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Published: Thursday, Feb. 6 2014 6:00 a.m. MST

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Midwest City, USA, OK

I'm not concerned with what people "think". We've hammered in against Al Qaida on a level they still struggle to make up for, and more importantly, the people in Iraq can vote. The people in Iraq are free to speak, dress, worship, learn, and own their own property. No matter how much anyone may disagree with us having gone over, we've done an immeasurable service to those people.

It's a shame so much propaganda gets thrown out against it; you almost have to speak with someone who actually fought there, or visit yourself and speak with the people to truly understand.

clearfield, UT

Not that I am especially smart, but I could have told Bush and others in his administration years ago that a country like the U.S. could never go to a Muslim country and change their culture. The Islamic religion is always entrenched in the body politic of such countries. To do so is like some foreign country coming to America and attempting to get Americans to change their Christian beliefs. Only worse in the case if Islam. And the U.S. is seen as the Great Satin to many in the Middle East anyway, so it is especially futile for the U.S. to have any lasting influence over there other than to help create more people who hate us. Nation building in the Middle East, stupid, stupid idea that will never work. At best we replace one dictator who turned on us with another who will turn on us, or be taken out by his own people.

Far East USA, SC

And I am one of those Americans who see a failure in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We need to be much less willing as a country to get into military conflict around the world.

I am not saying never, but extremely selectively, with the minimal amount of troops and money.

The idea that we need militarily spread democracy around the world is crazy. Supporting democracy is one thing. Engaging militarily in long term occupations is completely different.

The amount of money we borrowed (and continue to borrow) from China to support wars of choice should make any true conservative cringe.

Iraq and Afghanistan are perfect examples of military conflict that should have never happened.

Ogden, UT

As usual look no further than the present occupant of the White House.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I've been saying this for 13 years!

BTW --
The only way one can consider any of this a success is
if you completely ignore the loss of 5,000 Americans,
75,000 wounded,
and $3 Trillion,
so gasoline could stay under $5 a gallon.

Salt Lake City, UT

9/11 demanded a serious response. The Middle East is an extremely difficult area to deal with, because of the convoluted politics there. Islamic terrorists are still a problem, for the peoples of that region as well as the rest of the world. We need to do better; i.e. smarter than we have done. By itself, military action is insufficient; civil action helps; but,why not track the money trail and take action? Without funding, terrorism would shrink.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Well it shows how much very few Americans understand what is happening in the world. If you go back in history the US funded most of the terrorists groups we are now fighting. Back in the 1980's we wanted to make Afghanistan bloody the USSR and turn it into what Vietnam was for us. It worked. We trained, supplied and even gave propaganda material about invaders.

Yep, that is what we are experiencing. Had Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama realized when Osama declared Jihad on the US, Israel and other "infidels" we should have been working on this situation differently from the beginning. Instead Clinton was screwing any woman that liked him and was more worried about that than killing Osama or boosting our image in those countries that we had abandoned.

Either way, we're abandoning them again. The problem is still there and like our national debt, our children and grandchildren get to inherit a bigger mess. But, hey we gave them "medical pot" to ease that pain!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

For the same $3 Trillion we lost in the Middle East,
The Government could have put Solar Panels on each and every house in America,
bought everyone and an electric vechile.

Think about it...

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


"As usual look no further than the present occupant of the White House."

While I was in Iraq in 2004/2005 (funny I didn't see you there), I saw failure. That was long before the "present occupant of the of the White House."

We were fed a line of lies and deception to take out an evil dictator who was bend on US destruction and had links to the 9/11 attacks. Hmmm. I saw friends killed and maimed for no real reason. All of us questioned why we were even there. Again, long before President Obama.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

The majority of Americans are, more often than not, correct.

Saint George, UT

WE haven't read any of the history of Afghanistan. Iraq has a similar history but not quite so brutal. They are ruled by tribes. The last person to beat Afghanistan was Gengus Kahn in the 1200's. He destroyed a city then killed every man, woman, child and animal left. Then he moved on to the next city and repeated the same procedure. Ask Alexander the great, the British and Russians. They all lost and so are we losing. The last war that we won was WW II for one simple reason. We put a muzzle on the media and inflicted massive collateral damage. That includes England's 1000 airplane raids on Germany, our firebombing Tokyo and finally atomic bombing two Japanese cities. The Muslums don't mind inflicting massive collateral damage on us so we had better get smart before we die.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

The US has liberated people of other nations from murdering tyrannical dictators all over the world for decades, then left and allowed the liberated people to govern themselves; Japan, most of Europe (twice in one century) the Philippines, S. Korea, among others. More recently Iraq and Afghanistan. What each country does with the liberation is up to them, not us! What ever you think about the futility of doing that, try to imagine a world where we didn't intervene! Hail Hitler!

Ogden, UT

@CHS 85

Thanks for your service. I was in during Nam but was in Europe. I checked with several of my buddies who were in Nam and guess what? They don't remember seeing you there.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Ogden, UT
As usual look no further than the present occupant of the White House.

8:07 a.m. Feb. 6, 2014


That "present occupant of the White House" mopped up and closed that entire chapter in U.S. history during Operation Neptune Spear for the price of an accidental loss of a U.S. helicopter and 15 minutes of a Navy Seal Team 6 with NO U.S. causalties.

(1) H-60 Blackhawk = $5.9 Million
(12) Navy Seals @ $25/hour = $75

Everything else has been Bush/Cheney.

FYI -- Mission Accomplished [May 02, 2011 in Abbottabad, PAKISTAN]

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


"I checked with several of my buddies who were in Nam and guess what? They don't remember seeing you there."

Well, since I was born the year combat operations started in Vietnam, it wasn't feasible.

My point was that the people who were/are all about "supporting the troops" are good at waving flags, but really bad at picking up a rifle and doing their part. If most of the flag-wavers saw what I saw, they'd think twice before rushing the country into war. You want to actually support he troops? Don't send them to fight in meaningless conflicts. The last time I checked (and I've been retired now for six years), is that it is the Department of Defense, not the Department of Nation Building.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whether the Afghanistan War is a success or failure is a matter of perspective.

Certainly to the American taxpayer who is now expected to pay the financial costs of the war; And the men and women in the US military and innocent Afghan civilians, and their families, who paid the greatest costs, the war is likely viewed as a failure.

On the other Hand, Before the war opium production in Afghanistan was almost entirely eliminated under Taliban rule. Now Afghanistan produces almost 75% of the world's heroin supply, thanks in part to US troops ordered to protect the fields. I guess "The War on Terror" supercedes "The War on Drugs".

So who are some of the winners in Afghanistan. Military Industrial Corporations and contractors such as Halliburton and Blackwater that have seen record profits. Drug Lords and the Western Banks that launder their money have seen good times. The CIA, for which heroin has been a cash crop for years are probably not complaining.

The Chinese are doing very well buying up resources in Afghanistan having established lithium mining operations there.

failure or success? It's all a matter of perspective.

American Fork, UT

I'm disappointed more people didn't see this outcome before we ventured down this road. Iraq was a factious dystopia of religious groups that hate one another held together by a strongman, and we took the strongman away. And look at the history of Afghanistan. The british experience. The russian experience. It was bound to be a mess. And then, for some reason we decided we needed to fight terrorism as if terrorism was using second world war tactics, and that they had uniforms and flags and armies. Who could have predicted that wouldn't work?

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It seems to me that everything we know comes from biased media. Studies and polls probably only tell us how well they are at convincing us of their propaganda.

Salt Lake City, UT

That was pretty obvious in Afghanistan by mid-2002 and in Iraq before we even started it. As for anyone blaming Obama, I'd like to know what you think we should have done instead.

Ogden, UT

@CHS 85

I agree with your last paragraph. The right analogy.

@ LDS Liberal

Good score card. Now give us one on Bengazi. Brack was great being the situation room and getting in the photo on the Bin Laden operation but he was AWOL on Bengazi. We still don't know his whereabouts. then lied through his teeth about the video.

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