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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 1:10 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

People have a right to know what they're eating.

Independent Thinker
West Jordan, UT

I'd love to see this bill get legs. Agribusiness profit interests completely bury the health interests of individuals.

Buena Vista, VA

I suppose people do have a right to know what they are eating. But we have been eating genetically modified corn and soybeans especially, among other foods, for years now and the sky has not fallen. I have a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, and I say, bring on the GMO food. I'll happily eat it.

Midway, UT

Good! Now I know what not to buy. Oops. Just a proposal? There are NO foods which have not been genetically modified over the years. But you can bet some companies will try their best to convince customers that their products have not been modified so they can charge some outrageous sum for a product that is no better than another.

Arlington, TX

Not eating GMO is an emotional thing more than scientific reason. If they really want to research it, they will lose their fears over most GMO products. I can not find one person, by name date and place that has died or even been put in a hospital solely becuase something was GMO. It just doesn't happen. There have been some people who got sick eating the food, but they were allergic to that food even before it was GMO. I am not a Monsanto business fan, I think they way are too big for what is good, but I do think most of their products are great for a starving world.

It is the same for "organic" it is not any better for you than good produce. But the Emotions get the best of some people and they go nuts. Look at GLUTEN FREE, no reason GLUTEN FREE unless you have Celiac Disease, but millions swear by it. EMOTION over SCIENCE. that is the trouble every month there is a new fruit that will make you younger, a vitamin that will cure cancer, . We need people to use more science and not hearsay

Salt Lake City, UT

When emotion replaces reason, the result is often bad. If we gave more scientific concern to the food supplement industry and the waste/harm it causes, the public would be better protected. Practically everything we eat, tomatoes, corn, grain, potatoes, broccoli, beef, al infinitum has been genetically modified. The "scientific" studies from Europe on the harm of GMO have been throughly discredited, should anyone care to check.

Provo, UT

Let us parse the language of the "definition" this bill proposes to put into law.

It says, "As used in this section, "genetically modified food" means food that is produced
from an organism that has had its genetic material modified in a way that does not occur

Can the Congressman explain in a non-ambiguous way what exactly qualifies as "natural"? I have a fairly extensive background in science discipline, so feel free to resort to technical jargon. I understand what it means.

What is not quite so understandable is the intent of this bill. How do you propose to legislate what constitutes "natural"? Under this definition, is there any such thing as a "natural" method of modifying genetic material that is approved?

If I assume the strict meaning of these terms derived from science disciplines, I believe it would effectively eliminate all foods that have ever been produced in the history of mankind.

Seems to be cutting a pretty wide swath.

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