Comments about ‘Utah lawmakers criticized for transgender comments on Twitter, later apologize’

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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 1:05 p.m. MST

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Business Teacher
Orem, ut

>Evidence, not Junk Science: I am not referring to any transgender issue. I'm stating WHY the whole thing is disconcerting to so many. As for as citation go, this forum does not seem to allow for links, so, I'll just suggest you Google under "sexual assaults of children in public bathrooms". I think that the first hundred will keep you busy.

Before there is change of any type, logical hypothetical situations must be scrutinized to avoid the obvious problems that will arise.

I have no issue with ANYONE living out their own personal view of their life, as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of those who are too vulnerable to defend their own rights or becomes overboard in its zealousness. This can and will. Anyone who is truly looking to make things fair for all STARTS with those who have no say and are dependent upon us to protect them.

Murray, UT

Since chromosome irregularities, and physical abnormalities are present in many of these cases, it seems to me that a non-gendered bathroom for those with disabilities is the best solutions.

Otherwise, if you look like a boy, use the boys' room, and if you look like a girl, use the girls' room.

I can't believe that we have reached a state where we have to legislate this!

Sandy, UT

Exactly, you hit the nail on the head .
Is there not more urgent issues that need attention ?

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Evidence Not Junk Science:

Here is where your logic fails. You seem to believe that a court of law can force people to ignore their conciences and nature. If courts create laws for special classes of people, those new laws may have unintended consequences. For example, if there are non-discrimination laws that result in complicated litigatiion for some alleged infraction in the work place, employers will avoid hiring members of that protected class in the first place to avoid later having to deal with the litigation.

If the courts create new laws that force the schools and other places to allow a man who feels he is a female to be able to enter into the ladies bathroom or locker room, the ladies might feel inclined to not accept that person violating their privacy. Sadly, that could result in that person being bullied - which would truly be unfortunate.

So if you find security in laws that force people to do things against their moral and intellectual conscience, it might have uninteded consequences that you hadn't considered.

Lets find solutions that respect the concerns, needs and rights of both parties in this debate - that would work better for everyone.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

My wife and I will be carrying our birth certificates and a doctor's notarized statement of our gender from now on in case we have to use a public bathroom. Wouldn't want to end up in trouble with the "law in Utaw."


It is insane that our society is so concerned with a small minority's rights that the majority's rights are trampled and the majority are called bigots.

It's great for teenage boys who can now claim to "identify" as female so they can shower with the cheerleaders. If a female student filed a sexual harassment charge in such a case, would it even be heard?

Unfortuantely, these issues are only being dealt with in a one-sided way. One side's morals are being forced onto the other side. Today, the LGBT morals are being shoved on everyone out of fear of lawsuits. Truly sad for our country.

Thankfully, by kids are homeschooled, where they are not forced to comply with someone else's idea of morality.....

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