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Published: Saturday, Feb. 1 2014 3:20 p.m. MST

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springville, UT

Utes have one QB coming in.....That seems to be working well for them...

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Currently byu has a 2.71 per rivals average rating and Utah has a 2.63. Utah state is 2. This would be the first time byu has had the best rated recruiting class in the state in 5 years, with Utah winning all previous 4 years. Although a 2.71 to 2.63 difference isn't much of a difference.

In fact, not only has Utah won every year since being invited to the Pac 12, Utah's worst year of the last 4 is still better than byu or Utah state's best year of the last 4.

Now, did I say stars guarantee wins?

No, and neither does good coaching, practicing, lifting weights, fast players, strong players, or even scoring lots of points. But those things help. As does having better players. And ON AVERAGE rating services get it right and ON AVERAGE the rating of a team and class says a lot about talent level.


Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Utah's WORST recruiting class of the last 4 years was 2.95 per rivals in 2011

byu's best of the last 4 years was 2.87 in 2012, with a worst class of 2.31, in 2013

Now, why has Utah struggled the last couple years?

Answer: We don't play 2 star nobodies most weeks.

Adirondack Cougar
Loon Lake, NY

The bigger question is, will this trend continue or is this a one year aberration. Time will tell, but my guess is it is a trend, mostly due to the win-loss records of the two schools.

Pocatello, ID

I have followed Utah's recruiting for years.

I love this class coming in. Yes, it doesn't have the star power, but, it does have the highest rated player EVER to sign at Utah in Jackson Barton, and a ton of speed. It's also pertinent that all of their out of state 2 star recruits had offers from BCS schools.

A huge congratulations to Andre Godrey, the #1 all Broward County Player in Florida this year.

Also I love that Donovan Wilson declined his visit to Alabama after Nick Saban was in his home last Tuesday.


Elk Grove, CA

I'm glad BYU's overall recruiting is improving. It seems as well that BYU is recruiting more heavily outside of the State of Utah. I'm wondering as well if Utah's drop in recruiting has to do with Coach Whittingham having one foot in the door and the other one out. On another note, does anyone know why Erickson was given the boot as the OC? Having three former OCs on staff along with a new one seems a bit strange.

South Jordan, UT

Go Cougars! Looking good. We've got the best QB in the state. It'll be a great year!

Cheyenne, WY

Everyone rivals one of the many recruiting sources
Utah per scout the lase 4 years
Downward trend since joining the Pac
What do we learn? Look at more than one source for a better source of info.
247 sports is very similar but rates on a more mathematical scale.
Utah recruiting has regressed the last 3 years and BYU has held steady but BYUs 2015 commits are 4 star guys while Utah has one 3 star.
It will be interesting to see.


So...what's the news with Isaiah Nacua? Is he going to ASU? As a Utah fan, I am quite disappointed with the recruiting class this year. Many recruits committed early, and those top recruits have since dropped off. Whether it was the hire of DC or not, I'm not sure. It would be nice to have some more stories on recruiting.

water rocket
Magna, UT

Christopher B., you are showing a strong bias for a team with better recruiting (?), I am hoping that Utah, BYU and USU have better success in 2014. Utah seems to have the biggest question to answer at QB, but BYU loosing Olsen was a very big deal.

The "West coast offense" started at BYU, because The passing attack was their best weapon to offset their lack of size. I would like to see a new trend start at BYU or Utah with a dual BQ system working in tandem, much like basketball, (with a "point" guard and a "shooting" guard). Supposing QB1 took the snaps and ran the play, but QB2 was in a deep snap position. QB1 could run the options and quick outs or pitch to QB2 to pass the ball. Had BYU been able to keep Olsen, with his passing, this would have given BYU a two headed monster for other teams to worry about defending. If you continue to do the same things you have always done, you will continue to get the same results you have always gotten, and to be competitive on the big stage, they need to be creative and innovative.

Mcallen, TX

The only stat that counts. Everything else are pathetic excuses.

BYU has the most victories in the past four decades, for a Utah college football team.

This recruiting class will keep the tradition going.


Water Rocket makes an interesting point. I remember many of the BYU football players of the 70s and 80s, their jerseys flapping in the breeze as they scored touchdown after touchdown on their bigger, stronger, and faster adversaries. We got used to BYU football being way more successful than it had any right to be. Those days are over unless the brain trust in Provo can figure out another way to outsmart everybody. BYU will never beat the big boys consistently by playing head-to-head smash-mouth football because they will never have the size and depth. There were notable exceptions, like the '84 defense and the '95 Cotton Bowl team. But by and large, they aren't going to be as big or as deep as, say, Wisconsin.

Utah has some big horses, but is finding you can't succeed in the PAC-12 with a team that is 1-deep at key positions. Guys are going to go down when you play tough competition week in and week out, and if you're not ready for that you can't be successful.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Try to remember kids that none of these names mean anything until they get to school. There are plenty of multi-star signees across the country who cannot perform at the D1 level. There will be plenty of walk-ons everywhere who will end up contributing more than higher rated players. History shows that multi-star recruits sometimes have baggage that doesn't show up until kids arrive at campuses far from home. I obviously have no way of knowing but historically players from far from the Wasatch Range have trouble adapting even at no-holds-barred schools like the U. There are usually reasons that the players from the Southeast/Atlantic Coast regions choose slightly out-of-the-way places like the state of Utah.

Best scene scenario all of this young men contribute mightily to each school's success on and off the field.

let's roll

Utah doesn't play BYU the next two years...it does play in the PAC-12. As of today Utah's recruiting class is rated last in the PAC-12 by Rivals.

There are 48 four star athletes committed to PAC-12 schools, only one of those is committed to Utah.

It really makes it difficult for those of us hoping for better days ahead for Utah in the PAC-12 to have any confidence that that will happen.

kaysville, UT

Hey ole timers.... Every school brags about the kids they bring in... then they turn around and "red shirt" them... while bragging about the next group. It's whose on the field performing as they have been coached that tells the real story. Way too early to get excited about whose going to be in a sweat suit on the sideline, and whose going to be in a uniform for next year. Go Aggies and Go Utes !! Continue with your dominance !!!!!

Salt Lake, UT


So as a recap using YOUR site that you prefer, if you don't like rivals.

Utah won in 2013
Utah won in 2012
Utah won in 2011

You didn't provide the 2010, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say byu won that too, even per your site is that right?


Pocatello, ID


Your right, only wins and losses count BYU is certainly impressive with 518 wins over the life of their program. Utah State has 524 and Utah has over 100 more wins with 633.

So yes the tradition of BYU being 3rd in the state will continue

Go Utes

Cheyenne, WY

Scout 2010
Byu 3.04
Utah 2.64
Per scout BYU has the best class in the last 5 years.
five year average per scou
I think if people brag over a 1.5% difference they need a little help.
All recruiting outlets have the difference between the classes on average between 1.2% and 3.8% difference using the star rating. If you use their actual scales it is much closer.
Math is a fun thing to bring out.

Cheyenne, WY

@ cb do you know that Utah's 2nd highest rated class in the last decade was when Utah was in the MWC?
Pac-12 improves recruiting?
Sure has been going downward.
Do you know your theory on star rating proves that Utah should never finish higher than 9th in the pac? lol
you can check the recruits from offers from both schools
Utah lost recruits to Boise State, Washington, and Washington State last week.
BYU is still in the running for a 5 star guard, a 4 star receiver,a 3 star receiver, and a 3 star defensive end.
Utah is still in the running for?

Cheyenne, WY

Son of a former Utah defensive lineman Jeff Kaufusi.
Just committed to BYU over offers from Utah, USU, and Hawaii.
Isaiah Kaufusi 3 star linebacker.

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