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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 4 2014 8:25 a.m. MST

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What BYU and USU are thinking is beyond me. You would think that Coach Wells would want to build on what Anderson built, but I guess he figures he'll do what Brent Guy, John L Smith, and the rest of the poor Aggie coaches have done and recruit away from Utah kids.
BYU's inability to recruit in-state lies on the shoulders of Kelly Poppinga, possibly the worst recruiter to ever exist. Coach Doman was great with the kids, took time to get to know them, and made them feel wanted. Pogginga on the other hand figures kids should want the honor of playing at BYU and not only does nothing good, he discourages good players.
Utah has to compete at a different level, yet they still have the most in-state kids signed.

Spanish Fork, UT

It is statistically insignificant the difference in ave. stars of recruits among the 3 schools. It's a statistic used by prevaracators and propagandists.

West Jordan, UT

I appreciate that Coach Peck is trying to make sure his players get into a good college, but he has to accept that all 3 programs have expanded their recruiting areas and that there is a dearth of talent outside of Utah too. I'm sure he does believe that his guys are D-I caliber players, but the truth is that there are probably dozens of D-I level players that get overlooked every year. Truth be told, it seems like a little sour grapes coming from a coach whose team won the state championship, and now he can't point to his program and say that it's translated directly into scholarships...


If you want to be the best team in the state you need to win the in-state recruiting battle. Utah wins it every year, and have shown they are the best team in the state recently. BYU needs to start looking at in-state kids more and more.

West Jordan, UT

@adwight - Apparently you didn't see the other DesNews headline then: "BYU's decision to cast a wider recruiting net is refreshing, needed"

South Weber, UT

I get the point of the article, but to be completely accurate, Weber and SUU are D-1. They are in a different sub-division, but are still D-1.

South Weber, UT

New Weber HC Jay Hill is committed to recruiting Utah kids, stating recently that he would like to average 60-65% instate recruits. And SUU has been doing a good job of recruiting Utah kids for years. So any quality recruit snubbed by the "Big 3" will be gobbled up by the state's two FCS schools, Weber and SUU.

West Point , UT

BYUs recruiting class on the whole is smaller this year because of the number of kids coming home from missions. Normally they sign more Utah kids, but they just don't have a big recruiting class anyway. The other issue is, who would BYU drop an offer from to take an instate kid this year. The recruits are almost all 3 star guys with a couple four stars...Utah HS just haven't produced that kind of talent this year. I recognize the bias that a HS coach has, but it does sound like sour grapes when your guys just don't measure up to the guys they've already got committed. BYUs recruiting class will be larger next year and that will mean more recruits from the state of Utah.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

Coach Andersen had it figured out. He has always recruited Utah kids and continues to do so even now he's in Wisconsin. The results there are yet to been seen, but every where else he's been he's had success.

South Jordan, UT

How is it sour grapes? Peck has had a large number of kids in recent years get D-1 offers. The coaches know these kids in state better than anybody. Some of those kids that are signing with smaller Utah schools did have some D-1 offers from out of state schools, but decided to stay in state to play. So it has nothing to do with sour grapes. They know which kids have the talent to play at the bigger programs, and they are saying they were overlooked by the big 3 in state schools for kids coming from out of state. I know which kid Peck is referring to that he says is a definite D-1 talent and didn't get 1 offer. And he's absolutely right. The kid would contribute very well at one of the big 3 in state programs. To me it's these schools thinking the grass is greener in other states. Utah thinks now they are PAC 12, they should be getting the 4 and 5 star kids from out of state. But they aren't. Anderson was doing it the right way and it showed with how the program grew.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

In the article it said that this is about a normal year. didn't it? What's the big deal? Let's wait and actually see who goes where and then go from there.


@Shawrim I don't agree with the article. If you want to have in-state success, it all starts with getting the best in state kids. No ifs ands or rationalizations will change that. BYU has struggled immensely these last few years in state and are trying to slough it off as "a focus out of state." They are getting beat out for in state recruits and the trend needs to change.

Salt Lake City, UT

"...that’s the colleges' job to prove me wrong,” said a frustrated Hamilton

Ha. Not really. They don't have to prove anything to you.

Danville, CA

If this athlete referred to in the article truly is D-1 caliber he should walk onto BYU's team. Look at all the walk-on's who have been very successful. Bronco loves walk-on's and they historically have done well on the team.

Hyrum, UT

@ plyxply:

I'm curious as to what your credentials are to know the specifics of recruiting philosophy of each recruiter from each of the instate big schools?
How exactly is it that you know specifically what Kelly Proppinga "figures" concerning his potential recruits? How and why would he "discourage good players"... as you put it?

Most of what you're saying is opinion only and should be recognized as such... and nothing else. As a known Ute fan, you obviously have your own bias, and it shows.

For your info, BYU does NOT have an inability to recruit in-state. They've proven that year-in and year-out by often signing the cream of the in-state crop. They usually have a double digit number of in-state recruits. But as the article made very clear, BYU has an unusually high number of returning missionary athletes coming back, so didn't recruit as many this year. People, and especially critics, shouldn't read too much into that. If it keeps happening, then that's another thing. But not yet.

Interesting that some of the same critics who previously said BYU should expand recruiting are now saying the opposite.

West Jordan, UT

BYU and Utah have to learn to compete on a bigger stage and it won't happen by recruiting local kids. These kids may look good in local games but they are not the athletes needed to win against top quality athletes. The same Big Fish/Little Pond reality that BYU and Utah have lived with for many years exists in the recruiting game. Utah has gotten a heavy does of this reality since entering in to the PAC 12 and BYU has not exactly fared well since going independent and playing more of the big boys.

Anyone can do well in one game but to play a heavy weight schedule week after week you need a higher caliber athlete. Very few of those will come from Utah. Take a look at BYU basketball. Athletes are needed to consistently compete.

West Point , UT

I don't agree with you that BYU is trying to slough anything off. BYU has turned it's focus and attention out of state, not just in recruiting but in where their athletes and athletic programs compete. They are trying to put their athletic teams all over the country to play from coast to coast as part of their mission and philosophy. Recruiting out of state just follows that philosophy and believe me that will continue. BYU will recruit less and less in state players, not because Utah HS players aren't good but because BYU wants a wider, broader reach and seeks to accomplish that partially through their sports programs. As for Utah and Utah State who have different missions or philosophies (aren't trying to increase exposure to the Mormon faith for instance), I agree they should try and keep as much of the great talent from the state here as they can.

Genola, UT

With all due respect, BYU is not a Utah university. It is a university that happens to be in Utah. Given that its student body and alumni hail from all across the nation, and indeed the world, it makes more sense for them to recruit out of state such that their football team is more of a reflection of its student body and alumni. Students and alumni do not want to watch a football team made up almost exclusively of Utah players. Football independence makes it even more desirable to recruit broadly because the majority of road games are not played exclusively in a single region. Coach, if your players are as good as you say they are then they'll get their chance.

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

I think the timing is right for Utah Valley to start playing football.

West Point , UT

Btw, to call Kelly Poppinga a bad recruiter is beyond ridiculous. He brings in big time players at outside linebacker on a consistent basis and this years recruiting class is no exception. Matter of fact I'd wager that linebacker is probably BYUs best recruited position right now overall and I think most people that are fans and follow BYU football would agree with me in that regard. Plyxply...write these names down, Fred Warner & Tyler Cook...and be sure to watch Alani Fua again next year because, while he's been in Van Noys shadow he still made some amazing plays this year and will be a stud next year. And who recruited these guys? You probably won't want to answer that.

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