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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 2:20 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

A great 2014 recruiting class shaping up for BYU - looking forward to hearing all about it at the Cougar Club luncheon today.

Park City, UT

Isn't "BYU's 2014 recruiting class of 2014" redundantly repeating itself over and over?

Anywho, good luck to all of the new recruits.

River Falls, WI

Already a decent signing class even without some of the big-time stars who are currently question marks. If we get any of those (Mama, Nacua, Sutton, Leiataua) I think we did o.k. BYU usually ranks around 60-70 and we should be around there again this year.

Lindon, UT

How is the OL coming for the this year of 2014? That is the most critical, as it was last year, in which it had its problems.

West Point , UT

I'm excited to see some of the late signees. BYUs recruiting class will rank lower overall because they will only have 15-16 recruits but they are getting quality players.

And yes, could we change the headline: BYUs 2014 recruiting class of 2014 sounds just a tad redundant.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

No Fred Warner? Did we lose him to USC?

Clinton, UT

Mama to USC, Sutton to SMU, still nothing on Warner or Leiataua, Nacua's mom said he is going to BYU. Anybody know about Takitaki?

Clinton, UT

Mama to USC, Sutton to SMU, Nacua's mother said he is going to BYU. Anything on Warner, Leiataua, or Takitaki?

West Point , UT

No Warner hasn't sent his in yet. I'm excited about Devon Blackmon though...he can be something special and is rated 4 stars and Juco top 50 by ESPN (above Nick Kurtz).

Frisco, TX

Happy to see Blackmon and Leslie on the list. Still hopeful for Nacua, Warner and Leiataua. Small but good recruiting class.

Clinton, UT

At least they got the best possible outcome at WR, 2 of the top JUCO guys and the UTEP transfer were big gets for BYU. WR should be a strength with those guys added

West Point , UT

I think Takitaki is solid for BYU he just hasn't sent his in yet either. My understanding is that Warner is also waiting but will commit to BYU (according to a grad assistant I know). Who knows on Nacua and Leiatua.

Clinton, UT

I am being told Nacua is BYU bound. His mother thanked Bronco yesterday for opening up a scholarship for him even after they pulled their offer when he decided to play out the recruiting process this past fall, that is what I am hearing anyway.

Rexburg, ID

Fred Warner just signed with BYU. A great addition!!!

Clovis, Ca

Fred Warner just signed

West Point , UT

I hope you're right about Nacua. That would be awesome...and 3 four star recruits now that Fred W and Blackmon have signed. And other services have Kurtz listed as 4 star as well. This is shaping up to be a nice class, and you know what I like most about it? It has some speed and athletes...something BYU has been lacking in.

Welcome to the Blue recruits, we're excited to have you!

Clinton, UT

Nacua is in, now we need Leiataua and it will have been a good day for BYU Football!

Clinton, UT

All the recruiting sites have us getting Mariner and Pau'u, are they still coming to BYU? Not that either is highly ranked, just wondering on their status.


Has Leiataua signed with BYU or did he go elsewhere?

Krispy Zadoosh
Salt Lake, UT

What's up with all the 3 and 4 star recruits? I thought BYU only landed 1 and 2 star athletes.

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