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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 4 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Want the answer Harold?


We here in Utah love giving tax breaks for businesses to come. As a result, we place the tax increases on the poor and middle class and we cut corners on things like education and law enforcement. See that big adobe building in Lehi along I-15? You build that, they didn't. Just like the new prison that will be jammed down our throats. Real estate developers will privatize the profits while socializing the costs. You the taxpayer pay for the land while a select few reap the rewards.

That's why education and law enforcement are so underfunded. Businesses don't pay taxes in this state. Malls, software developing companies, etc are given sweetheart deals. While necessary services are cut and the tax burden falls squarely on the poor and middle classes. This is what happens with one party rule!

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Waaaahh Waaahh... Businesses don't pay enough in taxes in Utah, and somebody's going to make money if we move the prison...

Truth is... police are there to protect us, and we should be willing to pay for it if we want to double our expenses on law enforcement (not just businesses).

We could double what you spend on law enforcement today... but we would probably have to CUT the education budget. And we know that is never going to happen (and shouldn't happen).

So if YOU are willing to pay more in taxes (no.. not somebody else, but YOU pay more taxes)... then quit the whining that somebody else isn't paying enough in taxes for you to have what you want.


I think police officers should be paid more. If we double them up in each car with the same budget... we would be under pressure to pay each officer less (not a good plan IMO).

Instead of driving around in twos at all times, even though 2 officers are rarely needed... call for backup more frequently (any time it looks like 2 officers would help make the situation safer).

Sandy, UT

I wonder if there will be any mention in the official investigation about how the perpetrator, as a convicted felon, received access to a weapon.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Was this last tragedy the fault of having only one police officer per car or was it caused by letting a felon out of prison who was still unprepared to obey the law? Nothing will bring that officer back. No one will ever fill the void. Having two officers in a car may have cost the lives of both officers.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Good question. How did this convicted violent felon get a gun?

The girl in the car with him probably knew he was a felon (and that he had a gun). Many of his relatives probably knew he was a felon (and he had a gun).

His friends, family, wife, girlfriends, etc, who knew who he was and knew he had a gun (and did nothing about it)... have some level of responsibility in this.


Some lessons learned:
-The government can't know when any citizen is unstable (though they should have known in this case).
-Obviously background checks don't work (100% of the time).
-His mother, father, girlfriend, room mate, buddies, SOMEBODY, knew he had a gun (illegally) and did nothing about it. Somebody gave him that gun. These people are indirectly responsible for letting what happened happen.

Maybe we need some laws that hold people who give access to guns to people who shouldn't have them some punishment. Even if they just left their legally owned guns unsecured where a person like this felon or a mentally unstable person living in their home could get access to them.

clearfield, UT

Seems to have evolved into a gun control debate. Name a place in America where a criminal could not get a gun if he wanted one.

Phoenix, AZ

"Pair up police officers"

No. Make them wear bullet-proof vests. Thick ones that will stop a bullet from a rife.

Provo, UT

Alfred, Officer Wride was hit in the head. A bullet-proof vest would not have saved him. He was probably wearing one. He was sitting in his car when the felon shot him through the windshield. We need bullet-proof windshields.

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