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Published: Sunday, Feb. 2 2014 10:00 p.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Snow sports are elitist sports cost prohibiting for most. Here's how you raise an Olympian.
1. Have good athletic genes
2. Live close to good skiing
3. Have $ and the desire to spend it to develop talent
4. Have more $

Common Cents
Lehi, UT

To Uncle Rico...

Very true, it requires a lot of money, but don't forget to recognize the fact that many families give all they have (time & money) in order to meet these costs. Not everyone has the latest greatest equipment, etc as was the case w/ me, but that didn't mean I and others couldn't meet their dreams had we had the support. I think Utah has a much better environment for those today who wish to make this dream a reality.

Park City, UT

Uncle Rico

Snow sports are an expensive sport but I wouldn't have made it if it weren't for the support of my community. There are plenty of programs out there to support local kids who have dreams. I worked hard and my dreams came true. I made it on one pair of skis a year as a kid, while most kids had multiple.
*I also have good genes as do a lot of people you just have to work and learn to make the best of them.
*Another current Olympian Erik Fisher lived in Price, Utah for a couple years and commuted 1.5 hours to ski at Sundance. Again he worked for it and his parents sacrificed for it.
*We didn't have much money but we found a way to make it work with a lot of support from out local community.

Steven Nyman

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