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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 5 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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clearfield, UT

The best most productive states and the ones in the least debt and creating the most jobs are ones generally run by Republicans. Simple as that. Now if only the liberal part of America will see that what's best for the state is best for the nation and elect one of the Republican governors, the whole country will be better off. The answers to our problems are easy and simple. Just vote the right way, and remember what the vote of the last two Presidential elections has not done. Create a better economy for all. And in doing so has added 7 trillion dollars of debt to all Americans.

clearfield, UT

LDS Liberal

Reminder, which folks like you always seem to need. TEA Party. Taxed Enough Already. That is what the T-Party is and stands for. As for Reagan. "Government is not the solution, but the problem." That does not square with your assertion that he would be out of step with the TEA Party. In fact, in his early days running for President, it was the establishment Republicans of Nixon/Ford/Rockefeller ect. who were against Reagan. Reagan was the maverick of his day. He would have fit well into todays ANTI big government 17 trillion dollar debt Presidency of Obama and leadership of Pelosi and Reid. He would have been much closer to todays conservative Republicans than any of todays Democrats. And a question. If you are in deed LDS. How do you square 17 trillion dollar debt as being justified? If the LDS Church ran their economy like that they would be bankrupt. It goes totally against LDS teachings about money.

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