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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 3:35 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

11 players getting college scholarships. Impressive. Seriously, to put it in perspective, that is an entire starting lineup. Someone please explain how this team didn't take state.

Orem, UT

WestFBking, That is actually quite simple. They were outcoached.


I think Bingham had 20 players sign in 2010, that was the best high school team ever.


If you figure last year's 8 signees and next year's Stanford commit, they had 20 college bound football players when they lost to Timpview in 2012. Definitely outcoached!

JP Skillet
Salt Lake City, UT

Have you considered that while some of these boys may be good enough to play college, they might not have been mentally prepared or tough during that game. You can blame that aspect on coaching as well but a certain responsibility lies on the boys to bear down and get the job done. It's not coaching fault that the defense was missing tackles and getting penalties.

Something to think about
Ogden, UT

I agree with the posts about coaching. Some programs are blessed with more talent than others, yet still find a way to get beat!

There are programs with traditional "winning" records who never win it all because the get beat by more talented teams in the playoffs.

It's easy to be a "Great Coach" when you have great talent.

"Sometimes it's not about X's and O's... it's about Jims and Joes!"

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