Comments about ‘For Olympian Kate Hansen, luge is more than just an athletic endeavor; it's a Mormon missionary opportunity’

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Published: Thursday, Feb. 6 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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Houston, TX

Evrett Benton - hope all is well - this is Lane Larson - we knew each other in Argentina - now we are in Egypt - sounds like you are still doing great things. Get to follow a lot of the Olympics in real time over here.
Small world - please pass on our regards to Cheryl

Farmington, UT

Excellent article. I skip over most Mormon-bashing comments. Sometimes I correct misstatements made about the LDS Church and its beliefs, but I've learned over the years that those who try most earnestly to denigrate and mock the church at every opportunity often are a perfect advertisement for it. A friend was telling me yesterday how he took the time to talk with a lesbian protester at Temple Square. She was preaching that Mormons don't allow gays in the Church. He corrected her. At first she argued that she knew church policy and doctrine better than he did, but when he assured her that he had gay relatives who were welcome at church, she eventually calmed down. Let us all stick to facts and avoid name calling. As for atheists, I ask them to reconsider and at least move up to the agnostic level. The difference between an agnostic and a believer is very little. One has faith. A believer doesn't know there is a God but wants to know there is a God and strives to strengthen that faith. A believer has the faith to believe that living God's laws will result in eternal blessings.

Central, UT


I guess Kate Hansen should simply stop being who she is and therefore, her religion won't be able to be shared while at the Olympics, or any other event she attends. Did you read the article? A man was converted to the church because of a "feeling" that he had about her and then he looked her up on the internet. Did she share anything with him in words, did she give him any literature, a pass-along card, or even a Book of Mormon? No, she was just herself and someone felt something different about her. Sorry that you're offended about that.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA


Ouch! You may want to change your call sign. You surely received a ton of correction--remains to be seen if it registered with you.

A little humility, I've learned, goes a long way. It also may assist one in learning about spiritual things.

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