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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 10:00 a.m. MST

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Midwest City, USA, OK

I appreciate the optimism in Mr. Gates' assessment, and I want to highlight the fact that, in many ways, the world -is- in much better shape than it ever has been in before. There is greater access to conveniences, food, shelter, communication, and travel for everyone in the world than ever before. In the United States especially, even the "dirt-poor" living off government handouts live lives that the poor of many other nations dream of.

... But "ending poverty by 2035" just isn't going to happen, unless Jesus comes to prove me wrong. Poverty is a constant of human history, it's not going to end any more than violence or persecution or social classes. In fact, with the increasing push to give centralized government power and resources, rather than the people, it's going to get worse later on as the developed nations that pioneer so much aid and technology lose their strength.

Virginia Beach, VA

Is 2035 the year when the Millennum arrives? Or is Bill Gates and his pals going to empty their wallets.

Burley, ID

I'll believe Bill and Melinda Gates pronouncements once they have given away all their money and live on the average annual American income of $50,000 per year.

Franklin, TN

To end poverty, you would also have to put an end to laziness, stupidity, immaturity, irresponsible behavior, etc. etc. etc. There's no eradicating something which is fueled by the human element, human flaws, human shortcomings. Nice thought, Bill, but it ain't happening.

City, Ut

Hutterite said: Well, bill, I hope you're right. Poverty exists where there is corruption, war and oppression. You're betting on these being eliminated in 21 years.

Can't believe the day has come, but I am in agreement with Hutterite on something.

If we can't get rid of corruption and those contributing to keeping people in poverty by now, how can he think we can by 2035?

I would love love for Bill to be right and for me to be wrong.

Tooele, UT

One thing not mentioned is that many people in society are simply lazy and are content to live in poverty. They enjoy having society take care of them. Many wouldn't take a job even if it was set right in their laps.

Someone once pointed out that if all the money in the world was somehow redistributed equally, within 5 years the rich would again be rich and the poor would soon be poor again. It's because of the difference in human nature of people.

There might be less poverty in 2035, but it will never be eliminated in the foreseeable future. It has always existed since the beginning of recorded history and always will... at least to some extent. Personal greed of dictators and wars between countries will ensure that.

Bad government policies will also ensure that poverty is never eliminated. Economies will continue collapsing around the world due to corruption and economic ignorance.

Even in the USA, the current practice of printing money faster than GNP increases as well as unsustainable record growth in our federal deficit will eventually cause havoc and economic collapse. That sounds very negative, but it's economic truth.

Mission Viejo, CA

When I spent a month in India in 1983, the poor were everywhere. Everywhere. Beggars followed our every footstep. At that time, India's population was about 800 million. Today it is about 1.2 billion. In 30 years, India has added 400 million people! No economy in the world could keep up with that population growth. I can't believe that there are fewer poor in India now than before. There are certainly more wealthy people, but only 74% of the population is literate. 22% are under the poverty line (220 million). 50% are under the age of 25 (600 million). India is expected to surpass China's population in a few decades.

China seems much better off, and the culture is far more pro-active, but pollution in both places is beyond comprehension unless you've been there.

In America, our politics are about obtaining more guns, blocking healthcare, offshoring more jobs. We're cutting education and infrastructure investment. We're creating an upper class of super rich and a shrinking middle class. We're creating more poor.

Sorry Bill. I don't see the numbers, I guess.

Taylorsville, UT

Very misleading and full of misinformation with no basis of fact or reasoning.

The only way there will ever be any disclaimer to have conquered being poor is when world wide Socialism rules every country and every nation, including the USA. Only under socialism can you declare that poverty or being poor has been abolished or fixed because under socialism you have only one class of people and they are all poor and beggars and thieves by virtue of survival instincts.

The 1% have nothing to do with it, only governemnt can create poverty and strife and we Americans are learning first hand how its done and our economy is equalized and no one has to work or can get a job. Poverty becomes the new standard of life the norm there fore there is no poverty. We are nearly there under the rule of Obama and corporate american NAFTA destroying and infecting us with our self destruction.

Too bad to, becasue the USA is the only consumer country and we have no industry or consumer attributes. We are in a sate of survival, not growth. Consumerism is dead in this economy and beggars for charity we have become.

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

Hopefully Gates knows something most people don't; Tesla was right; Edison was wrong.

We have not needed the energy we have all been charged for since the turn of the century. Now that a true, working, over-unity device has been announced, we will hopefully be leveling the playing field for all. What do you suppose free energy will mean to those people in the Karachi photograph? More than ANY of us can ever imagine.

It's about time.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The first and most ingrained myth, writes Gates, is the notion that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer."

It is not a myth. It is the truth, particularly in this country. And the poor are increasing in number.

newhall, CA

Gates lives in LA LA land. Let's take care of our own first. Deport all illegals and refrain from giving them everything that only citizens are entitled to. Use that money to help Americans NOT illegals. Once we have taken care of our own, then we go about helping others. Increase funding for mental illness in this country. Gates is trumping his own horn and it sounds like tin.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bill Gates needs to trade me lives for a month and see if he says the same thing. As a person living in poverty I understand it more than someone on the outside looking in. I'm the one who is getting torn apart by high gas prices, bills rising, cost of food rising, taxes, Obamacare now a requirement($88 a month).

Again spend a month in my shoes and tell me this.

Casey See

For those willing to sacrifice, work, earn an education, and look beyond the immediate, poverty can end. For those not willing to do the above, no amount of aid, programs, and handouts will end poverty. This is the lie of income redistribution. In most of the countries Bill Gates mentioned, many of the people are sacrificing immediate gratification for long term rewards, earning an education, and working hard. For way too many in not just the US, but Europe, and other first world countries, people are not willing to sacrifice immediate gratification and instead drop out of school, get pregnant before being able to take care of their offspring, and take welfare because a job is beneath them, etc. For these, poverty will never end, because they believe they are owed a living.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

RaisingTheCeiling--Gates didn't say we are there yet.BTW, are you taking advantage of all the government programs available for those whose income is at or below the poverty level? Are you a member of the LDS church? They also have many programs that can help.

Are you willing to relocate? Job prospects related to all aspects of the mining business go begging in NV. Computer work to equipment operator to "roustabout." And many will provide training.

Also jobs related to the oil industry and all of its supporting industry ranging from food service to working on the rigs...and ALL jobs in between, in Midland TX and the Bakken Oil Fields in ND. Acquaintances with no HS Diploma are making $60,000/yr. Cost of living is high, but wages are higher!

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

Just goes to show how detached ultra rich left people are. Maybe he might be better off examining the fact that Liberal govts, including BO, are busy expanding poverty. Poor people who are dependent on govt are much more likely to vote for more govt because they blame the govt for their problems...so they think they should fix them. They have been mistakenly led to believe that govt can or will solve their problems which of course is complete fallacy. They perpetuate chronic poverty and a host of other social deterioration we face.

Factcheck dot org says poverty has increased since BO was elected. Now, if the leader of the industrialized world is busy expanding poverty for political interests, what in the world would lead us to believe poverty will be ending?

As long as their are liberals and government we will have poverty. They always need an excuse to expand govt to "provide" for the poor people.

It is comical to listen to these "enlightened" ultra-rich people though. Completely detached from the real world.

Provo, UT

Bill has billions and wants to keep it. Best way to do that is to tell people they are rich, therefore he should keep his billions.

Just like the saying "the Lord helps those who help themselves" is not scripture, but a phrase made up to sound like it, to escape helping the poor during the depression.

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