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Published: Thursday, Jan. 30 2014 9:05 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If byu can keep this up, I think 4th place in the WCC is very much alive for them. They will need to pull of an upset or two along the way against Santa Clara or Pepperdine, but I think byu can do it.

Good win.

I wasn't aware Pacific was a division 1 program. Learn something new all the time.

Overton, NV

People are always wondering why Bartley and Winder (and others) don't get more playing time?

This was a 20 point game, and then Rose cleared the bench.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


#98 Pacific is ranked higher than 12 of the 14 teams Utah has beaten this season.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

Crissy, You may be interested in knowing that Pacific had a top 100 rpi in the preseason. I can't recall where the utes ranked but I think it may have been in the bottom 5 in the entire country and in the 300's. The WCC has more talent that you might think. Just weeks ago they were ranked 2nd in the country in rpi as a conference, ahead of the mighty pac. Of course utah's cupcake schedule lowered the pac rpi and sos all by itself so I'm sure that the pac appreciates your contribution.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@Just the FAX,

You do realize that RPI is not a ranking right, but simply a tool to help decide whether bubble teams deserve to be in the big dance?

One month into the season byu had a better RPI than Duke, Lousville, Michigan State, and Kentucky.

And yet all four of those teams were ranked but byu wasn't.

Why do you think that is?

Maybe the people making the rankings just forgot about byU?

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

So Crissy,
It may interest you to know that Pacific, the last place team in the WCC has a higher ranking than u and several other pac teams. Hmmm........ In fact they are in the top 100.
You might want to lay low for a while until the utes get into the top 100 in either the rpi or SOS stats. Just saying. So if you are correct about the rpi as a tool to determine the brackets, where do the utes stand in the rpi standings???? has their bubble burst yet?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


weeks ago the WCC was the 2nd ranked RPI?


In other words, just as most teams were finishing cupcake play and beginning conference play with the big boys, byu was done playing the big boys(other than Gonzaga) was ready for conference play of almost nothing but cupcakes.

WCC is 9th "best" league per ESPN
Pac 12 is 3rd

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

Nice win over a top 100 rpi team. The Cougs played better defense and were the aggressors tonight. I see cb is out early tonight. He must be a BYU fan in disguise since he follows them closer than most BYU fans. Thanks for the support.

After BYU thumps St. Mary's on Saturday they will be back in the NCAA discussions with a top 50 rpi.

Just checked the division 1 stats tonight and before this game BYU was ranked in the top ten nationally in points per game and rebounds and #11 in assists. They should remain in the top ten in both stats and may move up in assists.
Go Cougars and keep it rolling.

Mcallen, TX

Way to go cougs.

In the past decade, you lead the state of Utah in victories, and are the stae champs.

Washington, DC

@NevadaCoug - echo your sentiment. No need to add wear-and-tear in a chippy game. Let the bench out more. Bench only scored 3 points - won't cut it. Really like to see Carlino, Winder, and Bartley do a 2-man press. It would give the bench more life, create more stops, and play to their strengths.

Pacific still scored fairly well tonight, often getting into the lane. Need to throw them off thier game earlier in the posession. Bartley was guarding the 4 when he was in at the end of the first half, and didn't do a very good job. But he defends wings well, and needs to be given more of a chance to do it. Bartley seems to have totally lost his confidence, trying for a fade away instead of taking it to a fairly open hoop.

Worthington looks totally lost. Here's an idea: on defense, foul someone, hard! On offense, pick like you mean it, and catch the ball.

Liked the mixing it up on D, even though Pacific still shot well. Nonetheless - has Rose ever heard about the box and 1?

Night belonged to THaws - way to play!

Washington, DC

Pacific won their conference last year and went to the tourney. A couple of years before they went to the finals of the CIT. Seems that the Tigers have had much more post-season success in the past few years than some team that CB supposedly roots for. Santa Clara has also won both the CBI and the CIT since CB's team went to the post-season in any capacity.

Pacific is a solid win. WCC is one of the only conferences in the country where only 1 team has a losing record.

Orem, UT

Great to see some fire in the team tonight! They need to play with that same intensity the rest of the way. Solid win and we need some payback for St. Mary's Saturday night.

Glad to see Chris is here worshipping his favorite team again. It makes me laugh every time I see his name on a BYU article. This guy knows the team better than any of us!

Go Cougars!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Down under

RPI is not a ranking. It's a measure of SOS, and how a team does against that particular schedule.

If you want rankings:

Utah - 55

Pacific - 119

UoU 1991
Park City, UT


It's laughable how RPI "RANKINGS" are so meaningful to U when Utah beats a Top 50 or Top 100 RPI ranked team, but so meaningless when it's a BYU opponent.

Bottom line:

#48 BYU(14-9) SOS #16 is RANKED considerably higher than #104 Utah(14-6) SOS #185.

Provo, UT

The biggest surprise of the night for me was discovering the the National College Basketball Association has the word "flagrant" in its vocabulary.


To all the chest thumpers, it was a good win. Good but not great. The bench depth needs more opportunity to gain confidence as they have shown glimpses of solid play when called upon. Actually just 3 scorers of signifigance against Pacific. Haws was unstoppable but we must have more contributions from others that we can count on when Haws cools off as he occasionally does. Game was never in doubt but I suspect we have denser jungle to fight through before this journey is over. Sorta missed Carlino last night and hope he's saving it for the next game.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

A 55 ranking is really something to be proud of.

Overton, NV

So, yeah, the WCC is ranked as the 9th best conference, using the RPI metric. However, you do realize that there are 32 Division 1 conferences, right? That would place the WCC solidly in the top third. Calling it a weak conference is just ridiculous. And I really would like to see Utah play a full WCC conference slate and see how they do. It won't be as well as some people would like to think. There is a ton of parity in college basketball.

Also, the WCC is a better league this season than last. Sure, the teams at the top aren't as good. Gonzaga is no longer in the running for a #1 seed. I mean, they did lose a couple of REALLY good players. St. Mary's lost a pretty darn good point guard, and the heart-and-soul of their squad. But the teams at the bottom are much improved. Last season, if I remember correctly, they had a few teams in the 200 RPI range. This season? One, and that was a recent drop.

I'd ask that certain people put things in perspective, but I don't think they're capable.

Provo, UT

@Chris B
Why don't you focus on getting someone from your team to clean up the 47 that Jimmer dropped in your house. You have a BYU player who u consider 2nd division holding the record in your own building.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Thoughts on last nights game.

1. Decent defensive effort, but could be better. Especially on 3 point shooting defense. This league is all about the 3 point shot. They had lots of active hands on defense and steals.

2. I am glad Haws and Mica didn't have an off night or we would have lost bad. Other players need to step up.

3. The mid range jumper has disappeared except for Haws. Carlino, who is in a slump, shot almost exclusively 3 pointers. Collinsworth will only drive to the basket. Anyone knows this on the other team. They wait at the basket for him, foul him and hope he misses his free throws. He won't pull up and shoot an 8 to 10 footer or anything mid range. Halford has an exceptional mid range shot, but almost never uses it. On occasion, fake the three and shoot something closer. Austin just won't shoot. I could go on, but won't on this.

4. Good fast break effort and execution.

5. I liked the rebounding and hustle on 50 50 balls.

6. Nice ball movement and assists

This team has it all if they could solve their shot selection problems. Talent and desire are there.

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