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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 10:25 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

I agree. BYU is a national brand and should recruit nationally. There are growing numbers of LDS all over the country so those kids should always be vetted. There are also a lot of kids that fit BYU's standards that are not LDS and they need to be recruited as well. BYU limits itself by only recruiting a certain type of kid so in order to help offset that self imposed limitation it needs to increase the territory it recruits in. There are plenty of good, moral athletes in the world that can fill BYU's scholarships. Not all kids that are good and moral kids will come to BYU, there are other fine schools they can attend, but BYU is a fine option for them and one they should be given an opportunity to consider. It is Bronco's job to make sure those kids are contacted and made aware of what BYU has to offer them in the way of education, lifestyle, and athletics.

Provo, UT

Home Run Harmon ,

It's about time we get back to recruiting non-Mormon high-quality kids, Two names come to mind Ty Detmer and Steve Sarkisian. One joined the church and the other one didn't but both of them are fine men. Now we need to do the same thing with our Assistant coaches like Ted Thomer & Mike Holmgren.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I'm just glad we don't never loose recruits we get what we want.

Salt Lake City, UT

Gary Sheide, Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon, Clay Brown, Doug Scovil...

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu has not been recruiting very well since going Indy.

Per rivals AND scout, byu has never been better than 2nd in recruiting in the state for the last 4 years. In fact, byu's best year of the last 4 is worse than Utah's best year of the last 4.

2013 - 2.31(ouch)
2012 - 2.87
2011 - 2.58
2010 - 2.78

2013 - 2.96
2012 - 3.04
2011 - 2.95
2010 - 3.09

byu average last 4 years 2.635
Utah average last 4 years 3.010

Do higher stars guarantee wins?


And neither does practicing, good coaching, fast players, strong players, watching film, or even scoring lots of points.

But those help, as does having better athletes. And on AVERAGE, recruiting services get it right and the AVERAGE stars of a teams says a lot about their athletic ability.

Best of luck to all recruits

salt lake city, UT

Bronco isn't known for recruiting. but isn't funny how BYU is finally thinking of this? Long over due. but good luck to Bronco.

West Jordan, UT

Chris B. If Utah is so far better in reciting then why do they Stink? Plus the scouting services don't take into account the Missionary program and that many players don't play for a couple of years.

No matter what you say, among Utahans the Cougars will always be #1 in this state. You and your suspect numbers and your Red glasses will just have to settle for 2nd. Sure the Utes have won 4 in a row and I commend them for that. How ever they don't seem to be able to beat anyone else. What's the deal. Utah has been hit or miss for a while now and all they have to hang their hats on is the fact that they can beat BYU. You, according to your own stats should be ashamed of what the Utes and their performance. If they are so much better then why can't they play better. Anywhere else in the USA coach Whit would have been canned by now. Bronco works with a reciting list of about 30 players while the Utes can chose from hundreds of players who couldn't even make the list at BYU.

Sandy, UT

Rational, Were you just listing 4 players you liked? Or were you saying those guys also though BYU was a division II program as Chris mentions?

St. George, UT

I've decided that Chris B. has BYU envy. I also think that the B stands for Brigham. At the end of the day it all boils down to relevance, tradition, prestige, and national prominence. Simply put, the Y has it, and the Utes never have. The Utes are bottom feeders in both basketball and football in the Pac12. BYU regularly goes to bowl games, and lately, the Utes have only dreamed about them. The NCAA tourney is an annual event for BYU, and once again, the Utes look to the annual game with the Y as their big dance. BYU has a Heisman winner, national championship, Steve Young, Jim McMahon, the Jimmer, Danny Ainge, a nice contract with ESPN, the Miracle Bowl, etc, etc, etc. The Utes have simply stood back and admired these accomplishments over the years.

Mission Viejo, CA

Chris B's point was that lots of people outside of the intermountain west don't know much about BYU.

We old guys remember the breakout years of the 1980's, but today's recruits we're unborn or little children when BYU's list of great QB's ended with the 1984 NC or Detmer's Heisman.

Independence is putting BYU on the map. It is tough to win on the road, but that's the route BYU will have to go.

Personally, I think it is great that BYU is reaching out to kids everywhere. It will be better for BYU to have them (both on the team and on the campus). A broader view is great for all of us.

As for Chris' rating smak, I agree with his point about overall ranking. Higher average is good. Chris, how about putting together a list of recruits, email it to me, and I'll run the stats. My guess is that a regression analysis of success will have an R-square of less than 70%.

Danbury, CT

@Chris B

I'm constantly amazed by the amount of time you spend researching and thinking about BYU. Astounding.

RE a recruit not knowing about BYU...you will find gazillions of people out there that don't know their geography or about this organization or that one. I've met tons of people internationally that know where Botswana and Madagascar are located but aren't sure about the state of Utah. They think Holland is the capital of Copenhagen (an actual joke European's have about Americans). With BYU on ESPN since 1984 playing D1 programs, it says more about some kids' geography savvy than anything else. Your quote proves nothing.

Danbury, CT

I'm pleased to see the wider recruiting net. We should have started this when we went independent to go along with the games we are playing.

I'd like to see us cast a wider net in finding an OC. Bronco has hired an alum who never coached before and another alum who we had let go. Both have been disasters. I remember the days of Tollner, Holmgren and other non LDS coaches who brought something new and clever to the game.

Bronco will have "arrived" as a great HC when he hires stronger people around him. He's been very timid and unimaginative in his hiring. LaVell's success was in who he put around him to run the team.

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

The misconception of BYU being a D-II school will quickley be corrected as these HS players see BYU on ESPN playing other big name D-I schools. I think the tide is turning on the recruiting front. Would a player from Texas (or anywhere east of the rockies) rather play at a D-I school that consistantly has a winning record, espn coverage and bowl game dates or play for a school with a losing record and not much TV coverage for this folks back home? I don't think that kid would say, "yeah we had a 5-7 season but man was it great to a part of the PAC-12". If he did say that then there would other issues about Utah recruiting. As Utah tries to out recruit the other PAC-12 schools on the West coast they are on a very uphill battle. Time will tell.

Chandler, AZ

@Chris B
You make good points. I don't often agree with you, but I can't argue with most of what you've said.

However, to those disparaging BYU for "just now thinking of this", this was explained right in the article. Mendenhall's main objective when he took the reins was to right the ship. Now that their house is in order (mixaphorically speaking), now that they've reestablished a culture of obedience to the Honor Code, they are better prepared to recruit outside of Utah.

Orem, UT


Less than a half star difference for the big, bad pacite over the whimpy little indy.

Compare that to the difference between the big boys of the PAC and the whimpy little bottom dwellers of the PAC and you get a real perspective on where U really stand nationally in the world of major college football - IRRELEVANT - unranked and bowl-less!

Gorum The Older
makefu, 00

Re: Chris B

"Per rivals AND scout, byu has never been better than 2nd in recruiting in the state for the last 4 years."

Utah recruits over the past 5 years have averaged more stars by their names than their BYU counter parts, but your above statement is incorrect. Using the average of Scout and Rivals star ratings, BYU had/has a better class in 2010 and 2014 while Utah had the better class in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Brilliant move by Bronco. Glad he finally discovered that recruiting better players will lead to a better team.

Maybe next he will discover that practicing more than a couple of times before the bowl game is a good idea.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Frankly, I'm surprised. I think it is necessary and long overdue. Walk-ons are fine, but when you have so many it indicates that something is wrong with recruiting or evaluation of talent.

Sandy, UT

EastCoast - you'd like to spin this as a geography thing, but Chris isn't laughing that Jamaal Williams didn't know the location of BYU, he's laughing that the guy thought BYU was a division II school. Sure, lots of kids might now know what city the University of Texas, Florida, Notre Dame, USC, or Michigan are in.

But when have you seen a kid say one of those schools was division II?

South Jordan, UT


I just seen this on another website

UCLA head coach Jim Mora is spreading a little bit of Los Angeles to the nation via the recruiting trail, and in turn the Bruins' 2014 signing class could take on a geographically diverse look...

so if it is good enough for your mighty pac 12 then I guess it should be good enough for BYU

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