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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 10:25 p.m. MST

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Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Perhaps less time playing video games might broaden our horizons and increase knowledge of the world around us? Just a thought.

Salt Lake City, UT

Football is ancillary to personal growth and academic excellence. The fact that some recruits don't know much about BYU speaks to their education and not BYU's profile. The petty insults of some who comment on BYU articles speak more about their character than the thrust of the comment.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

But the beauty of it all is that once Jamal learned about BYU and the quality of the program and the school he picked BYU over anyone else. Jamal's knowledge of BYU is not an indicator of every high school kid out there. If a kid watches college football on EPSN on Saturday he will see BYU and will not see Utah. What does that say about the relevance of u football?

Speaking of stars I noticed that Crissy left out the 2014 star numbers and also left out how the utes compare to ALL other pac schools, including WSU in recruiting this year. Funny how WSU out recruited the u this year. We can see where the programs are headed.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

If I were a kid that was looking at BYU and u I and wanted to play on national TV every week I would pick BYU hands down. The pac won't even give u the airtime that other pac schools get, let alone that the pac network is limited nationally.

Layton, UT

espnn and espnu have limitations too.


Here we go again. Every sports article on BYU or Utah is like a date with the Bickersons.

This rivalry used to be more fun—real, but harmless. Unfortunately, the current contempt that Chris B and many other Utah fans feel for BYU is a sad and lingering byproduct of the Urban Meyer years. He used the rivalry to get his players mean and focused. Granted, he did engineer a significant but temporary turnaround for the Utes. Apparently that was enough to convince fans of Meyer’s methodology, and pure hate (on both sides) became a regular part of the rivalry culture.

Even after Meyer jilted the Utes and began a relationship with the Gators, the visceral nastiness he left behind continued to fester (again, on both sides). Meyer did the exact same rivalry routine in Florida and his team was mean enough to have 31 off the field arrests during his tenure. Somebody should have warned Florida that their reputation would be thoroughly sullied in the process. Now he is at Ohio State, and the day he got there, the Buckeyes were instructed to refer to their biggest rival as “the team up north.” No names allowed. Sound familiar?

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Bronco. BYU has never lost a recruit who wanted to play at BYU.


Buena Vista, VA

I watch sports occasionally (mainly superbowl and world series, and my kids' high school games, especially the ones they play in), but am not a true sports fan. So as an LDS member/ sports outsider, I'd rather BYU have players that keep the honor code, than win games. Because, they are just that, games. Real life is more important. Now, if BYU can recruit top athletes that keep the honor code, great. I think, however, sometimes we get so caught up in games that we forget the purpose of life. Is it more important to win games, or to proclaim the gospel, perfect the saints, care for the poor, and redeem the dead? With all the millions of $ that we spend on sports especially big time college football, while we still have very financially and spiritually poor people, I suggest that our collective national priorities might be off. Don't get me wrong; sports can do good if done right.

American Fork, UT

@ minion

Um... Woody Hayes started the whole "team up north"thing. He had an intense hatred of all things Michigan. He wouldn't even say the name of the state calling it "that state up north". Urban Meyer, being from Ohio, knew this and instituted that "team down south" thing here. It was stolen from Woody.

But I do agree - the intense hatred between the schools is his fault. And Whit, who played at BYU, has only fueled the fire.

Layton, UT

I have a feeling that the powers that be at byu agree with you and they will continue to downgrade intercollegiate athletics.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Shouldn't an inner city high school football player know that powerhouse programs like byu are division I?

Ever hear of an inner city high school football recruit think Michigan, USC, Florida, Texas, or Oregon are division II?

Byu is a powerhouse right?

Two weeks ago byu had a better rpi than duke, Kentucky, Louisville, and Michigan state.

Lol. Keep telling yourself that matters halfway through the season when most programs are playing big time conference schedules which will increase the rpi and byu is playing nobodies.

And yet byu fans can't give me a single example of another recruit thinking another powerhouse program was division II

Too funny!

West Point , UT

What? An article about BYU recruiting where CB makes one of the first comments (or cuts and pastes is more accurate)? I'm shocked!

I'm glad BYU is broadening their pursuit of athletes to out of state and non LDS players that fit the honor code. I'm looking forward to seeing how it translates on the field. Hopefully getting higher star athletes will actually produce more wins and bowl games for Bronco, instead of the underachieving bowless debacle it has produced elsewhere...cough, cough.

It's so sad, Chris, that in 2014 you won't even be able to shine that "average stars" trophy over BYU. But hey you've still got the SOS and "We've Got More NFL players" trophies to hug at night. And when it gets really cold and lonely in bowless December you can always turn on your neon PAC12 sign to brighten your spirits. And if even that fails, heaven forbid, you can turn on the dancing Santa with the "Bowls Are For Fruit Loops" T-shirt singing I'm a Utah man sir.

Anaheim, CA

My favorite part of these comments was when BlueHusky assumed a Ute fan would ever understand what a regression analysis and R-square are.

Apo, AP

I really don't think the 'wider net' philosophy will do much.
The reality is that BYU is BYU. Just that fact alone will limit recruiting, and it's nothing to be ashamed of.
Air Force has a similar glass ceiling and they are proud of who they are. Harvard doesn't spend its time or focus on sports and it works well for them. Georgetown has a DII football team, but they are a top-notch University.

BYU has more going for it than sports. I love BYU sports, but they are secondary to its overall purpose. My BYU degree helped me start a great career in spite of anything their athletic programs have accomplished.

I hope for their athletic success, but wins and losses all become things of the past, unlike degrees and education.


@ Eastcoastcougar,

He doesn't spend too much time researching BYU. That is a cut and paste of at least 20 other posts he's made on different articles. I kid not. It gets old, but sometimes brings a smile. BYU obsessed. Yes, even more than most of us cougar fans. Chris, come to a BYU b-ball game with some of us. You'll love it! Seriously. Open invitation.

West Point , UT

"I have a feeling that the powers that be at byu agree with you and they will continue to downgrade intercollegiate athletics."

Je ne peux pas discuter. Saddens me.

West Point , UT

I think 70% is being generous don't you? Or were you just trying to be diplomatic? And thanks for bringing statistics into a sports discussion...I do enough research in my job, I come here for escape from that! Lol


I think Coach Rose would do well to borrow Bronco's new, large recruiting net. Rose's current net only extends 15 miles north to American Fork.

Stockton, CA

@ eastcoastcoug

Well said, well done.

Highland, UT

ken you need to check your math.

BYU Per scout 3.04
Per rivals 2.67

utah per scout 2.64
per rivals 3.04

So if both have an average of 3.04 from one of the services, but BYU's ranking from the other service is 2.67 while utah's ranking is 2.64 that means BYU's ranking would be .3 higher than utah's not .10 lower.

Once again ken lets do this math BYU 3.04 scout, utah 3.04 rivals, that is even. BYU 2.67 rivals, utah 2.64 scout, that is BYU +.3

I like your utah math though. LOL!

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