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Published: Friday, Jan. 31 2014 2:35 p.m. MST

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What happens when Mormon missionaries can use the Internet? Well, if my mission proved anything, very bad things. Missionaries need to get out on the street and start helping and interacting with the community. Quit knocking on doors, that only puts people off. Let the area members do that. Get involved with doing things that benefit the community daily and the community will begin to open there hearts to the message through example.

Cardston, Alberta

"helping in the community" you talk as though that is something new. Service has long been a valuable tool in missionary service to replace tracting. Some areas are making the change more recently but cautions are certainly implemented in using social media.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

Some missionaries are called to service as Church Service Missionaries such as in a ward in a different stake. Some are called to service in the Family History Libraries around the world as well as here in Salt Lake. some, mostly the younger sisters are called to work in Temple Square. It doesn't matter where they serve just as long as THEY SERVE there fellow man

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