefer being at the bottom of the Pac 12 tot he top of the wac, as the bottom of the Pac 12 is still better than the top of the WAC


Rivals isn't up-to-date so their numbers are incorrect. ESPN looked correct showing BYU at 62nd and Utah at 64th, but you have to pay to see the details and I don't care enough to pay. 247sports also looked correct and they have Utah at 63rd and BYU at 66th.

Point is BYU and Utah's 2014 classes are roughly the same which means neither team got more than a couple great athletes and probably a couple more that will develop into top players.

To compete with less than the best players teams need to have top coaching. If they don't have the best coaches and don't have the best players then they need to have a strategy of trick plays and different looks to try and confuse their opponents (Boise State should come to mind).

Good recruiting classes for all three big programs in the state, but not good enough to keep Utah and BYU competitive with most of their opponents. It is football, so you never know, any team can have a great year where the ball mostly falls their way or the team plays above their talent level.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

So I guess CB is saying that EVERY team i the pac out recruited the u. That's a way to compete. The gap at the bottom of the pac will continue to grow. When WSU can out recruit the utes it speaks volumes about the direction of the two programs.
BYU is heading in the right direction and the utes are heading the other way.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah fan operated "Rivals" has inflated the u recruiting class numbers ratings and probably deflated BYU's class numbers. I would not use Rivals in the state of utah as it is a biased system. The actual difference is probably much wider that Rivals would lead us to believe.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B

So what you're really saying with your "conferences recruiting comparison" is...

Utah finished DEAD LAST in the PAC 12 in recruiting!


Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

Chris B.
What can you tell me about that running back committment for Utah. You know, the guy that signed and sent three LOI's. One to Utah, So. Miss, and some community college. No doubt a future Academic All American for Utah, wait he may not actually show up. The So Miss Coach is very pleased at signing him.

American Fork, UT

I gotta say it's quite comical reading Chris B's meltdown.

I honestly haven't enjoyed your posts this much in A LONG, LONG TIME...

As for Utah's recruiting class - it is pretty weak and will not help Whittingham keep his job past this year. It's certainly not strong enough to compete in the PAC12. I like Coach Whit, but his days are numbered.

BYU's class on the other hand seems like exactly what the Cougars needed. Get the O-Line figured out and this could be a very good team. If someone could help Anae figure out how to run an offense, this could be an excellent team.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Nice spin as usual, Chris B.

Bottom line, BYU got all they wanted minus a couple. Utah missed on many, including about 6 or 7 that chose to play at "Indy BYU."

I know they've already been counted a couple of years ago, but the Troy Hinds and Rawlinsons that are included in the 18 or so returning missionaries rejoining the program give us more than enough to edge out the instate programs and a lot of the mid-to-lower level BCS teams.

It's a great time to be a Cougar fan. Rise up!!


Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Gurney gets that Utah and BYU were neck and neck (but way down) on the major sports sites right? But somehow this was an amazing class for BYU and a garbage class for Utah? I would say sub par for both. But the expectation for Utah is clearly higher.

Alex T
Murray, UT

Chris B

What BYU fan thinks that we have a top 10 recruiting class? I have no idea who you talk to...unless that BYU fan is your 8 year old little brother? Maybe you just feel the need to start some fire.

BYU = mediocre signing class (we will ALWAYS have a mediocre class w/ the honor code)

UTAH = mediocre signing class (will ALWAYS have a mediocre signing class unless they can get out of cellar...not likely)

Utah State = little brother...no one really cares. get real.

No in-state program will ever be top-tier. Unfortunately Utah will ALWAYS be at the bottom of the pac-12 when it comes to recruiting.

No need to even argue or discuss who has a better class. Even if it is .05 or a .65 difference. Is that really a big win for the Utes?

Lets just all be happy that each school picked up some good kids!

Raleigh, NC

Some people seem to have hours to spend researching and coming up with meaningless statistics. How about researching some questions that are relevant to the future of football at the u - How does utah's class compare to the rest of the PAC-12? How will Utah get out of the cellar if their recruiting class is in the cellar? Since u don't play BYU for two years will beating the buffs be your bowl game? If BYU is not relevant, why are you so obsessed with us? BYU signed 2, 3 and 4 star recruits. SC and the other elite programs signed 3, 4, and 5 star recruits. I don't see a NC in BYU's future and u should get used to the cellar

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

So, Utah with a rivals.com rank of 68th gets a C and BYU with a rivals.com rank of 70th gets an A-?

That says a lot about expectations on the two teams.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT


So what you're saying is Utah is destined to continue being the bottom dweller in the PAC?

That is not news.

Harwich, MA

Regardless of the opinions stated and for as much as I dislike the BYU program and grew up a Ute lunatic the most entertaining football in the state is played by Utah State. Period.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Chris B - Help me understand how BYU fans are "acting like they have a top 10 recruiting class" when no obvious BYU fans have posted on this page. I have never seen anyone as fixated on BYU as you.

Congratulations to all three in-state teams for decent recruiting classes. Despite the lack of large numbers of highly ranked recruits, each of our three teams play some pretty good football and consistently enjoy post-season play with a few exceptions now and again.

River Falls, WI

RE: Chris B.

"byu fans are acting like they have a top 10 recruiting class. "

Which fans are those? Seriously, can you show even one comment that provides evidence for this claim? All I see is our top fan (Chris B.) rushing to post before anyone can even express an opinion.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Ah, Chris. So many things to say.

First off, most BYU fans are NOT acting like we have a top 10 recruiting class. Exaggeration and hyperbole are not a sound basis for making your criticisms. And that’s a shame, because you frequently have good facts to discuss in defense/promotion of the team you proudly support.

Second, I appreciate your use of star average for comparison instead of total stars.

Third, most BYU fans are not interested in the comparison between BYU and Utah, but since you mention it, 2.68, IS better than 2.63.

The important comparison, for most BYU fans, is 2.31 to 2.68. BYU had a much better recruiting class this year than last year. And since you mentioned it, 2.96 to 2.63 is a much worse recruiting class.

I am willing to admit, I am one who STILL doesn’t place a lot of stock in stars. Most BYU fans have lived through Jake Heaps and Cody Hoffman. But as you aptly reminded us, over and over (and over) again, stars DO matter.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Making the star discussion more meaningful, I think you might be willing to agree that a 4 star JuCo experienced player is more likely to pan out than a 4 star high school player. To that end, BYU fans are indeed positively giddy. Losing the production of Cody Hoffman is discouraging. Picking up three experienced players to replace him is hopeful.

As you so often and ably remind us, Utah plays in a big boy conference now. To that end, if comparisons must be made, Utah didn’t do very well this year. However, I am confident in Coach Whit’s ability to get more out of less, and I honestly hope he gets the chance to continue to do so.

BYU will continue to wander in the wilderness, playing some big boys, but not competing in a big boy conference. But if our recruiting improved by over 10%, that has to be good, right? If that improved out winning by 10%, that would be good. At least for most BYU fans.

Area 52
Tooele, UT

@Chris B

Wake up and smell the Roses for once. If Utah ranked higher than BYU by the very slimmest of margins you would be rubbing it in and doing the exact same thing as BYU fans. Because a win is a win right? Doesn’t matter how much you win by. LOL Just face the fact, the only reason Utah is even in the Top 70 is because of their affiliation with the PAC 12. Man, if BYU was in the PAC12 or another Super Conference, it wouldn’t even be close, BYU would destroy Utah in the recruiting battle and that is a fact.

Payson, UT

Chris B.

"byu fans are acting like they have a top 10 recruiting class." You are the only one on this board commenting there are NO BYU comments.

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