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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 10:25 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT


Chris's above statement is correct. Yours is incorrect

BYU 2010 scout 3.04 Rivals 2.67 Average 2.855
Utah 2010 scout 2.64 Rivals 3.04 Average 2.865
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 all were better for Utah, even using the average for rivals and Scout like you said.
Seriously, do you byu fans just make up things to try and prove a point?


As long as BYU is letting poppinga try and recruit they will lose most of those battles. He set up appointments to meet with players and coaches and never showed up and never called to explain why. I guess he figures that he doesn't need to recruit, the players will all just show up anyway.
Doman may not have been the best OC ever, but at least he cared about the team and was a great recruiter.

Cheyenne, WY

@ people bragging about recruiting.
Ken you do realize you are bragging about a 0.1 percent difference right?
BYU and Ute fans should be worried about the fact the are in the bottom half of D-1 football in recruiting not against eachother.

Henderson, NV


You just now are realizing the perspective of Chris B? At least BYU is positioned better for casting a national recruiting net. And they still offer the state's crème de la crème position for properly qualified Utah student athletes, Utah's PAC 12 membership not withstanding. Strip out the PAC powers-that-be Birkenstock bigotry and BYU, hands down, would be the PAC or anyone else's choice for an invitation to join a conference. From quality across the athletic department, to entrance selectivity, to loyal and expansive fan base, BYU has more to offer in-state or out-of-state prospects.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


If Utah can't recruit with the big boys in the Pac 12 and Utah is irrelevant, what does that say about teams that lose the recruiting battle to Utah, like byU?

And fyi, Utah the last 4 years has been within a half star of almost every Pac 12 team, so if you think a half star isn't much of a difference between byU and Utah, then it must not be much of a difference between Utah and the big time schools right?

And whatever difference there is between Utah and the big time schools, multiply that by 2 to get the difference between byU and the big time schools


Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT


a .1% difference? At 2.635 to 3.010 that means Utah is 14% higher than byu. You may want to re-do that math pal. If you want to spin it, you could say that "byu was lower than Utah by 12%" if 12% sounds better than 14%, but its also correct saying "Utah was better than byu by 14%" It all depends on which team is the base of comparison, but either way its a 12% difference or 14% difference.

A .1% difference? Try that math again.

Salt Lake City, UT


It was a list intended for BYU fans, who know who they are, but to inform the uninformed I will describe them thusly:

More Sammy Baigh Winners - 3 - than Utah has in its history. (BYU has 7 total, more than any other school)

More consensus All-American QBs - 2 - than Utah has in its history. (out of 4 consensus, 7 All-American in 8 different years)

More Super Bowl winning QBs - 1 - than Utah has in its history. (BYU has 2, Utah 0)

An All-American Tight End (BYU has 10, total)

A better OC than Utah has, has had, or ever will have, from whose coaching tree 3 Super Bowl coaches, 2 winners, sprung. (Holmgren, Billick and Reid studied under him)

None were LDS when they came to BYU, but two joined the Church, showing they benefitted BYU football, and attending BYU blessed their lives. Perhaps the net never should've been "narrowed," just the holes repaired so the wrong fish didn't get through.

Orem, UT

I have experienced the same thing! Poppinga lacks accountability. I know he has alienated some people since he arrived.

Nibley, UT

Ute fans, so what if you can beat BYU in recruiting. Do I need to remind you that you play in the PAC 10+2. Maybe when you can come close to recruiting against your conference rivals you will win some games and maybe go to a bowl. Quit being fixated on beating BYU in recruiting. Worry about what's happening against the teams you play. See if you can match Stanford or Oregon, you should not care what BYU does. Get some perspective.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

@CougorUte...Nahh - Its not so much we "care" about what byu does. We're just more than happy to remind them where they stand relative to us when they remind us where we stand relative to teams like Stanford and Oregon. Not much to laugh about when calling a team a doormat if you're below that doormat.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uncle Rico,

I'm with you 100%. the average bowl team practices 14-15 times before the bowl (there is no limit) -- 15 is the limit to number of practices in spring. Bronco wasted 9 practices -- 60% of the spring allotment. Is he going to do away with spring, too? If you are worried about burnout, have non-contact practices, and guys will itch to hit.

What does a coach who already HAS FOUR championships at two schools do? (If you want a NC why not follow the beaten path rather than reinvent the wheel?)

“We have an opportunity for a lot of young players to sort of re-learn,” Nick Saban said. “It’s very difficult for young players to learn during the fall because you’re changing all the time, game plans and so forth. But to go back and fundamentally re-teach things that you did in fall camp and really focus on the little things that guys need to do to be successful players and try to get them to develop better habits, which are sometimes more difficult to do during the season.”

Salt Lake City, UT

Bowl Practice, continued:

"As Saban alluded to, the biggest beneficiaries during that time are younger players, those down a bit on the depth chart and stuck behind veterans. They don’t see as many repetitions or one-on-one attention from position coaches during the regular season. The two weeks or so of bowl preparation practices are a sort of head start towards 2014 spring practice.

Players such as Eddie Jackson or Maurice Smith, who played some in 2013 but may be tasked with broader roles in 2014. Perfecting techniques is tops on the agenda, but there’s also a chance for student-athletes to show coaches how far they’ve come.

“We basically do a lot of fundamental things that give us a chance to show the coaches what we can do and stuff like that in terms of helping the team out,” senior wide receiver Kevin Norwood said. “I kept getting that opportunity and coach kept believing in me. I loved the bowl practices. It gave me an opportunity to showcase my talent. And that’s what this is doing for the younger guys too. And the upper guys have to focus on finishing, pretty much.”

Salt Lake City, UT

Bowl Practice 3:

Quarterback is the position most will watch heading into the offseason with Alabama’s starting role up for grabs for the first time since 2011. With five quarterbacks on the roster, including Blake Sims, Alec Morris, Luke Del Rio, Cooper Bateman and Parker McLeod, the extra work during bowl practices could help one guy separate himself from the others.

“I think it’s a tremendous benefit to all players, but especially to young players,” Saban said. “For the seniors, it gives them an opportunity to finish their career here the right way. And to everybody else who’s coming back on the team, they have a chance to make an impression for themselves as well as the kind of football team we might have next year.”

Cheyenne, WY

@ lifelong Ute
Ken said "BYU 2010 scout 3.04 Rivals 2.67 Average 2.855
Utah 2010 scout 2.64 Rivals 3.04 Average 2.865"
so what is 2.855/2.2865 there is a .1 percent difference in what he said (I referenced Ken).
I would recommend people using more that one source.
247 has it 3 percent difference running average.
scout over 5 years has a 1.5 percent
rivals rates based on offers and interest received by a recruit.
Scout.com has scouts throughout the country working.
Rivals has a rating system other than stars
where the majority of BYU's and Utah's recruits are 5.4-5.7 are deemed good prospects but not great or elite.

San Antonia, TX

BYU can recruit whomever they want wherever they want, but if they fire guys like Ben Cahoon who is one of the Greatest receivers of all time and have guys like Chad Lewis who actually works in the Athletic dept. at BYU but Bronco can't figure out how to actually use his help coaching the TE's then BYU deserves to lose.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uh, Ken...

If your numbers from the different services are right, then your math is wrong, unless there is data you didn't include:

BYU (3.04 + 2.67)/2 = 2.855
UTAH (2.64 + 3.04)/2 = 2.840

This tidbit notwithstanding, one cannot aggregate data from one statistical sample and another and draw a conclusion unless the data was gathered the same and rated the same by the same people. They are not. We don't even know if they rated the same players, number of players, had the same number of four, three, two, one and unrated players, etc.

From your data the only accurate conclusion would be that one service rated BYU higher, and one rated Utah higher. But thanks for illustrating that the services are subjective, as are those who tend to quote one service or another.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

No surprises here. 2 of the first 6 comments to another BYU article are from you, still pretending to be an expert on all things BYU, and still with the same obscure footnote story you've been using for over 2 years about a single inner-city high school kid from California who previously didn't know much about BYU. Big Deal. What's even more impressive for BYU is that after learning about them, he chose BYU over all other schools.

One high school kid out of over 100,000 that are recruited annually. Big deal. As sports news stories go, that one is truly in the running for the title of Mr. Irrelevant.

A question... If Utah recruits so much better than BYU, shouldn't they be beating their games by more than just a single score, and not letting BYU keep consistently beating them concerning field stats?
Almost always going to the last play of those games indicates no dominance by Utah whatsoever. That doesn't say much for them if they start out with such bigger-star athletes than BYU. So, kudos to Bronco.

Seriously, is that all you've got... again?

Provo, UT

@chris b,

Beating up on my cougs means you would do well in the WAC not the PAC. If you haven't noticed the WAC 2.0 going on over here.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

You've finally proven the point that many people have been trying to make here for quite awhile. Since (as you say) Utah is recruiting within a half-star of the big boys in the PAC12 each year, but still only compete for the cellar spot each and every season, then stars obviously don't mean much.

Another good point is that if Utah actually is beating the stars war in the state, then why does BYU spend most of each season nationally ranked better than Utah? And why does both USU and BYU now consistently go to more bowl games than Utah and finish seasons with better records?
Don't start crying about SOS. It's certainly no one else's fault that Utah has gotten in over their heads with their current tough schedules. It was their choice.

No one is shedding tears when you and certain other Ute fans come online and start asking for sympathy and understanding regarding your tough schedules.
Is it tough? It certainly is. But Utah asked for it and now they have it. Learn to live with the consequences.

So all-in-all, stars ultimately don't mean much.

Layton, UT

Stop pretending that you have a national following outside of the LDS community and concentrate on not losing the quality LDS athlete to other schools.

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