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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 1:15 p.m. MST

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Yeah go PAC-12!!

Onward and Upward

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Nice pick ups for the Utes!!! Hope they can help Utah in their Onward and Upward quest!!! How come Chris B has already commented on the BYU class of 2014 but not the Utes yet?

Go Cougs Rise Up!!!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I'm loving the Florida pipeline today. Can't wait to see them all in Red!

Salt Lake City, UT

Reno Cougs Fan 68,

I noticed you, too, commented on the Utes class of 2014 but not yet on the Cougars class.

I'm liking the speed of Utah's class, but as always the proof is on the field not in HS highlight videos and number of four star recruits.

Phoenix, AZ

"I'm liking the speed of Utah's class, but as always the proof is on the field not in HS highlight videos and number of four star recruits."

You make a good point. I just checked rivals and Utah is dead last in the PAC 12 for recruiting classes this year. Only one four star recruit, so we better not put an emphasis on the stars this year.

Cheyenne, WY

Lya Wodraska said that is all the expected signings for today.
I thought they had a few more committed?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


They do, but they are all sign & send mission kids.

To all the new Utes: Welcome, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful college career...on the field and in the classroom.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Excited for the speed, can never have too many speedy players. Just ask the SEC.

Cheyenne, WY

Thanks Brave Sir Robin

Sandy , UT

I like the speed at many of the skill positions that the Utes are bringing in especially at WR and DB were we need the most improvement. If and a big if Wilson can come back Utah will have an experienced QB and hopefully the new OL coach can do a better job with the protection schemes.

As for byu fans that are chirping in all I can say is Jake Heaps you can have all the stars but it takes heart to play football. Van Noy is still 0-4 against the Utes and wasnt he a big time recruit also?

Winning cures everything and if Dave Christenson can turn around the offense and give Utah an identy with Utah's defense they will win alot more games in the PAC and byu will still be looking in from the outside.

Orange County, CA

How did we lose two in-state recruits to CU?

St George, Utah

I think Utah made out with a pretty good class. Nobody really elite or flashy as far as stars go, but a lot of potential for sure.

I am a little surprised that recruiting QB's continues to be a struggle for Utah. Considering the current situation with Wilson and the situation with Wynn, I would think Whittingham would be putting a huge emphasis on getting some solid QB's. But maybe Donovan Isom is the answer? Also, it seems like recruiting LB's has had a huge dive in the last couple years. I'm interested in hearing how Ute fans are feeling about the current recruiting and the direction of the program.

I am not in anyway trying to stir up the Ute fanbase, just hoping for some good conversation

Salt Lake City, UT

Just curious but why wasn't there anything about how many stars they have? I know that doesn't always mean how they'll turn out but it's interesting to read about. I only say anything like that on the first couple of recruits then nothing. On BYU's they all had them listed, so just curious.

I read one comment on Van Noy being a high recruit and because he went 0-4 against Utah he didn't live up to his stars? Sorry guys it's a team game and I can guarantee all of you that you all would have wanted him on Utah's team since he was better than anyone you had. It also happened that BYU didn't really have a solid quarterback in all 4 of his years. Case could be made for the last year but he was still young and go much better as the year went on. So stupid comment. I guess we'll see what happens with the classes down the road but was just curious on the star thing is all. Good luck Utes. Whittingham has got to get better to stay with it in the Pac 12 though!

Highland, UT

They are signing two kids that only have one year of eligibility remaining, one a wr and one a db. That is odd although perhaps they feel they need players at those spots immediately. If that is the case then they better be good immediately because all they have is next season.


I can't tell you how many times utah "fans" like yourself or chris b have criticized BYU fans for making the exact same comment you just made about how stars don't really matter, etc. Nxt time you're tempted to make that comment to a BYU fan it would probably be wise to think twice because I am going to be right here to remind you of it.

Salt Lake City, UT


Remember that the Utes also have a quarterback transferring this year (from Wyoming-- we can debate if he's any good), and Chase Hansen returning from a mission late this year. I wonder if the Utes have gone overboard with DBs and receivers this year. They do have a lot of young, seemingly talented linebackers. I suspect that they will target linebackers next year. They seem a bit short on offensive linemen, but again they have a lot of young OL and word is that Sam Tevi will be moving to the OL next year. I'm also not sure which missionaries return this year. Harvey Langi may be home in time to play this year.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Just like on the field, BYU can't compete with us for top instate recruits.

But Utah needs to do a better job of keeping top in-state players, we lost 4 of them to other Big 5 teams. Last year we signed 5 players this year only 3.

Top 10 in-state Recruits (per Rivals): Utah signed the #1, #5 and #7 players.

I like that now we're recruiting Florida, thanks Dennis Erickson.

Overall disappointed in this recruiting class, we haven't had this bad of a class ranking in a long time.

Pocatello, ID

Love this class.

Picking DJ Law from Ole Miss is a big get.

Also I love that Lowell Lotulelei has officially signed a LOI, add another 4* recruit to the fold.

Trog, to your point about the stars, I think this class will end up being a perfect example of the fallibility of the star system

The 4 out of state 2 star commits that came to Utah had BCS (yes I know the BCS is done, but I'm using it as a reference point) offers from:

Travonne Hobbs: Arkansas, K State, Miss St. Baylor and WVU
Casey Hughes: Colorado, Oregon St. (Always nice to beat out other Pac-12 schools)
Monte Seabrook: Utah was his only offer: Was 1st team all-state (1-A) in Florida and was in their all-star game
Tavaris Williams: Duke, Oregon, Georgia

It will be interesting to see how these guys play out, but most of these guys also ran track, and they are FAST

Orange County, CA

Black & Blue:

Since Wilson was injured I've been concerned about QB recruiting, but nothing changed - Isom was the only QB recruit. It was reported that Erickson wasn't thrilled with our other QB backups so I didn't understand why so little focus on the position. Time will tell if Isom is the answer or one of our other QB's can step it up with a full spring, summer, and fall.

With no QB in place it's hard to get to WR recruits.

When the coaching staff is in disarray it's hard to recruit well.

I'm happy to be in the PAC-12, but we're not seeing the improvement year to year that was expected so I'm not optimistic about 2014. I like Coach Whitt and hope he can get the team to perform well enough to justify keeping him. I'd like to see us have a coach with a 20-year run, and I though Kyle could do that. Here's hoping!


Please lighten up, duckhunter. You always have a bone to pick with Utah fans (No, we're not "fans" as you desperately want to disparage us, and the D News editors allow you to do so).

Pocatello, ID

Black and Blue

Great Questions:

From my standpoint. LB and QB were not the biggest needs for this class.

Utah brought in 3 QBs last class. All of whom red-redshirted, so bringing in 2 for this class probably wasn't needed. Reports about Isom are that he is the real deal. He was the 5-A MVP in Lousianna. He committed early to the program, blew up his senior year, but shut his recruiting down and wouldn't entertain any overtures from other schools when they came calling.

LBs. Again not as pressing a need as secondary and receiver help. Last year, Utah arguably had their best LB play since their Sugar Bowl season, and that was with out Blechen, a projected starter and Gianni Paul (transfer from Miami who was reportedly the best LB in camp) playing. So right there, depth is increased with those 2 coming back-though Blechen is projected right now as a safety. Waiting in the wings are guys like Masina who got significant reps as a true freshman last year, you still have Norris and Whittingham as Juniors and Jacoby Hale, senior

Names to watch out of this year: Clarence Smith, Pita Taumoepenu,

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