State GOP lawmakers call air quality everyone's problem

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  • deserthound Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 4, 2014 10:56 a.m.

    "the state Democratic party seems just as out-of-touch and just as void of leadership on this issue as the Republicans."

    Hardly. Look at the record. Which party has actually introduced numerous bills in years past to deal with the issue? The Dems. But which party has squelched most of those bills? The Republicans. Finally this year we have a few Republicans, including Becky Edwards, who are getting pro-active on the issue. Her bill would allow the state to enact tougher standards than what is currently allowed by federal law. It would overturn a law passed by the Republican majority in the 90s that prevent such a thing. But several key Republicans are lining up to kill Edwards's bill.

    And to respond to Stuart Adams claim that people and cars are a big part of the problem - this is true. Then why is Adams a big proponent of the unnecessary West Davis Corridor? It will actually increase vehicle miles traveled along the Wasatch Front, not reduce. Yes, people need to make individual choices. But it's leadership and vision for the long term that make it easier for the public to make those kinds of choices.

  • Prodicus Provo, UT
    Feb. 3, 2014 6:46 p.m.

    "The standard Republican talking points on air aren’t good enough. Utahns are tired of blaming commuters. We’re tired of hearing about natural gas and wood-burning stoves."

    In other words, we're tired of hearing about what the real problem is, we want a corporate scapegoat we can lay all the blame on, feel righteous indignation against, and feel satisfied that when the government takes drastic actions against industry we don't have to think about changing any of our polluting behaviors.

    Yes, the government needs to act. It needs to act to change people's incentives with regard to transit and heating. But the state Democratic party seems just as out-of-touch and just as void of leadership on this issue as the Republicans.